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My Life at 25

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My Life at 25 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Life at 25. By You!. Here’s what you do… . You will be guided through a ‘free-writing’ session based on how you see your life at 25 years old. .

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here s what you do
Here’s what you do…
  • You will be guided through a ‘free-writing’ session based on how you see your life at 25 years old.
For each question, you need to imagine what career you see yourself involved with. Will you be a doctor? How about a teacher? Where do you see yourself living? The most important part is to be realistic.
Remember that you’re only 25. Many careers are in their very early stages at that age. Others, however, begin much younger.
All you need to do is make brief notes.

The real writing comes later.

question 1
Question 1

You’ve just woken up to begin your day…..what time is it?

Is it morning?

Is it in the afternoon hours?

Do you need to get up at a specific time every day, or is it up to you?

question 2
Question 2

Look around your room….

What does the room look like?

Are you alone (remember…you’re 25!)

Is it a large or small room?

How might it be decorated?

question 3
Question 3

You get out of bed…

What is your home like? Is it an apartment, or a house?

Who do you live with?

Where do you live?

Are you in the country or the city?

question 4
Question 4

It’s time to get ready for your day…

What will you wear?

Is it your choice what to wear? Do you have a uniform or a dress code?

question 5
Question 5

What do you need to do to prepare for your day?

Are you quick to get ready and leave or does it take a while?

Do you have errands or hobbies you need to do before you begin your day?

Do you have any major responsibilities to anybody else before you leave?

question 6
Question 6

It’s time to leave for your day.

How do you get to where you’re going?

Do you drive, walk or take another form of transportation?

Describe your journey as you see it…remember where you live – this can make the journey unique.

question 7
Question 7

You have just arrived at the place where you will spend most of your day…

What does it look like?

What type of environment is it? Is it busy or calm?

Is it an office? Are you indoors or outside?

What type of people do you see?

Are you happy to see them?

Are you happy to be where you are?

question 8
Question 8

What will you be doing today?

Where are you in the chain of command? Who do you need to answer to?

Are you happy in what you are doing, or is it a stepping stone to something better?

question 9
Question 9

Describe your day…

What responsibilities do you have during your day?

Do you feel that what you have done today has made a difference in somebody’s life?

Is there the possibility for excitement in your day?

Do you see what you’re doing as fulfilling, or is it mainly just to pay the bills?

question 10
Question 10

Your work day is coming to an end…

What time is it?

Are you bringing anything home with you (workwise)?

What do you do immediately after work? Do you need to make any stops (gym, grocery store, therapist)?

question 11
Question 11

As you make your way home, what is going through your mind?

Has it been a good day?

Are you happy in your work or with what you have accomplished?

What do you need to do to get ready for tomorrow?

question 12
Question 12

You’ve arrived at home.

Is there anybody waiting for you?

Do you have any responsibilities to take care of when you arrive?

What activities, if any, have you got planned for this part of your day?

Do you have a routine as you get ready for bed?

question 13
Question 13

It’s time for bed…just as you drift off to sleep, you ask yourself……..

Am I looking forward to tomorrow?

Or is it just another day at 25?

  • Take all of the notes you’ve made and write a short story of your life at 25. This should be AT LEAST 2-3 pages (single spaced).
  • You MUST use the Writing Process (draft, rough, edit, revise, final). This assignment will have ALL parts passed in.
Be creative