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National Junior Honor Society

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National Junior Honor Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Junior Honor Society. Alfred G. Waters Middle School. Induction Ceremony May 29, 2014. Powerpoint Created by: Sydni Rambo - President. Welcome Families, Friends, and Staff to the Alfred G. Waters National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony.

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National Junior Honor Society

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national junior honor society

National Junior Honor Society

Alfred G. Waters

Middle School

Induction Ceremony

May 29, 2014

Powerpoint Created by: Sydni Rambo - President


Welcome Families,

Friends, and Staff

to the

Alfred G. Waters

National Junior Honor Society

Induction Ceremony

sarah donaldson
Sarah Donaldson

Sarah says “ My mom is the person I would recognize because she is very intelligent. She inspired me by helping me through this application process and has been very supportive through this journey. She is a counselor here at Alfred G. Waters and she is the best mom and counselor you could have.”

olivia emmett
Olivia Emmett

I would like to thank all of my family for all of their support and encouragement throughout my life and this school year in a new school. They have helped me look at the positive side of situations and have taught me how to be who I am today. I also would like to thank all of my teachers, especially Mrs. Koster from Alfred G. Waters for always making me feel welcome and showing me to always give it my all. Thank you for giving me chances and making a great impact on my life.

cameron emmett
Cameron Emmett

Cameron says ,“I would like to thank my mom and dad. My mom has always taught me manners and how to help others. She has always helped me and comforted me. My dad always has fun things planned and he always makes me laugh. He helps me solve my problems and has been there when I need him. I love them both so much!”

nicole fox
Nicole Fox

I would like to thank my parents for making me appreciate how important it is to get good grades and to always make the right choices in life. I believe they taught me well because now I'm offered a chance to possibly get into the National Junior Honor Society which is a huge accomplishment, ever since I started school they've always stressed to me the priority to get my work done on time and to do it well. Also I was educated to respect everyone and have good manners. Now I've learned that education is the stepping stone to a bright future thanks to my amazing parents.

lauren freeman
Lauren Freeman

I'd like to thank my mom. My mom is very loving and caring she always helps me with my homework and checks to see if I have it done, she's always there for me. I love her so much, she has helped and led me through this school process.

madelyn garland
Madelyn Garland

I would like to thank my parents for helping me to do well in my studies and supporting all of my interests I'm grateful to my teachers for believing in me and helping me to succeed. I admire those who give themselves to improve the world and the lives of others such as my grandmother who is very active in providing services for the hungry and needy.

theodore glasstetter
Theodore Glasstetter

I would like to thank my teachers for helping me to get good grades, also I would like to thank my mom for teaching me over the summer on my tough subjects. Finally I would like to thank my sister for encouraging me.

simone green
Simone Green

There are many people that have been an inspiration to me. First, my older sister Kara, she's one of my role models. She taught me to always stay true to myself. Also I would like to thank my softball coach Katrina her motto is "don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game," this is a life lesson I use everyday. Finally I would like to recognize my family and friends especially my mom, dad and grandparents, they've always pushed me to do my best and supported me in everything I do.

lauren haskell
Lauren Haskell

I would like to thank my parents for always encouraging me to do my best and get good grades, they motivate me to try new things and they have inspired me to learn and teach others.

jalyn horhn

I would like to thank my parents for bringing me up to this point and encouraging me. I would also like to thank my three siblings Candace, Chelsea and Allison for giving me strength when I had to switch schools when we moved from New Jersey to Delaware. I would like to thank all members of Jack and Jill, New Castle County Chapter and I would especially like to thank my fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Roy for the best advice ever and to ignore hurtful words. I would also like to thank all the people who called me a nerd, all I have to say is you gave me motivation.

sabah khan
Sabah Khan

I would like to recognize both my sisters, when they were in school they had perfect grades and when I was little I didn't have the best, now because of them encouraging me to do more I'm a straight A student and one of the top in my class.

alessandra martina
Alessandra Martina

I would like to recognize my cousin Kelsey for being an inspiration to me because she's taught me to work hard for my grades or anything else that I could want in life, also because she taught me that if you never give up on something then you will most likely achieve what you want to.

shreya mehta
Shreya Mehta

I would like to thank my parents, my brother and all of my teachers for supporting me throughout my life. Also my grandparents push me to always get good grades, my dad has always inspired me and my mom too with her positive attitude. My family is always there for me!

nathan panchisin
Nathan Panchisin

I would first like to thank my mom and dad for how much they help me with my schoolwork and all the afterschool activities that they help get me into, also I like to recognize my sister Ali and my brother Matthew for being good role models for me from being a college graduate to being a sports player and even working as volunteer they show me the right things to do and how to be involved with the community.

david preziuso
David Preziuso

I would like to thank my parents, they always try to make me a better person so I can be successful which will hopefully lead for me to attend the college where I would be happy plus the life skills my parents taught me allowed me to realize that I should follow my dreams, not other people. I would also like to thank Coach Rob because he not only helps me on the field but as a responsible young man off the field because I am part of the Warriors family.

isaac scarborough
Isaac Scarborough

I would like to thank my sister for everything I am today. She's the person who made me who I am today. Hannah Scarborough taught me how to appreciate everything and don't give up, she was in NJHS too and told me that I would like it, when she found out that I was elected she hugged me forever she's my true best friend and is the reason I'm the person I am.

aubrey shrearer
Aubrey Shrearer

I would like to thank my K-6 grade teachers, my parents and brother who help me learn new things and try new things and made me have fun and laugh in bad times.

natalie truitt
Natalie Truitt

I would like to recognize my brother Jackson Truitt, he is 15 years old and he was also in National Junior Honor Society. Everything that he did in sixth, seventh and eighth grade seemed so amazing and inspiring that I told myself that that was what I wanted to do when I got to middle school and I'm trying to do most things he did but doing it in my own way. I look up to him now and forever!

delaney weaver
Delaney Weaver

I would like to recognize my parents and my former basketball coach. He made me try harder at basketball and I have gotten much better since I played on his team. I am not on his team anymore though I lived in West Virginia last year and I moved to Delaware this summer. I want to recognize my parents for helping me through everything, I don't know how I would do things without them. I love all my family and coaches but these are the ones that have helped me the most in becoming who I am today.

caitlin wrinn
Caitlin Wrinn

I would love to thank my supportive family for teaching me the life lessons you can't learn in an ordinary classroom and for helping me keep my head up through all of the troubling times that come my way. My mom has experience and gives the guidelines to follow to help me become successful, my dad is at every soccer game, every competition and is always there to root me on. My brother who is on the autism spectrum has taught me patience and despite his disability he is one of the smartest kids I know. My family is extraordinary, supportive and means a lot to me.

claire burgazli
Claire Burgazli

"Claire is a student in my seventh 7th grade advanced mathematics class and seventh grade social studies class. She has proven to have high intellect by obtaining straight A's in both classes, while maintaining these grades during the transitional period of along toward term substitute. Claire easily absorbs material and understands it enough to help her classmates near her. She puts 100% in her class work and her homework and demonstrates excellent study skills. She's truly a superior student not only does Claire excel in academics for Alfred G. Waters middle school but she actively participates in afterschool activities, she's well-liked among her peers and serves as a model student in my classes, she is a joy to have in class and would be an excellent member of the National Junior honor Society," -Mrs. Rich

simone charlemagne
Simone Charlemagne

Mrs. Wolski says, "Simone is a stellar student, she takes her academics seriously and is thorough with her work. She demonstrates positive social skills and is well liked among her peers. It is with high regards that I recommend her for NJHS."

angel chaudhary
Angel Chaudhary

"It is with pleasure that I recommend, Angel Chaudhary for the National Junior Honor Society, Angel is without a doubt one of my top students academically. She's extremely conscientious and hard-working in all that she does. Angel is not afraid to volunteer or ask questions in class and in middle school that bravery should be commended. Angel works well with any peer in the classroom and I know she would make a great addition to the National Junior Honor Society!“

–Ms. Mazer

gina extavour

"Gina is a wonderful student that always puts forth 100% effort on every activity and lesson. Gina is helpful and lends a hand to all of her classmates, she enjoys school and she takes pride in her schoolwork." said Miss McManus

Gina Extavour

"Gina is a wonderful student that always puts forth 100% effort on every activity and lesson. Gina is helpful and lends a hand to all of her classmates, she enjoys school and she takes pride in her schoolwork." -Miss McManus

kailey ferrell
Kailey Ferrell

"Kailey always comes to class with a smile. She does very well academically and works well individually and in groups."

-Miss McManus

devon franek
Devon Franek

"Devon is a great kid, he's a hard worker and always does the right thing!“

-Mrs. Cochran

julie fryer
Julie Fryer

"Julie is a superior student, she is dedicated to her schoolwork while also being a kind and compassionate friend . She would be a perfect fit for the NJHS.“

-Ms. Curcuru

jazmine harrison
Jazmine Harrison

"It is with the greatest honor that I recommend Jazmine Harrison for NJHS, over the course of the school year Jazmine has demonstrated nothing but the highest quality work ethic, she is not afraid to ask questions in class and I can always count on Jasmine to help a struggling peer whenever needed. Not only does Jasmine excel in the classroom but her charismatic personality and charm set her apart from other students. Her drive to both succeed in and out of the classroom makes her an excellent representation of the National Junior Honor Society." -Ms. Mazer

katie joynt
Katie Joynt

"Katie Joynt is an amazing young lady, she is a dedicated student and very active both in school and outside of school. Her compassion for others is remarkable. Katie is a kind, driven and successful person."

-Mrs. Conway

colby lemke
Colby Lemke

"Colby is very bright and works well with his classmates, he always enlivens class with his sense of humor!“

-Ms. Curcuru

angelica linsmeier
Angelica Linsmeier

“Angelica consistently demonstrates responsibility, hard work and leadership, her bubbly outgoing personality allows her to work well with her peers and lead by example. Angelica would make a nice addition to the National Junior Honor Society." -Ms. Mazer

julia lloyd
Julia Lloyd

"Julia is a fun, hard-working young lady. She's always eager to please and very helpful!

–Mrs. Cochran

carissma mcgee
Carissma McGee

“One word -AWESOME! Carissma is new to the school year this year. She's adjusted well and just soaks in new knowledge.”

-Mrs. Cochran

sydney miller
Sydney Miller

"Sydney works very hard at playing her violin correctly. She is a wonderful, cooperative attitude and is a real leader in her section."

- Mrs. Siegel

sunil narayan
Sunil Narayan

“Sunil is an excellent candidate for National Junior Honor Society. I was always impressed with his broad knowledge base and intelligence to make connections and share his thoughts in class. Sunil always challenged himself academically and was a pleasure to have in class!”

- Mrs. Wolski

andrew pao
Andrew Pao

"Andrew is an excellent role model for his peers, he has excelled socially and academically. I would highly recommend him.“

- Mrs. Toole

riddhi patel
Riddhi Patel

Riddhi has a great desire to learn and always gives 100%. She works well with others and is always respectful to her peers and adults. I think she exemplifies the qualities of a great national junior honor society member"

- Mrs. Churchill

siddhi patel
Siddhi Patel

Siddhi is an asset to my social studies class and she works well with others, demonstrates outstanding effort, and serves as a role model to the other students. She enjoys being challenged and is always looking for ways to better herself!

- Mrs. Churchhill

mckayla redden
McKayla Redden

McKayla works hard in class on a daily basis, she always puts effort and creativity into each assignment. McKayla often goes the extra step on assignments to type up her answers or to present the information in a stylish or creative way. I think that McKayla would be an excellent candidate for an NJHS.” -Miss McManus

kelsey rigney
Kelsey Rigney

"Kelsey is a wonderful student and a very hard worker, she would be a great addition!“

-Mrs. Cochran

erin rosche
Erin Rosche

"Erin is without a doubt one of my top students academically, she's extremely conscientious and hard-working and all that she does. Erin is never free to volunteer or ask questions in class, and in middle school, bravery should be condemned. Erin will work with any peer in the classroom. - Miss Mazer

ellie runner draper
Ellie Runner-Draper

“She is a very hard worker both in school and out of school, she is able to manage a very intense ice-skating schedule and excel in school. She works well with others and is very kind and helpful, it has been a pleasure to have her in my class and in Model UN this year!“

- Mrs. Churchill

dylan stamper
Dylan Stamper

"Dylan is such a well-rounded student, he is very intelligent while also kind to his classmates and always willing to assist his teachers or peers, he is truly a stellar shark.“

- Ms. Curcuru

carlyn steckline

It is a pleasure to recommend Carly for NJHS. Ms. Steckline tries to achieve her best in all of her goals. Her work is both thorough and creative, it is evident that Ms. Steckline finds joy in learning.” -Mrs. Wolski

hope swenson
Hope Swenson

"Hope is sweet and polite. She always makes time and she gets her work done even if she is absent. She also works well with others in science labs.“ -Mrs. Wolski

christopher szczerba
Christopher Szczerba

“Chris is a wonderful student and role model , he is always “right on” when it comes to getting his work done and willing as a group member.”

-Mrs. Toole

maliha tayeb

"Malihais an extremely hard-working student that always puts forth 100% effort . She adds so much to the class discussions and lessons. Every activity or assignment that Maliha completes in class is always done with a high level of effort!

- Miss McManus

trent wall
Trent Wall

"Trent is an amazing young man who is well-rounded academically. He always gives 100% and does so enthusiastically."

- Mrs. Wolski

carley williamson
Carley Williamson

Carleywould be an excellent candidate for NJHS she is very creative and hard-working in class on a daily basis. Carley puts forth 100% effort into all of her assignments and projects.

- Miss McManus

kelly woodside
Kelly Woodside

"Kelly is a wonderful student who goes above and beyond in all that she does!"

- Mrs. Prickett

amanda brannen
Amanda Brannen

Amanda says "I would like to thank my mom for motivating me and trusting in me whenever I want to try something new. My mom tells me I can do it and then I believe in myself to accomplish it, also when everyone else doesn't believe I can do something my mom tells me I can do whatever I want to do. My mom is my inspiration and I look up to her. If I didn't have my mom in my life I don't know where I would be without her.

andrea johnson
Andrea Johnson

"I would like to thank my coach, Eddie Lynch for pushing me not just to be able to play the game but to be great at it. Coach insists on hard work and practice. He has taught me how to manage my time better and that if you work hard enough for something you can accomplishment it and that it's not about winning the game but about learning from my mistakes, being there for my team and having fun. I am glad I had him in my life as I know he has taught me lessons that I will use in my future!"

niko karakashian

“ I would like to recognize my Odyssey of the mind coach from three years ago (AnilaUsmani) she stepped in as coach of our team after the original coach quit two weeks before our competition, she led us to first place in Regionals, placing second at States and a spot to compete at the world finals. She was a true leader and inspiring, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life!”

shaayal kumar
Shaayal Kumar

I would like to thank my father Pradeep Kumar and my mother Shilpa Kumar for being an inspiration to me. Throughout my life my parents have always enforced the concept that there are no limits to what you can reach with hard work and dedication. Additionally they've also taught me that generosity doesn't harm anyone. I see them work so hard and come home tired just to create a better life for me and my sister, they inspire me to put my best foot forward and to care for everyone!

rebecca mardis
Rebecca Mardis

My whole family has motivated me and shaped me into the person I am today, we value hard work, confidence, expansion of knowledge and the care of others. My brother has served as an academic role model through his numerous achievements and my parents have taught me valuable lessons that are essential to success in life.

carter o brien
Carter O’Brien

"I would like to thank my brother because he has been a great example and he helped me in my life, being four years older he really paved the way through school and I learned from his mistakes, he was also a leader of my Boy Scout troop before me and always was giving advice to people who needed it. All of these and more make my brother a great person to me and a fantastic example!”

ashley raborg
Ashley Raborg

"I would start off by recognizing both my parents for their unconditional love and support they've always supported me and everything I do and have pushed me hard to succeed. Everything I've accomplished up to this point has not only been because of my effort but the effort of the people behind my accomplishments which are all my family members who have sacrificed something in order for me to become a better person!

jalen williams
Jalen Williams

"I definitely would thank my mom for everything she has done for me when my father passed away, my mom had to embrace a bigger role as a parent she encouraged me to do better and work hard to achieve greatness and success in the future. My mom will push me to go the extra mile and encourages me to do better no matter what grade I have in a class. I cannot ask for a better mom or parent than her. I hope to be like her Someday! She wants me to strive to be the best at what I do. That's why my mom is the best and I really do appreciate what she has done for me!"

julia zych
Julia Zych

I would love to thank Nina Flynn for helping me through a lot. She helps me see the best in everything. Nina brightens my day every time I look at her. She makes me laugh all the time and keeps me calm and cools me down when I'm upset.