2014 aia jacksonville design awards built general category instructions slide
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2014 AIA Jacksonville Design Awards (Built-General Category) Instructions Slide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2014 aia jacksonville design awards built general category instructions slide

Upon downloading file from your email please save file as submittal number .ppt. Utilize the submittal number provided by AIA Jacksonville in the upper right corner where indicated for each project submitted. Each project submitted must have a separate PowerPoint file and be designated with the assigned submittal number. Each project submittal file size must not exceed 10 MB.

Slide 1 is for instruction purposes only and should not be included in the submittal.

Slide 2 is the program requirements and project title/data slide. The project title/data slide must be the first slide of each presentation and shall contain the information requested.

Provide a minimum of ten (10) and a maximum of twenty (20) PowerPoint color slides, including the title slide and the project data slide.

More than one image may be placed on each slide if desired. Do Not use slide transitions or animations in your submittal.

If the name of the project is on the building and you can tell what the logo is, blur it out.

The right side of image slides can be used for a brief description of the image. Be concise and use Arial Font only and minimum 10 pt type. DO NOT change the layout of the slides.

The final slide in your presentation should be the Project Identification Slide. This slide WILL NOT be seen by the jury. It is for AIA Jacksonville office purposes only and will be removed from your presentation before reaching the jury.

2014 AIA Jacksonville Design Awards(Built-General Category)Instructions Slide

Remove this slide before submitting.

To upload your entry use the following directions for the FTP Site:

When you have completed your entry, click on the link below to send it to AIA Jacksonville.


Enter your submittal number in the subject line, and then browse for your file. Once you have attached the entry, click on “SEND IT.”

You should receive a confirmation that your file has been sent.

If you have questions, call the AIA Jacksonville office at 904.389.8421 or email Miguel Martinez at Migmart2335@yahoo.com

B01 01

Program Requirements:

In a maximum of 300 words, describe the basic program requirements, special site problems and how the design process and solution satisfies these. Please also state any technical, environmental or social advancements regarding your project.


Building Area: (sf)

Fill in Here

Cost per Square Foot:

Fill in Here

Construction Cost

Fill in Here

Date of Substantial Completion:

Fill in Here

Location of Project:

Fill in Here

Type of Project:

Fill in Here

Construction materials, mechanical systems or other pertinent information:

Fill in Here

B01 02

Insert your image(s) within this 7” x 7” space.

All floor plans and site plan should be oriented in the same direction in the presentation and the

north arrow and a graphic scale be on all plans, and a graphic scale on building

elevations and building sections.


This is the template for all image slides.

The large number above represents the entry and slide number (entry#.slide#)

The box that contains these instructions is to be used for a description if desired.

Please replace the text as necessary, do not alter location or formatting.

Place project drawings and photographs in the 7 inch square to the left of this text.

(click on the square and delete it) You can size your images in other software or within PowerPoint.

To insert images:

(insert > picture > from file)

To resize: select picture, then: (format > picture)

If you don’t see the dotted guide lines go to view menu and choose “show guides.”

You can include more than one picture on a slide. If the name of the project is on the building and you can tell what the logo is, blur it out.

Please copy and paste this slide to accommodate additional images. You must have between 10 and 20 image slides. Please include at least one plan and one photograph in your selection.