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RAISING CONFIDENT KIDS. Get a kids’ eye view Awkward! (It’s puberty) Competence = confidence . KidsHealth.org is the # 1 website devoted to children’s health in English & Spanish. 1 million+ visits a day. PINK LOCKER SOCIETY book series. Four books - for ages 8 and up. Three sons. 17

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raising confident kids

Get a kids’ eye view

Awkward! (It’s puberty)

Competence = confidence


KidsHealth.org is the #1 website devoted to children’s health in English & Spanish

1 million+ visits a day

three sons
Three sons



& 7

pink locker society blog 60 000 questions 18 000 comments
Pink Locker Society BLOG60,000 questions18,000+ comments

“my mom, whenever i tell her something, instead of her understanding and getting what I’m trying to say, she finds a way to make it my fault or will later use it to embarrass me.”


i m 12 i like a girl named jessica and i don t know what to do
i’m 12, i like a girl named jessica and i don’t know what to do.

We're already "normal" friends. She seems shy around me, and i feel shy around her. We do talk a lot. She started to ask me "The questions." Like;How old am I,how many pets do i have, my favorite color, etc. things like that. Does this mean she likes me too? Is she trying to figure me out? We sit next to each other at lunch a lot. So maybe i should ask her out?

New book

by the author of

Queen Bees & Wannabees

(which inspired the movie Mean Girls)

Interviews with 200+ boys


3 ideas for reaching out Pick up on cues: If your daughter wanders into the bra department, there’s likely a reasonConsider alternative means of communication: Many kids say they’d rather text, write a note about a problem.Anticipate: No one likes to rush things, but your children will be glad that you provided information about the stuff they don’t understand – and that everyone is talking about.

puberty checklist
Puberty checklist
  • Be informed yourself
  • Find multiple ways of communicating
  • Do not tease or embarrass
  • Keep confidences
be informed
Be informed

Puberty starting slightly earlier


  • Between 9 and 14


  • Between 8 and 13
  • First period: Most around 12-13
  • First period can arrive as early as 9 and as old as 16.
be informed1
Be informed
  • Consider norms – leg shaving, types of bras, deodorant, boxers?
find multiple ways of communicating
Find multiple ways of communicating
  • Appropriate websites – KidsHealth, Pink Locker Society, Brainpop,
  • Books
  • Multiple conversations
  • Keep it light and positive and consider privacy.
no teasing or embarrassing
No teasing or embarrassing
  • It’s natural, but avoid it.
  • Teasing sends the message that you do not take them or their problems seriously
  • Strive to keep confidences and be sensitive about sharing with opposite gender parent, siblings, grandparents etc.
confidence how parents can help
Confidence: How Parents Can Help
  • Be in tune with your child, know their struggles.
  • Expand your idea of “achievement.” (Let your child lead.)
  • Help kids and teens set the right goals.

Underwent years of treatment

  • Day-in, day-out dealing with a front-and-center difference
  • Developed a desire to explain and promote understanding


  • Changed schools
  • Struggled to fit in

With Meryl

And Lady Gaga