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Hindi 1: Lesson 1b PowerPoint Presentation
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Hindi 1: Lesson 1b

Hindi 1: Lesson 1b

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Hindi 1: Lesson 1b

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  1. Hindi 1: Lesson 1b

  2. Mix ‘n’ match • Activity: As you come in you will be given a card with a Hindi character on. • Now you have to wander around the room until you find a person with a character that makes a pair with yours. • For instance if your character is ‘a’ it would match ‘aa’ or if its ‘ka’ it would match ‘kha’, or perhaps you could find another matching pair. • At the end the teacher will call on some pairs to show their characters and tell us what they are and why they match.

  3. First: we will go through dialogue 1b from the textbook together as a group. • Second, we will split into groups and practice reading and pronouncing the dialogue. • Third, the teacher will call on some of the groups to present the dialogue to the class.

  4. Show & Tell • Some of you will get cards with pictures of things on them. • Some of you will get cards with Hindi characters on them. • You have to move round the class room till you find a matching pair for a picture and the character that represents the sound that begins the word for that thing.

  5. Hindi Sounds • Hindi sounds: we will go through the Hindi script and sounds and practice speaking:

  6. Hindi (Devanagari) Characters

  7. Activity: draw any character that you want so that it covers at least half a sheet of A4 paper (i.e. big). • Get up and walk around. Ask each other whether you can recognise the character. Note the transliteration above is of the pronunciation not the spelling • Sit down, the teacher will ask some people to show their characters to the class.

  8. आप कौन हैं? Who are you? (15 mins) • Write out and hold onto the character that begins your name and move round the class, see if you can now remember each others names, use the characters as hints, go up to somebody and guess their name saying: Then they might reply. or they might say something like this.

  9. Additional Characters & Sounds • We will go through some additional Hindi characters and sounds that are found at the end of the Hindi alphabet. (10 mins)

  10. Character bingo! • Activity: the teacher will say ten sounds like: क, ख, ka, kha, etc • You write the characters down, in either Hindi or in accurate transliteration (with the dots etc. to show ṭa ta etc. • Then the teacher will write the correct characters on the board. • We will now discover how many you recognised correctly, and remembered how to write.

  11. Yes or No? • Activity: your teacher will show you some pictures and ask you questions on this model. • Then we will discuss how to say and write the nasal ‘n’ sounds in Hindi.

  12. Activity: the class will divide up into groups of about three people per group. • Each group will be given the task of writing out a series of letters from the Hindi alphabet, as nice big characters. • Then group by group we will stand up and show our characters and say them out loud. In sequence if possible!

  13. Vocabulary check • Your teacher will say ten words in Hindi from the vocabulary for the first lesson. • You have to try and recognise what they are and write them down. • You can write either in (accurate) transliteration and/or in Hindi script. • Then the teacher will write them on the board and you can check how many you got right.