the changing face of the texas labor market n.
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The Changing Face of the Texas Labor Market

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The Changing Face of the Texas Labor Market - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Changing Face of the Texas Labor Market. Labor Market & Career Information (LMCI) Texas Workforce Commission (512) 936-3105. Are you a Left Brain (analytical, data driven, logical) or Right Brain (creative, intuitive, philosophical)?.

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the changing face of the texas labor market

The Changing Face of the Texas Labor Market

Labor Market & Career Information (LMCI)

Texas Workforce Commission

(512) 936-3105

are you a left brain analytical data driven logical or right brain creative intuitive philosophical
Are you a Left Brain (analytical, data driven, logical) or Right Brain (creative, intuitive, philosophical)?
the bad news the money economy and the job market are 2 different birds
The Bad News…The Money economy and the Job Market are 2 different birds

The Good News… A Recovery in the Money economy is definitely at hand, e.g. GDP, profits, stocks

is it still an economic downturn or a crisis in confidence

Excess bank reserves

Is it still an economic downturn or a crisis in confidence?

European debt crisis

Fear of double dip recession

Volatile stock market

Persistently high unemployment

Mortgages “underwater”

harry truman is purported to have said

Harry Truman is purported to have said,

All my economists say, “on the one, or on the other hand”…what I really need is a one-handed economist.

is the economic glass half full or half empty
Is the Economic Glass Half Full? or Half Empty?
  • Unemployment rate falling
  • More sectors contribute to job growth
  • Corporations cash-rich
  • 29 months of job growth
  • Spending is up, savings rate up, consumers lowering debt burden
  • Consumer confidence is improving
  • House prices near bottom?
  • UI initial claims are down
  • Real estate, construction and govt. still reeling
  • European debt/bank crisis still looming
  • Slowing global GDP
  • Energy prices?
  • Lack of confidence in demand, political system
  • Still tight lending standards & terms
  • Net worth down$9.4 tril from peak

Texas Population Change 2000-10

Where Texans Live

Where Texans have moved

how many millenials does it take to screw in a light bulb
How many Millenials does it take to screw in a light bulb?

1. One to the instructions

2. One to post the instructions on the wall of their page

3. One to post the video of their work showing collaboration

One Baby Boomer to tell them what a terrific, wonderful, spectacular job they did with the light bulb





Eagle Ford Shale: 24 county region

$1.3 billion in gross state product, $2.9 total output

$511 million in salaries (2010)

Supports 12,601 jobs

$108 million in tax revenues

2,828 drilling permits issued through 2011


“In China today, Bill Gates is Britney Spears. In America today, Britney Spears is Britney Spears. And that is our problem.” Jerry Yang, Co-Founder of Yahoo!

emerging markets in a global economy percent of 2000 2007 revenue outside u s
YUM Brands34.5% (50.1%)

Ford 30.4% (53.1%)

Boeing 34.3% (40.8%)

Intel58.8% (84.3%)

Coca Cola61.0% (73.8%)

Corning (70.7%)

Emerson Electric40% (51.6%)



IBM57.9% (57.9%)

Schlumberger (84.9%)

JNJ38.2% (47.1%)

John Deere25.1% (34.6%)

Colgate69.4% (80.3%)

Nike50.3% (62.6%)

Campbell Soup (31.0%)

Molson Coors (55.4%)

3M Corporation (61.4)

Emerging Markets in a Global Economy:Percent of 2000 & 2007 Revenue Outside U.S.
employer hiring progression shifting business practices
Employer Hiring Progression: Shifting Business Practices
  • Work existing full-time workers more hours
  • Move part-timers to full-time workers
  • Employ temporary or leased workers
  • Use contract workers for fixed periods
  • Reconsider work/hiring location based on potential growth markets & cost structure
  • Outsource all non-core business functions
  • Consider strategic partnerships to increase sales, limit labor liability
  • Take advantage of H1B and L1 visas
  • Add full-time domestic employees (FTE)

Percent Job Losses in Recessions 1990-2007




regional employers say they want

Regional employers say they want…

Good communications skills: Can you…..

Explain what you’re doing (to co-worker or customer)?

Explain what you need (from a co-worker or customer)?

Ability to listen to instructions?

2. Critical thinking skills (if given a sequence of events, can you determine what will probably happen next)

3. Technical knowledge (degrees needed for half of all job openings)

Can-do attitude / pleasant attitude (workers who are “engaged” in their work)

Can you work with people who are of a different age, race, gender and education level than you?

there is much more story to tell but this version is over

There is much more story to tell, but this version is over

Thank you!

why isn t it better a different recession
Why isn’t it Better? A Different Recession
  • Corporations are holding $ 1.6 trillion in cash
  • Corporate investments low; excess capacity, emerging markets better bet, spending on technology – not people
  • 2nd inventory replacement cycle nearly over, consumer still hasn’t taken up the slack
  • Interest rates are low, MNC hoarding borrowed $$$, but overall borrowing down
  • General lack of confidence: regulatory uncertainty, low consumer confidence