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CLEA Software A Technical Overview. Glenn A. Snyder, Project CLEA. CLEA Summer Workshop June 21, 2010. Outline. Programming Language Program Structure Software Installation Windows 7 & Vista … & Macs. I. Programming Language (Software Development Environment). “Old” CLEA Software.

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Clea software a technical overview

CLEA SoftwareA Technical Overview

Glenn A. Snyder, Project CLEA

CLEA Summer Workshop

June 21, 2010


  • Programming Language

  • Program Structure

  • Software Installation

  • Windows 7 & Vista

  • … & Macs

I programming language software development environment
I. Programming Language(Software Development Environment)

Old clea software
“Old” CLEA Software

  • Borland Pascal With Objects (V. 7.0)

  • 16-Bit Code (Windows 3.1) – but still runs on current versions (Win2000, Win XP, 32-bit Win7/Vista ).

  • Environment not totally “integrated” - much left to programmer.

  • Programmer makes direct calls to Windows API.

  • No longer loaded on development machine. Code changes to modules “highly unlikely”.

Old clea modules
“Old” CLEA Modules

  • (“The Revolution of the Moons of Jupiter”)

  • “The Rotation of Mercury Using Doppler Radar”

  • “The Flow of Energy Out of The Sun”

  • “The Classification of Stellar Spectra”

  • “Photoelectric Photometry of The Pleiades”

  • “The Hubble Redshift – Distance Relation”

  • “The Large-Scale Structure of The Universe”

New clea software
“New” CLEA Software

  • Borland Delphi 2007 – (Pascal based, expanded Object features)

  • 32-Bit Code (All versions from Win 95 on)

    - Programs (.exe) are larger but load, run faster.

  • Highly integrated environment. Programmer moves quickly and easily between form and code.

  • Windows API is “hidden” from programmer.

  • Forms and Controls look better!

New clea modules
“New” CLEA Modules

  • “Radio Astronomy of Pulsars”

  • “Astrometry of Asteroids”

  • “Astrometry Toolkit”

  • “VIREO” (Multiple exercises)

  • “The Search for Object-X”

  • “The Period of Rotation of The Sun”

  • “Transits of Venus and Mercury”

  • “Dying Stars and The Birth of The Elements”

  • “The Revolution of the Moons of Jupiter” (V. 2)

The virtual educational observatory vireo
The VIRtual Educational Observatory(VIREO)

  • New Exercises: “HR Diagrams of Open Clusters” “Photometry of Variable Stars” (Under development.)

  • Replacement of 16-bit modules: “The Classification of Stellar Spectra” “Photoelectric Photometry of Open Clusters” “The Hubble Redshift – Distance Relation” “The Large-Scale Structure of The Universe” (“Radio Astronomy of Pulsars”)

  • Identification of objects & other data completed.

  • A general guide is completed. Some Student Guides to specific exercises are available. Work in this area is welcomed & encouraged.

Target environment
Target Environment

  • Dedicated “laboratory” setting, with instructor present.

  • Programs loaded on individual computers.

  • Students have full use of computers, including hard drive write privileges.

  • Program distribution to instructors & IT technicians via Web (FTP).

Not targeted
Not Targeted

  • Web-based execution.

  • Use in a write-restricted environment (network/shared drive or highly restricted computer).

  • “Unsupervised” access & use by students.

Run time files
Run-Time Files

  • “Options” File

  • “Log” File

  • Data passed between activities.

  • Data for external analysis (spreadsheets).

  • Partial results - some re-start capability.

  • Final results – possible off-line combination with others.

Program options
Program Options

  • All CLEA programs have options (properties).

  • Access is restricted. Log on as “instructor”. Password is “CLEA”.

  • Documented in Software User’s Guide (old modules) & popup “hints” (new modules).

  • Check out “Test” and “Edit” modes in new modules.

  • VIREO will require more interaction with Options.

Installation i
Installation - I

  • Self-Installing Executables (“InstallShield”)

  • “General User’s Guide…” no longer applies. See “Quick-Start Guide” (link on home page).

  • Also “UserGuide2.doc” on CD-ROM. (Draft form, but lots of good information.)

  • If possible, install in default folder (C:\Program Files\CLEA\Exercise Name\).

  • Otherwise, keep path as short as possible. (“Old” programs have 72 character limit on path length.)

Installation ii
Installation – II

  • For installation on network or shared drive, read “Shared_Install.doc” on installation disk.

  • To placate nervous IT administrators, see “License.rtf” on same disk.

  • Installation under Win 7/Vista – see next section.

  • For other installation or run-time problems, send me an e-mail providing as much info as possible. ([email protected])


  • Instructors need to be aware of possible Win 7/Vista problems (and be prepared to address them) when assigning CLEA exercises as outside assignments or preparing “distance learning” programs.

Major win 7 vista problem areas
Major Win 7/Vista Problem Areas

  • User told privileges are insufficient to install CLEA software.

  • After installation, not all CLEA software can be run.

  • Both addressed in write-up on PROJECT CLEA HOME PAGE

Installation privileges
Installation Privileges

  • User usually has them.

  • Unlike XP, must be specifically invoked when installation run under Win7/Vista.

  • Procedure is outlined in write-up.

Runtime problem versions
Runtime Problem - Versions

  • Windows versions called “Ultimate” are 64-bit code.

  • All other versions (at this time) are 32-bit code.

  • 64-bit “Ultimate” will NOT run 16-bit applications (i.e., all “Old” CLEA modules identified earlier).

  • 1st serious Windows compatibility issue in 18 years of CLEA.

Best solutions
Best Solutions

  • Use 32-bit Win 7 / Vista.

  • Use a virtualization product.

  • Use VIREO in place of 16-bit CLEA modules.

  • Details also in write-up.

Why no mac versions
Why No MAC Versions?

  • Developing for a 2nd platform would have required a 2nd full-time programmer over the length of the project (~18 years).

  • Our grants have never included anything close to the funds needed for this.

  • We tried offering fixed-fee contracts to consultants – yield was 1 ½ programs.

Historical background
Historical Background

  • 18 yrs ago Mac was not a development-friendly environment. (Intentional!)

  • Windows API gave us more flexibility.

  • At one point Mac nearly went out of business.

  • Mac operating system versions have mostly not been backward-compatible. Applications must be re-coded.


  • Run a Windows emulator such as Parallels on Mac.

  • Run a Windows emulator under Linux.

    • “Wine” is freeware. Will run all “new” (32-bit) CLEA modules.