Concurrent programming from thread pool to parallel extensions
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Concurrent Programming: From Thread Pool to Parallel Extensions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Concurrent Programming: From Thread Pool to Parallel Extensions. Sasha Goldshtein Senior Consultant, Sela Group The Reason We’re Here. I spare you: “The free lunch is over” “Moore’s law has changed”

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Presentation Transcript
Concurrent programming from thread pool to parallel extensions

Concurrent Programming: From Thread Pool to Parallel Extensions

Sasha Goldshtein

Senior Consultant, Sela Group

The reason we re here
The Reason We’re Here Extensions

  • I spare you:

    • “The free lunch is over”

    • “Moore’s law has changed”

    • “Amdahl’s law demands shift in software concepts”

  • I give you: Sasha’s Law

Only Parallel Applications Will Survive

There is no silver bullet
There Is No Silver Bullet Extensions

  • Code, rinse, repeat

  • Patterns are emerging

  • Frameworks are emerging

So what s in this session
So What’s In This Session? Extensions

  • What kind of work likes parallelism?

  • Threads and thread pool

  • APM

  • Synchronization (is hard)

  • Concurrency architecture and patterns

  • Upcoming frameworks

The faces of parallelism
The Faces Of Parallelism Extensions

  • Embarrassingly parallel applications:

    • Calculating prime numbers, predicting weather

  • (Partially) CPU-bound applications:

    • Business rule engine, database server

  • I/O-bound applications:

    • Web server, file server, web browser

System threading 101
System.Threading 101 Extensions

  • Create a thread (System.Thread) for each user request

  • Why is this BAD?

Demo Extensions

Thread per request

Threads bad tasks good 102
Threads Bad; Tasks Good (102) Extensions

  • Task: An independent unit of work

  • Thinking in tasks decouples us from threads

  • Scheduling is done by a resource manager

  • Revised server: ThreadPool.QueueUWI()

Demo Extensions

Fire-and-forget using System.ThreadPool

What if the thread pool explodes
What If The Thread Pool Explodes? Extensions

  • There is no throttling:

    • Arrival rate: 1,000/second

    • Execution rate: 10/second

  • What do you think will happen?

  • We need a bounded thread pool

DEMO Extensions

Bounded thread pool

System threading 103

We depend on tasks! Extensions

System.Threading 103

  • User clicks a button

  • Synchronous operation = UI not responsive

  • Fix: Execute the request asynchronously and (somehow) get the response later

Demo Extensions

The ubiquitous APM

Synchronization intermezzo
Synchronization Intermezzo Extensions

  • Shared writeable data will become corrupt unless protected

  • Design aspects: Lock high / lock low

  • Don’t lock on the first line of Main() 

Synchronization problems
Synchronization Problems Extensions

  • Resources are now protected

  • Performance is not: Contention

  • Execution flow is not:

    • Wait chain: T1 -> M1 -> T2 -> M2 -> T1

  • Forward progress:

    • Timeouts (cf. DB transactions)

    • Lock leveling

Demo Extensions

Lock leveling

Advanced synchronization problems
Advanced Synchronization Problems Extensions

  • Reentrancy

  • Lock convoys

  • N readers, one writer

Architecting concurrency
Architecting Concurrency Extensions

  • Partition

  • Pipeline

  • Pipeline X Partition = Grid

Announcing Extensions

Parallel Extensions for .NET 4.0 (Parallel LINQ, Coordination Data Structures, Task Parallel Library)

Partitioning patterns
Partitioning Patterns Extensions

  • Data-Driven Parallelism

    • CountdownEvent

    • PLINQ / Parallel.For

Pipeline patterns
Pipeline Patterns Extensions

  • N-1 producers, N-1 consumers

    • BoundedQueue

    • BlockingQueue

    • Condition variable (Wait/Pulse)

    • Cyclic buffer

DEMO Extensions

Concurrency patterns in action

Advanced patterns
Advanced Patterns Extensions

  • Read/write cache

  • Init-once

Tooling support
Tooling Support Extensions

  • Multi-threaded profilers

  • Multi-threaded debuggers

  • Runtime “bug trappers”

  • Visual Studio 2010

    • Grab the CTP now

Visual studio 2010 parallel stacks
Visual Studio 2010 Parallel Stacks Extensions

  • With an abundance of tasks, call stack view is not enough!

Summary Extensions

  • Exit threads; enter tasks

  • Only parallel applications will survive

    • CPU-bound: TPL, PLINQ, thread pool

    • I/O-bound: APM

  • Shared state is a key problem

  • Patterns and frameworks are emerging

  • Tooling support

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