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  2. Since 1990 vzw Scale Dogs asbl has been training guide dogs for visually impaired people.

  3. Our Mission Statement • The objective (goal) of Scale Dogs is to improve the mobility and the independence of visually impaired persons. In order to achieve this goal Scale Dogs is placing guide dogs with visually impaired persons since 1990. • Scale Dogs is a non-profit organisation, the organisation does not ask for any financial contribution from the visually impaired for their dog. • Scale Dogs selects puppies and educate/trains them to become guide dogs • Scale Dogs selects the dog which matches the best with the user and trains the tandem handler-guide dog to work in harmony.

  4. Organisation • Management Board composed by 5 administrators (all volunteers) • Employees receiving a salary: Senior Instructor/Director (part time), 2 Instructors (full time), House Keeper (part time) • 2 veterinarians (invoicing the costs) • A team of volunteers (puppy walkers, assistance activities, …)

  5. What is the Price of a Guide Dog? • The cost price of a guide dog is minimum 17.500 euro • The visually impaired person receives the dog free of charge • Scale Dogs is not receiving any funding from the state • The average financial help given by the funds of disabled people (Awiph, Cocof, Vlaams Agentschap) only intervenes for more or less half of te cost price (only if the beneficiary is recognised by one of those institutions).

  6. How does Scale Dogs manages financially • The salary package is entirely invested in the training of the guide dogs and the visual impaired people. All other functions are executed by volunteers. • If the client is entitled to receive financial help from one of the funds for disabled persons, this intervenes for maximum half of the cost price of a guide dog (but not all clients are recognised by the institutions) • Volunteers are teaching pet dog classes for families wishing to educate their pet dog. The money raised is entirely attributed to the guide dogs • Scale Dogs is mostly depending on sponsors, legacies, gifts in order to be able to cover the yearly budget

  7. Scale Dogs is recognized by theInternational Guide Dog Federation

  8. Scale Dogs is also member of Assistance Dogs Europe and Assistance Dogs International

  9. Scale Dogs is member of the Belgian Assistance Dogs Federation

  10. Main sponsors • Hill’s Pet Foods • Kiwanis Brussels Scale • De Nationale Loterij/Loterie Nationale • MIVB/STIB

  11. Contact info Scale Dogs vzw Stwg op St Jansberg 2 1170 Brussel 0473 30 24 27 310-0901243-05