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Trane Global Control Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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Trane Global Control Systems

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Trane Global Control Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Trane Global Control Systems. Product Update Account Management. Objectives Understand the Tracer ™ evo architecture Understand the features and value of our new control solutions Know what sales tools are available for your use

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Trane Global Control Systems

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    1. Trane Global Control Systems Product UpdateAccount Management

    2. Objectives Understand the Tracer™ evo architecture Understand the features and value of our new control solutions Know what sales tools are available for your use Update account plans with actions around our new products and services Be re-invigorated aboutour controls solutions Agenda GCS Organization Tracer™evo Overview Wireless Zone Sensor Break Tracer™ ES Break Tracer Summit Energy Solutions Analysis Implementation Session Overview

    3. American Standard Companies 2005 Sales: $10.3 Billion USD • Air conditioning systems • $6.0 B USD • 26,500 employees • 29 plants in 109 countries • Vehicle control systems • $1.8 B USD • 6,700 employees • 11 plants in 10 countries • Plumbing • $2.4 B USD • 27,700 employées • 63 plants in 25 countries

    4. GCS Organization – Field Contacts Controls PP&S Leader Andrew Wilcox System Controls Product Management Equipment Controls Product Management Rob Brown Jim McKeever Tracer ES, Tracer Summit Energy Services MP581, EX2, UPCM, MP & ZN Controllers Devie Erickson Julio Londono (Kevin Walters) Tracer Summit, BCU, WebOPS Sensors & Accessories Christian Taber Jim Kohl Tracker, VariTrac Tracer UC Dick Lemke Mark Haiden, Kevin Walters Tracer SM Jeff Seewald System Integration & Field Support Services Marketing Support Services Randy Amborn Carrie Eppelheimer Pricing Administration & SPAs Jeff Hamilton Shawn Dunsmoor Ken McNeil Product Engineering Product Strategy/Tracer evo Brady Moroney Jennifer Schroer Applications Engineering Centralized Services Dave Uden Kathi LaValle Technical Support 1-800-TRACER1 Gene Shedivy

    5. Trane Global Control Systems Tracer™evo

    6. Wired or Wireless Tracker Existing Future Tracer™evo Controls Architecture Tracer Summit Tracer ES • Key Points • Co-existence • Protocol agnostic • Usability • Internet • Wireless • System functionality at unit level • Scalable • Modular • Lowest total installed cost HVAC Industry Standards IT Standards BACnet/IP TCP/IP (HTTP/XML) Tracer UC WebOPS LonTalk BACnet MSTP BCU Tracer SM Equipment Controls Wireless Zone Sensor

    7. Is Tracer™evo The Silver Bullet? • New construction marketplace focused on features and price • Owner direct market focused on value and performance • A strong ICS strategy is golden • Where is ICS in your account plan? • Equipment • Controls • Services

    8. Trane Global Control Systems Trane Wireless Zone Sensor

    9. Wireless Zone Sensor Three Main Takeaways • Lower total installed cost than wired sensors • Wireless zone sensors offer customers reliability and location flexibility • Key features improve competitive position

    10. Wireless Zone Sensor What is it? • Zone temp, setpoint and override • Backward compatible with all Trane unit controllers • No fan or system control functionality yet • Sold in sets (sensor/receiver) • Sensor power • AA lithium batteries (2) • 5-year life • Wireless signal • Specifically designed for point-to-point sensor networks • IEE 802.15.4 • Nominal range = 200 feet

    11. Wireless Zone Sensor Target Customers • Retrofit and new construction • Hard-to-wire buildings • Stone, brick, concrete block • Buildings with aesthetic constraints • Historic properties • High profile spaces • Frequently renovated spaces • Critical climate control properties • New technology customers/early adopters

    12. Wireless Zone Sensor Customer Benefits • Location flexibility • Improved comfort • Improved aesthetics • Office re-configuration • Reliability • 5-year battery life • IEEE 802.15.4 • Minimal structural disturbance • Reduce job price as market moves

    13. Wireless Zone Sensor Competitive Positioning • Who? • JCI, Siemens, Honeywell, Distech • BAPI, Kele, Veris, and other sensor suppliers • Others are in development • What? • Many to one, one to one topologies • 400 MHz to 2.4 GHz • Temperature, some humidity • How? • All are proprietary

    14. Wireless Zone Sensor Product Demonstration Signal Strength Battery Condition Test Pushbutton

    15. Wireless Zone Sensor Account Planner Goal Tactic Tools Timing Product Catalog, Cookbook, Features & Benefit CD Educate Yourself 30 days • Go to Product Page, Review Top 3 Support Materials Direct • Existing Tracer Summit Customers. • Commercial Building customers. Existing local Tracer Summit customer list. 60 days • Customer who frequently reconfigure spaces. Target Opportunity/Account • Customers with retrofit projects. 1 • Customers with buildings that are hard to retrofit. Indirect • Projects in areas with high labor rates. • Retrofit projects. • Use discovery questions found in marketing guides and literature. Qualify Opportunity (Understand need) • Identify preferred specifying engineer. 2 60 days Marketing Guide • Are there objections or restrictions to using a wireless solution? • Probe for financial impact and need. • What code or regulations need to be followed with regard to wiring installations? Quantify the Opportunity Office estimator 3 60 days • Local installed cost of a wired zone senor? Tracer wireless zone sensor presentation • Share estimated financial benefit. Introduce Solution (Address the pain) 90 days 4 • Provide product demonstration. Product Demonstration (Demo Kit) Position Trane (Build credibility) • Bring customer on St. Paul visit, include engineer. Visit coordinator - St. Paul Mary Stanslaski 651-407-4081 5 90 days

    16. Wireless Zone Sensor Identify the Opportunity • Projects where wiring is difficult and/or time consuming • Businesses driven by comfort that can be achieved by optimal sensor placement • Businesses that frequently reconfigure their space • Technology-driven companies

    17. Wireless Zone Sensor Qualify the Opportunity • How do you manage tenant/employee comfort problems? • Does your business experience frequent changes and/or re-organizations that require movement of people or offices within the building? • Do you have any restrictions on the use of wireless technology in your building? • When was your building constructed? • Historic • Difficult renovations

    18. Wireless Zone Sensor Advance the Opportunity • Promote wireless • Demo kits, displays, brochures, presentations... • Differentiate wireless vs. wired • Reinforce the advantages • Personalize the message • Price • Match the equivalent installed cost of wired • Anticipate and overcome objections • Maintenance • Sensor price • Reliability • Get it specified • Signal strength indication • Battery indicator • 5-year battery life • 802.15.4 • Range - 200 feet • One-to-one

    19. Product Catalog BAS-PRC023-EN Marketing Guide BAS-SLM023-EN Guide Specification Presentation template Brochure BAS-SLB015-EN Demo Kit Wireless Zone Sensor Sales Tools • Product Display

    20. Wireless Zone Sensor Three Main Takeaways • Lower total installed cost than wired sensors • Wireless zone sensors offer customers reliability and location flexibility • Key features improve competitive position

    21. Questions?

    22. Trane Global Control Systems TracerES™

    23. TracerES™ Three Main Takeaways • Tracer ES is a web-based, multi-site, front end for Trane and non-Trane BACnet systems • Tracer ES is a multi-faceted software sale • Customer I.T. involvement • Value-based vs hardware-based • Tracer ES creates opportunity for a customer tether • Requires strong account plan integration

    24. TracerES™ What is it? • Enterprise management control system • Manage multiple facilities as a single enterprise • Online facility management system • Web-based access from network PC using Internet Explorer browser • Easy to use, intuitive user interface • Front-end control system for: • Tracer Summit • Tracer Summit Communications Bridge • Tracker • Any BACnet system • IT Solution • Shared networks managed by IT staff

    25. Tracer ES BACnet/IP BACnet Systems Tracer Summit Communications Bridge Future Products TracerES™ Controls Architecture Tracer Summit Remote PC Firewall WAN/LAN Wired or Wireless Ethernet BCU V16 Internet/Intranet Tracker V12 Wireless Zone Sensor

    26. TracerES™ Key Features • Auto recognition • BACnet compliant • Multi-vendor connectivity • Web-based user interface (Internet Explorer) • Enterprise management • Easy global changes to schedules and setpoints • Consolidated analysis and reporting • Single click access to all points in alarm

    27. TracerES™ Key Functions • Performs daily operations • Status (of building, system, equipment) • Scheduling (by room, building, enterprise) • Data collection and analysis • Troubleshooting (alarm management) • Alarm notification via email (SMTP), text message or web page • Tracer Summit workstation software becomes an advanced programming and service tool • Will be included with each Tracer ES package • Full workstation functionality expected in 2007 • Configuration • Set-up of unit controllers (Editors) • Programming

    28. TracerES™ Target Customers • Initial release in five key target markets • K-12 Education • Higher Education • Healthcare • Government • Retail/National Account customers • Markets identified based on: • Need for web-based, enterprise management • Multiple buildings • Significant geographic coverage • Want single-source provider

    29. TracerES™ Customer Benefits • Manage all your buildings from a centralized location to increase operational efficiency • Connect multi-vendor systems into a single user interface • Track information across your enterprise to compare/contrast building performance • Troubleshoot problems to reduce travel time/cost and improve building comfort • Gain access to systems from remote locations

    30. TracerES™ Competitive Landscape Tridium • Enterprise server functionality matches closely with TracerES • Systems integration message (still uses proprietary protocol to control) • OEM provider to other control companies • Lower pricing model for smaller projects, expensive for larger projects JCI • Enterprise server functionality matches closely with TracerES • Focus more on large customers • High price Honeywell • Full building integration (fire, life safety, digital video, security) • System integration message • Large customers with EBI • LCBS/Tridium for small/medium • Full workstation/ graphical programming included • Flexible pricing (offerings across building sizes) ALC • Tough in Plan/Spec work • Try and include on any size job • Great graphics • Full workstation/ graphical programming included • System features are more than a customer needs/uses • Lowest price

    31. TracerES™ Web-Based Capability Today WebOPS Tracer ES Existing Customer System(s) • Tracer Summit only • Tracer Summit • Tracker • Any BACnet System # of Buildings • 1 to 5 (single site) • 1 to 10,000 • Remote Access • Eliminates need for multiple workstations • Daily operator tasks for single building/site • Web interface for Tracer Summit only • Simple to install, operate and maintain • Proprietary Web appliance • Remote Access • Eliminates need for multiple workstations • Remote facility management tasks • Daily operator tasks • Enterprise management tasks • Single front end system – integrates multiple (BACnet) systems • Fully customizable • Standard IT product Key Functionality Provided

    32. TracerES™ Pricing Comparison Summary WebOPS (single site) WebOPS (multiple site) Tracer ES (5 Bldgs) Tracer ES (25 Bldgs) Tracer ES (250 Bldgs) # Buildings/ Users 5 buildings/ 5 users 5 buildings/ 5 users 5 buildings/ 5 users 25 buildings/ 25 users 250 buildings/ 25 users Software $ 90,000 $2,750 $13,750 $ 7,500 $ 20,000 Included in price of S/W Included in price of S/W Hardware $ 7,000 $11,875 $ 13,075 Development & Implementation $ 700 $ 3,400 $ 9,800 $ 13,000 $ 22,800 Maintenance Agreement $ 13,500 N/A N/A $ 1,125 $ 3,000 $ 25, 425 $ 47,875 $ 139,375 TOTAL $3,450 $ 17, 150

    33. TracerES™ Highlights/Demonstration

    34. TracerES™ Elements of a Tracer ES Sale • Product • Software/Hardware • Project definition and design • IT/Networking • Systems engineering • Implementation • Install and setup • Customization • Commissioning • Maintenance Agreement Project Sale Software Price Hardware Price Consulting Services Centralized Services Proposal Elite Start Agreement Scheduled Services

    35. Product Software • Installed on central server • License packages available and scalable from 5 – 1000+ BACnet devices • Volume-based discounting • Value-added software packages available in the future and sold separately • Energy Services • Tenant Services • Critical Control • Maintenance Management

    36. Product Hardware • Server-grade computer required • Microsoft Windows server 2003 • SQL server 2000 • .NET framework • Trane provided or customer provided • Tower or rack mount • Minimum hardware requirements will be provided

    37. Project Definition • Centralized Services required for initial installations • Requires significant expertise in new areas: • IT/networking • Web page design • Multiple Trane systems engineering • Systems integration • Trane sales/operations tools • CRM, Estimator, Lynx, Lynx DocumentGenerator (Preso/Proposal) • Certification Program roll out in 2006 • Offices must demonstrate capability to install Tracer ES • Training program will be available

    38. Project Definition Project Description Form • Project Description Document needed by Centralized Services • Information needed to start the Tracer ES estimate • Bid price dependent on this document • Centralized Services will respond within 48 hours • Completion at least 48 hours before bid day CRITICAL for accurate and timely proposals

    39. Project Definition Integration Guidelines(Competitive BACnet Systems) • Must support BACnet per ASHRAE Standard 135-2004 • Devices must reside on Ethernet and speak BACnet/IP • Devices on the BACnet network(s) must support non-proprietary BACnet objects and properties • Alarming is per ASHRAE Standard 135-2001 • Devices must support BACnet Trending and On/Off Scheduling • Devices must allow write access – for Tracer ES control (analog output, analog value, binary output, binary value, multistate output, multistate value, schedule)

    40. Implementation • Installation Tasks • Server installation and set-up • Software installation • Licensing and registration • Set-up • Auto recognition, configuration, display • Publish graphics • Scheduling, Trending, Alarming • User Administration/Preferences • Commissioning • Coordinate work with office Project Manager • Conduct start-up operator training

    41. Elite Start Maintenance Agreement • Annual maintenance agreement on Tracer ES software includes: • Service packs • Software upgrades • Unlimited direct phone and e-mail product support for customer • St. Paul Center of Excellence - Central Time business hours • Training • 4 hours on-site at start-up • Credit for MyTraneControls follow up training course • MyTraneControls subscription • Included with product in first year • Annual billing to customer in subsequent years • 15% annual fee based on price of initial software package • Non-renewal terminates support • Package with other service offerings • Continuous commissioning • Chiller maintenance • Back-up/Restore • Temperature control maintenance

    42. TracerES™ Account Planner Goal Tactic Tools Timing Product Catalog, Cookbook, Features & Benefit CD Educate Yourself 30 days • Go to Product Page, Review Top 3 Support Materials Direct • Existing Tracer Summit Customers Existing local Tracer Summit customer list. Existing school, hospital, government customers. Controls Cookbook Target Opportunity/Account • Education/Healthcare/Government customers 1 • Retail/National Account customers 60 days • Customers with multiple buildings Indirect • Projects need web-based interface, enterprise mgmt. • Discovery questions in marketing guides and literature • Identify competition and systems • How do they manage their buildings and systems today • Identify key players in customer’s IT organization • Identify IT’s key requirements for Tracer ES • Identify preferred specifying engineer Qualify Opportunity (Understand need) 2 60 days Controls Cookbook Tracer ES Marketing Guide • Probe for financial impact and need • Time and energy spent responding to alarms, generating reports, learning and maintaining multiple BACnet systems Quantify the Opportunity 3 60 days 90 days • Engage Centralized Services for project description sheet and assistance with quote. St. Paul Centralized Services 4 Estimate Solution 1800 Tracer 1 • Share estimated financial benefit • Provide product demonstration. Tracer ES presentation Tracer ES demonstration Introduce Solution (Address the pain) 90 days 5 Visit coordinator -St. Paul Mary Stanslaski 651-407-4081 Position Trane (Build credibility) • Bring customer on St. Paul visit, include engineer. 6 90 days

    43. TracerES™ Target the Opportunity • Existing Tracer Summit or Tracker owners • Accounts with multiple buildings • Customers who want to benchmark buildings within their enterprise • Customers looking for web-based solution • Customers who need to collect and store large amounts of building data • Customers with multiple BACnet automation systems who desire a single user interface

    44. TracerES™ Qualify the Opportunity • How do you want to manage the buildings within your campus/enterprise? • Centrally ►Remotely ► Multiple systems • Who is responsible for software maintenance and updates? • Will your control systems be on a shared network? • Do you, or do you want to, collect and analyze historical data across all of your building? • Do you need to do comparative analysis between buildings? • How is your business (and associated buildings) growing and expanding? • How do you fund system expansions? • Capital or operating budget ► Approval limits

    45. TracerES™ Advance the Opportunity • Customer presentation • Electronic product intro • Online product demonstration • Understand customer’s environment • Existing control systems • IT organization • Existing/planned system network • Purchasing process • Decision-makers • Build credibility • Customer visit to St. Paul • Estimate the project • Engage centralized services • Complete project description document

    46. TracerES™ Get It Specified • Web-based user interface • Multi-vendor BACnet connectivity • Centralized data collection and analysis (SQL) • Auto recognition of devices added or removed • Auto generating web pages • Search engine • Enterprise scheduling • Custom alarm prioritization and routing • Multiple user security levels • Data encryption • Customizable user interface • 3D graphics • Central, server-based software • Manufacturer-based technical support

    47. TracerES™ Sales Tools • Product Catalog BAS-PRC019-EN • Product Brochure BAS-SLB009-EN  • K-12 Insert Sheet BAS-SLB010-EN • Higher Ed Insert Sheet BAS-SLB013-EN • Health Care Insert Sheet BAS-SLB016-EN • Product Spec Insert Sheet  BAS-SLB011-EN • IT FAQ Insert Sheet BAS-SLB014-EN • Electronic Product Intro CD BAS-CMC008-EN • Marketing Guide BAS-SLM019-EN • IT Information Supplement BAS-PRC020-EN • Product Demonstration • Product Overview presentation for customers • Guide Specification

    48. TracerES™ Three Main Takeaways • Tracer ES is a web-based, multi-site, front end for Trane and non-Trane BACnet systems • Tracer ES is a multi-faceted, software sale • Customer I.T. involvement • Value-based vs hardware-based • Tracer ES creates opportunity for a customer tether • Requires strong account plan integration

    49. Questions?

    50. Tracer Summit Tracer Summit Energy Solutions