gfebs dcps training csr conference sept 2014 anna yocom asa fm c n.
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GFEBS/DCPS Training CSR Conference Sept 2014 Anna Yocom - ASA (FM&C) PowerPoint Presentation
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GFEBS/DCPS Training CSR Conference Sept 2014 Anna Yocom - ASA (FM&C)

GFEBS/DCPS Training CSR Conference Sept 2014 Anna Yocom - ASA (FM&C)

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GFEBS/DCPS Training CSR Conference Sept 2014 Anna Yocom - ASA (FM&C)

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  1. GFEBS/DCPS TrainingCSR Conference Sept 2014Anna Yocom - ASA (FM&C)

  2. HR Mini-Master (HRMM) • GFEBS is the system of record for employee’s LOA and sends LOA to DCPS • LOA is used for both payroll posting and labor time-tracking postings in GFEBS • HR Data: DCPDS -> ACPERS -> GFEBS HRMM • ACPERS provides daily feed with new employees and HR updates • Uses SSN as point of reference • GFEBS Roles • HR Master Data Maintainer – HR use, has PII, no LOA edits • Payroll Corrections Processor – RMO use, no PII, makes LOA edits • Same/Different End Users depending on organizational structure/job duties • T-codes PA20/PA30/PA40

  3. Importance of Correct LOA Data • Recording the correct LOA in GFEBS and sending to DCPS has a direct impact on the Army’s financial records • Payroll errors due to incorrect/missing lines of accounting are causing Unmatched Disbursements • Tracked at senior Army levels, • Shown as part of UMD reports by DFAS and IDOC reports from GFEBS

  4. DCPS Payroll Errors as of 08/18/2014 The DCPS Summary and Detailed Reports are now available via ECC T-Codes: ZSCM_DCPS_ERR_SUMRPT and ZSCM_DCPS_ERR_DTLRPT Correct LOA in HRMM PA30 Reprocess via the Error Extension ZSCM_DCPS_ERROR DCPS Payroll errors contribute directly to UMD’s. Emphasis should be to have ALL errors corrected by Month End. Note (6/5/14): The T-Code used to generate this report (ZSCM_DCPS_ERR_SUMRPT) was updated with the upload of a new UIC Crosswalk file. 4

  5. Most Common DCPS Errors • Message 501 - No Employee Record Exists in GFEBS for this Employee • Corrective Action: Create an Employee Record for the employee in GFEBS via PA30 or Upload Extension, Reprocess the error in the error extension • ACPERS data will locate new record based on SSN • Message 502 - A Valid LOA is Missing from the Employee Record in GFEBS • Corrective Action: Create an LOA record on the employee master record inclusive of the PPED on the DCPS Type 4 tab of the Error Extension, Reprocess the error in the error extension • Message 503 – Treasury info from DCPS File does not match Fund from Employee Master • Corrective Action: • Change the Fund on LOA to match the fund or Basic Symbol DCPS disbursed for the PPED of the error, • Reprocess the error in the error extension • If the value in DCPS was incorrect, a follow on Cost Transfer (FB50) is required to move the costs to the correct Fund in GFEBS • Ensure LOA in GFEBS is correct and send to DCPS as needed 5

  6. HRMM LOA updates – helpful info • DCPS Transmit indicator - Data will be transmitted to DCPS as current LOA data • 3 options when saving: • Y, N, Blank • Blank also sends to DCPS!! • Best practice to reduce additional errors – ensure always enter Y or N before saving!! • Under review for an FY15 change • Ensure timely updates: • Inbound/Outbound employees • LOA updates must be entered and sent to DCPS by the 1st Monday following the end of the pay period • Ex. PPED 6 Sept updated in GEFBS NLT 8 Sept

  7. CSR Reports - Help Prevent Errors • CSRs generate bi-weekly reports in DCPS to identify new employees and organizational changes and communicate this information to their supported Resource Management Office to ensure that the appropriate updates are made to the accounting information • P6644R01 New Organization Report • Used to correct defaulted data on organization records • P6656R01 Employing Activity/Organization Change Report • Serves as notification to the CSR to update employee level accounting information • Accounting information will be obtained from the • Resource Management Office

  8. FY14 YEC Dates • Last Payroll posting to GFEBS: • All DCPS errors to be cleared NLT: COB 25 Sept • P1 FMZs adjusted NLT: 2359 EDT 26 Sept • Ex. Overtime, Awards, Student Loan Repayment Program • Additional instructions in FY14 LOI Annex F8 Latest Dates to be included in next LOI update

  9. FY LOA Rollover • DCPS vs. GFEBS treatment • One Year vs. Multi-Year Funds • Exclude from FY Rollover Indicator on LOA tab in HRMM • User actions…

  10. Point of Contact • Anna Yocom • Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Operations - Financial Operations Oversight Division • • 703-601-4190

  11. Questions?? / Discussion

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  13. Helpful Links • IMCOM DCPS Errors Page: • (folder: DCPS Errors and HRMM - Help Guides) • Functional Processes Calendar (FY14 link): • • FY14 YE Letter of Instruction: •

  14. Command POC List

  15. GFEBS Line of Accounting • Fund – appropriation, Years of Availability, Supplemental Appropriation ID, Fund Type and Fiscal Year. A Limit Code is required for certain appropriations. A typical OMA Fund is 202010D14. • Functional Area – first 6 characters of the AMSCO and the 4-digit MDEP. A typical OMA Functional Area is 131079QDPW. • Cost Center – represents the organizational unit, e.g., Directorate, Division, Branch, Brigade, Company, Schoolhouse, Clinic. Cost Centers can be “smart-coded” such as 2ABM0001 or numeric such as 40001525. • Activity Type – 5 character number that represents the employee’s pay system, job series and grade. GS-1035-11 for Public Affairs Specialist = Activity Type 11970