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Ma Joad- M useum E xhibit. By: April Escochea English III Mrs. Williams . Photo taken July 1940. Food. Migrant family encamped along the roadside eating a meal, near Henrietta, Oklahoma. Photo taken July 1940 I negative; nitrate; 35mm.

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ma joad m useum e xhibit

Ma Joad- Museum Exhibit

By: April Escochea

English III

Mrs. Williams


Photo taken July 1940


Migrant family encamped along the roadside eating a meal, near Henrietta, Oklahoma.

Photo taken July 1940

I negative; nitrate; 35mm

They filled their plates, poured bacon gravy over the biscuits, and sugared their coffee. Ch.22 Pg. 198

Frying pan of migrant family along roadside near Henrietta, Oklahoma

“…a little brush or wood to build the fires.” Ch. 17 Pg. 132

Ma broke twigs into the stove, and the coals from the dinner cooking started them blazing. Ch.28 Pg.292

Young boy gathers firewood for cooking near Henrietta, Oklahoma


Photo taken July 1939


Migrants gather food and pans along the side of the road near Henrietta, Oklahoman

Photo taken July 1939

"Noah, you get into them kegs an' bring out some nice pork. Salt won't be deep in it yet, but it'll be right nice eatin'.“ Ch.13 pg.94

She picked up the fork and combed the boiling grease and brought out a dark curl of crisp pork. And she set the pot of tumbling coffee on the back of the stove. Ch.8 pg.50

Women peels potatoes along roadside for her families dinner

Near Henrietta, Oklahoma

Photo taken July 1940

Photo taken July 1940


Photo taken July 1940

Ma moved about in the kitchen, washing children's clothes in a bucket. Ch.10 Pg.60


Women wearing printed dress on roadside camp in Arkansas

Ma slipped on her dress over the underclothes she wore to bed. Ch.25 pg.246

1 negative; nitrate 4x5 inches

Women washes families clothes at Tulare migrant camp in Visalia, California.

Women hangs up families clothes to dry

A clothes line strung along the side bore pink cotton dresses and several pairs of overalls. Ch. 20 Pg. 163


Picture taken September 1941


Mrs. Frank Pipkin age 46

Youngest grandmother in Shafter, California.

"Le's go to the sewin' room," Annie suggested. "Got two machines. They's a-quiltin', an' they're making dresses. Ch.22 Pg. 216

The dress came down to her ankles, and her strong, broad, bare feet moved quickly and deftly over the floor. Ch. 8 Pg.49

Women instructed in sewing and rug making at California government camp.

Photo taken November 1938


Photo taken July 1939

Sometimes cars passed them, going west and away; and sometimes great trucks came up out of the west and rumbled eastward. Ch.18 Pg.153

Migrant family heading west in their truck from Muskogee, Oklahoma.

The family piled on top of the truck again. Ch.13 Pg.88

Migrant family stopped along the highway with their truck. In route for California to find much needed work.

Taken July 1939

WHEN THE TRUCK had gone, loaded with implements, with heavy tools, with beds and springs…. Ch.10 Pg.60

Two girls load up the family truck with table, which will be carried by the family to California.


"I'll fix your car—me an' Tom will.“ Ch.13 Pg.93

Photo taken near Muskogee, Oklahoma in July 1939

Two men push the truck of a migrating family en route to California.

Family removes groceries from improvised truck.

Photo taken near Henrietta, Oklahoma.

July 1939

She untied the three-gallon bucket from the back of the truck and approached the squealing children. Ch.13 Pg.90


Family plays music together. Charles king, Billy king, Harlen king and Sydney Thompson and others.

At the end of the unit there was a level place on which a croquet court had been set up

These three in the evening, harmonica and fiddle and guitar. Ch.23 Pg.225

Tulare migrant camp in Visalia, California, plays a game of baseball.

Photo taken in 1940


Saturday night dance in Visalia, California.


Photo taken in 1940

Will Neal plays fiddle. Will Neal has played the fiddle since he was 14 years old. He is the champion fiddler in the Arvin camp.

Mother of migrating family sewing along the river side near Vale, Malheur county, Oregon.

The fiddle is rare, hard to learn. No frets, no teacher. Ch.23 Pg.224

The square closes up and the dancing starts, feet on the bare ground, beating dull, strike with your heels. Ch.23 Pg.225

Photo taken in October 1939


Photo taken April 1936

And next there was a huge tent, ragged, torn in strips and the tears mended with pieces of wire. The flaps were up, and inside four wide mattresses lay on the ground. Ch.20 Pg.163


Abandoned Oklahoma farm in dust bowl area.

They put up houses and barns, they turned the earth and planted crops. Ch19 pg. 157

Home of dust bowl refugees, imperial county, California.

straight across country it went, cutting through a dozen farms and straight back. Ch.5 Pg.24

Interior of a migrating families make shift tent. The bed on floor is shared by two boys of the family.

Photo taken march 1937


Photo taken February 1939


Outdoor stove, washstand and other household items out side the tent of a migrating family neat Harlingen, Texas.

There were forty tents and shacks, and beside each habitation some kind of

Automobile. Ch.20 pg.187

Auto and tent camp north of Cali patria, California. Approximately 80 families from dust bowl camped here. They paid 50 cents a week and the only available work was agricultural labor.

Tom looked about at the grimy tents, the junk equipment, at the old cars, the lumpy mattresses out in the sun, at the blackened cans on fire-blackened holes where the people cooked. Ch.2o Pg.166

Photo taken march 1937

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