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Aimee Davidson Andrew Mills Lucas Grant

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Aimee Davidson Andrew Mills Lucas Grant. The Beginning.

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aimee davidson andrew mills lucas grant
Aimee Davidson

Andrew Mills

Lucas Grant

the beginning
The Beginning
  • While hunting on the ranch, we got lost in the mountains. After our long trek out, we decided there was a better way to get the elk carcass down the mountain. We decided to fix up the dirt bikes by the house. We did such a good job, we decided to sell the excess dirt bikes. Thus started “Hunting Bikes Co.”.
  • Hunting Bikes Co. originated in the Bighorn Basin and with the evolution of the company we have based it out of Cody, WY. The Cody base gives us a presence in the largest city in the Basin as well as increased exposure to non-local customers. Cody is a hub of access to hunting and recreation and has proven to be a productive location.
roles within the company
Roles Within The Company
  • Aimee Davidson (CEO)
  • Andrew Mills (CFO)
  • Lucas Grant (CTO)
  • Service Center
    • Repair
    • Upgrades
    • Maintenance
  • Sales
    • Parts
    • Bikes
    • Apparel
    • Accessories
    • Hunting Supplies
  • Manufacture
    • Bikes
    • Parts
    • Signature Apparel
online service
Online Service
  • Online Showcase: display of photos and specifications
    • Shredder 500 Off-road Bike
    • Elk Master 400 Trail Bike
    • Rifle Tote 450 Crossover Bike
    • Ripper 250 Log Hopper Bike
    • Squirrel Trapper 100 Mini Bike
    • Hunting Gear
  • Parts Catalog: online database of repair and upgrade parts for our bikes as well as some universal parts that can be used on other brands of bikes.
  • Online Parts store
    • Free shipping with purchases over $200
    • In connection with parts catalog
  • Digital Service Manuals and Tutorials: using YouTube
  • Online Apparel Store: sales of signature apparel for marketing opportunities.
  • Only parts and apparel will be sold online, this will be to promote our brand and services. Ultimately we want to encourage storefront attendance through the online services so customers will come to the store and buy more products.
  • Sales Floor
    • All Bikes
    • Apparel
    • Hunting Gear
      • Guns
      • Ammo
      • Camouflage/ Fluorescent Orange
      • Knives
service center
Service Center
  • Waiting Room
    • Hunting Magazines
    • Dirt bike Magazines
    • Gumball Machine
    • Soda Machine
  • Parts Sales
  • Parts Inventory
  • Maintenance, Upgrades and Service
manufacturing plant
Manufacturing Plant
  • Parts
  • Bikes
  • Signature Apparel
signature bikes
Signature Bikes
  • Shredder 500 Off-road Bike
  • Elk Master 400 Trail Bike
  • Rifle Tote 450 Crossover Bike
  • Ripper 250 Log Hopper Bike
  • Squirrel Trapper 100 Mini Bike
customer demographics
Customer Demographics
  • Hunters
    • Like hunting and shooting guns, and moving carcasses.
  • Outdoorsmen
    • Enjoy backcountry access, hard to reach fishing holes.
  • Families
    • Enjoy the kids bike and helping their children love the outdoors
  • For all the above demographics, local customers are the storefront shoppers, non-locals are the online shoppers. Also people are more storefront during hunting season.
marketing mix
Marketing Mix
  • Storefront
    • Radio ads: Can advertise our storefront and the online store.
    • Word of mouth: By establishing good customer relations, they will spread the word by mouth and wearing our apparel.
    • Newspaper/magazines: Full page, Full color, Display ads. Including our featured bikes. In our local papers, and popular biking and hunting magazines.
  • Online
    • Video marketing on YouTube demonstrating our product’s capabilities. Including stunts that will go viral.
    • Sponsorships mostly from hunting companies and gun manufactures.
    • Search engine ads, targeting Hunting and Biking.
  • We chose Sugar Professional sold by SugarCRM.
  • We chose a CRM over ERP because as a small business we value customer relationships and want to take every opportunity to improve them. A CRM system will help us track customers preferences and know how to do a better job of marketing to them and fulfilling their service requirements. Therefore we will be able to aim improvements towards the customers.
crm details
CRM Details
  • Sugar Professional uses sales force automation, which includes accounts with activity tracking and history. Product catalog and tracking, document management, and quote management as well as many other relevant services. It can be used to send newsletters and other general customer communications. We can include sales offers and delivery tracking. Customer service requests are centralized and incoming emails are channeled to correct parts of the company. The CRM also diagnoses bugs in the system and helps resolve customer issues. It is a fully hosted CRM. Since we are a small start up company, the 15 GB of storage per person will suffice for our needs. We also have options to upgrade the following when needed: Sugar Mobile Plus, Sugar Plug-in for Lotus Notes, and Access to Sandbox. If we find that a customer portal will help us more than our internet site already does, then we will consider changing to Sugar Enterprise. We do not have Sugar Enterprise because it costs twice the amount. SugarCRM has shown that companies use their software. These companies are Vtech, Coca-Cola, Men's Warehouse, and the state of Oregon, to name a few. With the options available at the pricing set, choosing SugarCRM is a no brainer.
using sugarcrm
Using SugarCRM
  • We will use SugarCRM to help us coordinate all of our orders, and their shipping progress, as well as customer feedback. Monthly newsletters will be sent with an update of our products and services to all customers. We will also use the customer accounts to keep track of their purchases and be better able to know what kind of products to market to them based on these purchases.
crm pros
CRM Pros
  • Affordable-$30/user/month
  • Open source applications-we can tailor it to our company’s needs
  • The program is well put together
  • Trains users well
  • IP socialism-we can collaborate with other users of the CRM to find out what problems they might be having and how they solved them.
  • Geared towards small businesses
  • Integrated email marketing and document sharing
  • Sold directly by software manufacturer-better support and training
crm cons
CRM Cons
  • Open source-this allows for corruption by fraudulent users
  • Comparatively poor reporting and forecasting-some businesses don’t have successful use of the reporting and forecasting features.
  • No way to merge accounts
  • No way to make mass account modifications
  • Ease of use-training required
  • Five user minimum
crm cost
CRM Cost
  • The cost is $30/user/month
  • There is a minimum of five users
  • The monthly cost is $150 for five users
  • The annual cost is $1,800 for five users
e commerce revenue models
E-commerce revenue models
  • Sales Revenue: We will use this revenue model because we sell apparel and parts online. This is our primary e-commerce revenue model.
  • Affiliate Revenue Model: We will use this revenue model by pairing with mechanics located a hundred or more miles away. We will redirect customers who live in the vicinity of these other mechanics to them. We will also affiliate with Cabela’s and Sierra Trading Post and will refer customers there so that they will have access to hunting supplies that we do not offer in our store. We will also provide links to gun manufacturing companies, with particular focus on companies who build custom guns because if someone wants a custom-made bike, they will probably want a custom-made gun too. We will generate revenue from these actions by referring customers to these other companies and then earning a percentage of the revenue generated by any sales that result from these relationships.
web 2 0 technologies
Web 2.0 Technologies
  • The four web 2.0 technologies that we have decided will most benefit our company are: Popfeedback, Youtube, Vidmap, and Shoutlet.
  • Popfeedback will prove helpful to our company because it is an program that will enable us to create brief surveys displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. Due to the constant presence and brevity of these little surveys, customers are more likely to answer them, which means we are more likely to get feedback, and thus can more accurately meet the needs of our customers. We will design surveys to gain feedback about the convenience of our website, the quality of our products, and the relevancy of the companies with affiliate with, such as Cabela’s. We will use this application to get feedback about all aspects of our company.
  • Youtube will prove useful for us because with it we can share tutorials linked to digital service manuals. These tutorials will consist primarily of self-installation of parts. We will also use Youtube to post videos that demonstrate the capabilities of our bikes and apparel, making it a valuable marketing tool for us. We can also collect feedback from the comments posted on Youtube about our videos.
  • Vidmap will enable us to post videos of a dual-nature. It is a program designed to couple videos filmed on the move (such as on a dirt bike) will a side-by-side view of a map. We will use this application to show off popular riding trails, and we will open the ability to post to customers as well, so that videos from all over the country can be posted. This will help create an online community for our customers and also enable us to understand where our bikes are being taken and which innovations would most fit our bikes for our customers’ riding preferences.
  • Shoutlet will help us to more effectively market our products by creating feeds, organizing various social online accounts, streamlining other advertising efforts, posting videos, and better understanding our customer base. In a way, it integrates all sorts of social media forms and websites, allowing us to post on them all and create a more powerful and engaging online presence. This tool will be primarily used to market our products, though we will potentially garner feedback through this as well because Shoutlet helps us review customer comments and respond. We can also promote through sweepstakes and contests, which can be tailored for specific groups, depending on the products that each group buys.

IMGT 2400-02 Class

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