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Tourttes Syndrome

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Tourttes Syndrome

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Tourttes Syndrome

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  1. Tourttes Syndrome By Joseph Fuller

  2. What is it? Tourettes syndrome is a disorder that makes the person that is diagnosed with it has involuntary movements. In other words, it makes your muscles do things that you don’t want them to. These are called “tics”. I know this because I have been diagnosed with tourettes syndrome for over three years. It is not a fun thing at all, and it can get really annoying sometimes. People stare at you like you are crazy or something. The truth is, no matter how unbelievable it is, I am actually completely sane. I was born with it, and now I can’t get away from it. There is no medicine to cure tourettes syndrome, so I will have it for the rest of my life. There are some good things about TS, though. I have learned to appreciate thing more in life, like my family and friends.

  3. What causes it? Tourettes syndrome is caused by signals misfiring in your brain. Basically, it is little electric flashes traveling throughout your brain. Everybody has them. But for me, the electric flashes hit the wrong parts of my brain. Like I said before, it makes you move when you don’t want to, or don’t move when you want to.

  4. What happens to the person that has it? The person that has tourettes is usually not as successful in life as other people. People think that it is a mental disorder, or that they are dunk or something like that. They don’t get as good jobs. They don’t get let into some collages. They might even get injured or killed because of it. I have never had any of those things happen to me, because I’m only twelve. I do have some things that I can’t do, though. I can’t play some of my favorite sports sometimes, like baseball or soccer, because my brain is misfiring so much. I can’t run cross country sometimes, witch I love doing. I can’t even ride a bike, because I will have a misfire that effects my legs, and I will fly or the road and crash into trees or houses.

  5. Why should people be concerned about this? The only people that should be concerned about tourettes are the people that have is or think they think they have it. It is no real threat to others around people with tourettes syndrome, unless they are driving and veer into you. To show that you care, you could donate to a cause of curing tourettes. You can also show your concern by stepping up for someone being bugged about tourettes, either because they have it, or somebody they know has it. You can explain what it is, or tells them what it is caused by.