Save the moon bears
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SAVE the Moon Bears. What Are They?. Moon Bears are fun, lovable creatures who bear a distinct white crescent shape on the black fur of their chests, which makes them unique. . Bile.

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Save the moon bears

SAVEtheMoon Bears

What are they
What Are They?

Moon Bears are fun, lovable creatures who bear a distinct white crescent shape on the black fur of their chests, which makes them unique.

Save the moon bears

Moon Bears once roamed freely in China. But 3,000 years ago people started using their bilefor TCM. Since then, the sale of bear bile has been soaring. And it’s not coming down to earth until we TAKE ACTION!


Moon Bears are kept in tiny cages in farms. They are over-fed so they make more bile. The poorest of farms extract the bile by putting a metal tube into their abdomens. The richer ones illegally use Perspex catheters. See this clip:

Bear Video

Why are they treated so badly
Why Are They Treated So Badly?

Perhaps the farmers disregard Moon Bears as animals, just as a way to make money. Maybe their motto is, “The smaller the cage, the more the bears, the more the bears, the more the money.” We might never know.

Why haven t we heard
Why Haven’t We Heard?

The most likely reason would be that bear farming is an illegal act. Inhumane use of the Moon bear or anything derived from it is prohibited according to Appendix 1 of CITES. Therefore the farmers would want to keep their illegal job a secret from the government. They wouldn’t tell people about it because they would tell the government.

Moon bear facts
Moon Bear Facts

Moon Bears are also known as the Asiatic Black Bear

Their scientific name is UrsusSelanarctosThibetanus

The Moon Bear’s population figures in China range from around 50,000 to as low as 16,000.

Moon Bears are highly intelligent and have a large vocabulary.

They are the only animal that mostly gives birth to twins

How to help
How To Help

Never by bear bile products. Hopefully that will reduce business. Also tell people about the Moon Bears. Maybe they can adopt one from the Animals Asia Foundation.

This moon Bear, named Laura, is available for adoption now Just like Dulwich has adopted Wei Wei the Giant Panda.


Special thanks to for sharing the video link.

Thanks to my mum for sharing her opinion on Moon Bear farming.