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TREAD. Thai Rural Education and Development. WHAT IS TREAD?. Launched in 1999, TREAD is a development initiative managed and run by the residents of International House.

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Thai Rural Education and Development



Launched in 1999, TREAD is a development initiative managed and run by the residents of International House.

TREAD aims to improve living conditions, education and life opportunities for children in schools and people in villages in rural Thailand, focusing on the Nang Rong district in Buriram Province.

This is done by assisting with the funding and implementation of various projects that enhance rather than work against village culture, and by teaching English at Suksasongkraw Nang Rong school.



  • Rotary Clubs
  • Fundraising Activities
    • TREAD Monte Carlo Night
    • Profits from TREAD T-Shirt Sales
    • TREAD Trivia Night
    • TREAD Thai Dinner Raffle
  • Private Donations
  • Sponsorship
  • Student Club Donations

Student Club Funded Projects


Baan Nong Tou Pabb: Kitchen

Baan Raikoknongbler: Bakery

Baan Nong Sai: Concrete Poles

Baan Nong Sai: Cow Farm


Baan Jaan: Water Filter Project

Baan Nonyarwua: Sustainable Agricultural Project

Baan Luerng: Sustainable Agricultural Project


2008 Baan Raikoknongbler: Bakery

  • The funding was received late 2008 and the bakery was running by June 2009
  • The bakery is currently used to teach students of all grades (k1- P9) to bake Western and Thai foods (the coconut cookies are great!)
  • The Bakery is currently only being used for educational purposes but the school plans to sell the baked goods by June/July 2010.
  • Profits from the sale of baked goods will fund the continuation of the project
  • The school would like to expand the Bakery into a Home-economic centre for the students vocational learning
  • This school also has a well organised agricultural program and provides for children from 5 surrounding villages

2008 Baan Nong Sai: Concrete Poles & Cow Farm

  • These projects received funding late 2008
  • The concrete poles were made and used to fence the school (which is close a major road)
  • The school has 5 cows and will sell the calves and use the manure to make fertiliser
  • Though both projects were set up as intended, the record of sustainability at this school is not up to TREADs standards
  • It is unlikely that TREAD will fund further projects at this school

2008 Baan Nong Tou Pabb: Kitchen

  • It has rarely been used however as the school has a shortage of funding and has been sourcing lunches from a nearby village
  • Baan Nong Tou Pabb has put in a project application for a agricultural project in 2010. If successful, the school will use the produce from this project to cook in school lunches and get the kitchen fully operational by late 2010
  • The Kitchen was completed in mid 2009 and is very well set up (and attached to a rotary sponsored outdoor dining hall)

2009 Baan Jaan: Water Filter Project

  • The water filter provides for the school’s 60 students and is also used by people from the two villages the school supplies
  • The water is used to filter water from existing water tanks and a bore
  • The water filter system as has a cooling facility
  • This school has a good record of looking after and maintaining projects

2009 Baan Luerng: Sustainable Agriculture Project

  • This is a relatively poor school with 400 students from 5 districts
  • From the $1190 they received (and in less than a year) this school has developed:
  • 2 Fish farms
  • Flower garden
  • Vegetable garden
  • Dragon fruit garden
  • Set up a pump to feed water from its dam
  • Greenhouse
  • Much of the produce (especially Catfish and flowers) is sold for profits which are then reinvested into the project, making it sustainable

2009 Baan Luerng: Sustainable Agriculture Project

  • The key aim of the project is to provide students will the skills they are most likely to need in their futures
  • Parents are supportive of this project, and much of the labour and experience required to setup this project was donated

2009 Baan Nonyarwua: Sustainable Agriculture Project

  • From the $1190 received in 2009 this school has involved each grade in a unique agricultural project
  • The labour and expertise required to build these projects was sourced from the local community
  • Agriculture is an important part of the school curriculum (and necessary if the school is to keep up attendance as parents may instead choose to teach their children by having them join them on family farms)
  • The food produced is used in cooking the school lunches, though as yields increase in coming years the school plans to sell produce to raise funds to keep the project running