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California State Library Public Access Technology Benchmarks Webinar PowerPoint Presentation
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California State Library Public Access Technology Benchmarks Webinar

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California State Library Public Access Technology Benchmarks Webinar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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California State Library Public Access Technology Benchmarks Webinar. Presenters: Pauline Mingram & KG Ouye July 25, 2011. Agenda. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Benchmarks Project California ’ s Role Discussion Questions Q & A. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Anchor Access

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Presentation Transcript
california state library public access technology benchmarks webinar
California State LibraryPublic Access Technology Benchmarks Webinar

Presenters: Pauline Mingram & KG Ouye

July 25, 2011

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Benchmarks Project
  • California’s Role
  • Discussion Questions
  • Q & A
bill melinda gates foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Anchor Access




Create Access

Direct Infrastructure Investments


Sustain Access

Investment, Capacity, Advocacy


benchmark goals
Benchmark Goals

A tangible set of public access technology benchmarks designed to

Help local library leaders use technology to support local community

priorities and deliver library programs.

california s role
California’s Role
  • Implementation and Adoption ($50,820 Grant)
  • State Library is a member of the Benchmarks Roundtable
  • Two pilot libraries in CA
    • Salinas Public Library
    • Sacramento Public Library
  • Two Focus groups with public libraries to determine how to best implement benchmarks in California
  • Webinar to elicit additional feedback

California Implementation and Adoption Plan for Next Grant

  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Types of tools needed to support implementation
how could your library benefit from public technology access benchmarks
How Could Your Library Benefit from Public Technology Access Benchmarks?

The Focus Groups said:

  • Validate library mission, goals and services
  • Evaluate and set standards for service
  • Marketing, advocacy and communication tool: telling stories to funders, supporters, users
  • Internal resource allocation: staff, space, equipment
  • Use for grants and funding
what are the challenges issues a nd or barriers to t he adoption and implementation of benchmarks
What Are the Challenges, Issues and/or Barriers to the Adoption and Implementation of Benchmarks?

The Focus Groups said:

  • Will the benchmarks be relevant and easy to use, qualitative as well as quantitative?
  • Benchmarks need to be scalable and flexible for diverse communities
  • Concern for privacy in information gathering
  • Will there be money and training to assist in reaching benchmarks?
  • Adapting to constantly changing technology
what would encourage you and your community to use benchmarks
What Would Encourage You and Your Community to Use Benchmarks?

The Focus Groups said:

  • Grants, funding and training
  • Benefits to community
  • Easy to gather use and communicate statistics, balance of visuals and numbers.
  • Documentation for advocacy and evidence of success
  • Framework such as templates for how to use with community stakeholders, compare to other organizations and tangible steps to improve service
  • Lobbying by Gates, ICMA, advocates
what tools would support your use of t he benchmarks
What Tools Would Support Your Use of the Benchmarks?

The Focus Groups said:

  • Software/hardware application to easily gather information, analyze and share
  • Training on how to leverage output/outcome data from benchmarks
  • "Dashboard" reporting and planning tool, use for what would happen if added x or added y
  • Marketing and effective public relations tool, easy to customize "marketing in a box”
  • Automated reporting capabilities and coordination with required reports
How Would a Benchmark Tool Help You Determine What Services to Provide or Which Current Services to Change?

The Focus Groups said:

  • Help establish a hierarchy for resources, determine programs, space use, collaborations, partnerships
  • Trend spotting
  • Comparison with other libraries.
  • Program evaluation and justification for what to keep, change, delete.
  • Help with strategic planning and long-term goals
how could you use benchmarks as leverage with decision makers patrons partners others
How Could You Use Benchmarks as Leverage with Decision Makers, Patrons, Partners, Others?

The Focus Groups said:

  • Marketing, justification and validation for funding, staffing services and programs
  • Industry standards appeal to business
  • Demonstrate cost effectiveness
  • Comparison with other jurisdictions
  • Validate choices around technology
What Questions Do You Think You Will Get about the Benchmarks from Decision Makers, Staff, Union, Others?

The Focus Groups said:

  • Why should we participate, how does this benefit me, the library, the community?
  • Who created the benchmarks, why are they relevant?
  • Is this an unfunded mandate, what is the cost and who pays?
  • Who else is participating and is their information relevant to me?
  • Does this change the MOU, job description, or take away jobs?
how likely will your library be to participate in t he benchmark program
How Likely Will Your Library Be to Participate in the Benchmark Program?

The Focus Groups said:

  • Need to see benchmarks before making a decision
  • Yes, if it fits goals and is efficient and is simple to understand and implement
  • Yes, if requires minimal training
  • Yes, if it has an impact and helps focus on services
  • Must be sustainable for community after grant funds end
additional input opportunity
Additional Input Opportunity

A survey is available to gather more feedback from

everyone after this webinar. You don’t have to have attended the webinar to complete the survey!

It is located here:

thanks for attending
Thanks for Attending!

Questions or comments after the webinar?

Feel free to contact us!

KG Ouye:

Pauline Mingram: