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Mammals. Chandra, Jed, Todd. Vertebrate. All Mammals are vertebrates means it has a backbone. Habitat. Mammals habitat is in most places on earth like land, water, trees, and under ground. Warm or cold blooded.

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    1. Mammals Chandra, Jed, Todd

    2. Vertebrate • All Mammals are vertebrates means it has a backbone.

    3. Habitat • Mammals habitat is in most places on earth like land, water, trees, and under ground.

    4. Warm or cold blooded • Mammals are warm blooded that means that they can control their body temperature by using energy from what they eat.

    5. Life cycle • A life cycle is stages mammals go through a mammal life cycle starts with reproducing, a baby that the mom takes care of its young in till its old enough to take care of its self, then the cycle starts over again

    6. How they breathe • Mammals breathe with lungs, and blowholes. • Water mammals breathe with blowholes when they eat the fish they come to the surface and blow out all the water.

    7. Body covering • Some mammals have fur, hair, and even skin their fur keeps them warm. • Some like artic wolves have fur that is comoflauged.

    8. Reproduce • All most every mammal has live birth only two mammals lay eggs the duck billed platypus and the spiny anteater. • All mammals take care of their young after they are born. The mother feed their young milk.

    9. Special body parts • Special body parts are flippers , and blowholes for sea mammals. The sea mammals must come to the surface for oxygen. They use their blowhole to breath. A shell protects the animal that is in the shell from a predator from eating it.

    10. Facts • Lots of mammals have very good hearing humans cant hear very high sounds. • Many mammals ear tell them as mush as humans eyes do. • Bat are the only flying mammals flying squirrel don’t fly they glide. • Some mammal like to have friends they live in groups big or small all the mammals in the group share their food they keep each other warm by sharing a mammal warns the rest of group if it sees a enemy. • The platypus and spiny anteaters are rare.

    11. Species • Some mammal species are platypus, spiny anteaters, seals, whales, humans , wolfs , red fox , deer , and monkeys.

    12. Questions • Are mammals warm or cold blooded? • How do sea mammals breath? • Where are mammals habitats? • Do mammals live on land or in water or both? • What are some mammals? (Name 5) • Are we vertebrates or invertebrates ? • How do mammals breath?

    13. Resources • Are resources are what is a mammal? • The life of sea mammals • The life of strange mammals • www.Ehow for