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IBL – UniGe involvements. UniBE – UniGe IBL-Upgrade kickoff meeting. UniGe Team : G. Barbier , F. Cadoux , A. Clark, S. Débieux , D. Ferrère , C. Husi , G. Iacobucci , M. Weber Other member (KEK): Y. Takubo.

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Ibl unige involvements

IBL – UniGe involvements

UniBE – UniGe IBL-Upgrade kickoff meeting

UniGe Team : G. Barbier, F. Cadoux, A. Clark, S. Débieux, D. Ferrère, C. Husi, G. Iacobucci, M. Weber

Other member (KEK): Y. Takubo

  • Participation to IBL MB: F. Cadoux (WG3 – Integration-Installation) , S. Débieux (WG4 – Off-detector)

  • Work involvement in:

  • - Integration, beam pipe installation, IST

  • - Stave to beam pipe integration

  • - Loading and QA

  • - Commissioning

Ibl unige involvements

Loading Activity – Flow Diagram (Not frozen yet)

Module assembly site(s)

Stave & flex circuit assembly site(s)

QA done

QA done

Shipment Transport

Shipment Transport

Stave loading site

High chance to be at UniGe

Reception tests

Visual inspection, electrical tests

Visual inspection, leak tests, metrology of references


Electrical test?

Wing gluing


What type?

Connectivity tests at PP0?

Wire bonding


Pull test?


Electrical tests - cold

Is it required?

Thermal cycling

Electrical tests - cold




Ibl unige involvements

Loading Activity and QA before Integration

  • Questions today to IBL community:

  • What DAQ shall we use for Stave Electrical Characterization? Adaptation of USBPIX, a DAQ close to ROD-BOC, or another readout system?

  •  None identified so far working on this and USBPIX experts are improving the software/firmware DAQ for individual FE module readout.

  • Is it enough to do electrical tests and QA by warm cooling with water and later test at CERN SR1 with CO2 plant before integration to beam pipe?

  • What to do for us:

  • Work preparation for possible loading at UniGe:

    • Loading tools to be qualified. Done on short staves but work is progressing toward full length

    • CFRP handling jigs (1 per stave) to be designed and fabricated and will follow the life of the stave from loading to the integration

    • Tools for wire bonding and pull test in addition to the qualification work

    • Metrology tools and program to be made under the Mitutoyo dual probe (touch/vision)

    • Test system to be setup with temporary PPs attached to PP0  a lot of work is expected there but depends of the DAQ choice

Ibl unige involvements

From Integration to Commissioning Tests

Clean the cooling pipe by doing a liquid/gaz flow

Make a stave reception test with CO2 cooling with DAQ system in SR1

Remove the temporary PP for each of the staves at the 2 ends

Extend the cooling pipe by Brazing technique (baseline)

Mount every stave on the beam pipe with proper integration tools (also done by UniGe)

Make the electrical connection to type 1 services at PP0

Move the all IBL into a cold test box

Make the electrical connection at PP1 with temporary PP

Connect all the cooling fittings and check for leaks

Power and monitor the temperature, supply and current on the modules

Run the final DAQ system by doing basic calibration tests

If time allows it make a physics run with cosmic rays

  • NB:

  • DCS and DAQ systems should be the final version to be used for ATLAS operation

  • All of this is a lot of work in various field to commission the all IBL and therefore would require a non negligible work anticipation for this