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Technology in the Renaissance

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Technology in the Renaissance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology in the Renaissance. By Mike, Daniel, Moosa , Alex, Cameron. Historical Context. Religion supressed scientific thinking Fall of R ome led to declined scientific knowledge De-urbanization Black Plague struck, left profound impact on population

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Technology in the Renaissance

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technology in the renaissance

Technology in the Renaissance

By Mike, Daniel, Moosa, Alex, Cameron

historical context
Historical Context
  • Religion supressed scientific thinking
  • Fall of Rome led to declined scientific knowledge
  • De-urbanization
  • Black Plague struck, left profound impact on population
  • Mindset of population began to change
  • Birth of medieval universities
  • Texts translated into Latin to be studied
  • Individualism and Humanism began to flourish
ships and trade pre renaissance
Ships and Trade (Pre-Renaissance)
  • Ships pre-renaissance couldn’t sail very far from land
  • Trade mostly restricted to land, took much longer by sea
  • Ships not very advanced
  • Trade began to increase greatly due to Crusades
  • Money gained from Crusades reinvested into trade industry
  • Due to growth in trade and money earned, Italian states able to financially survive effects of Black Plague
ship building
Ship Building
  • After Black Plague, trade began to rise again
  • People began to have more and more money
  • Society began focusing on scientific growth
  • Advances in science led to advances in ship technology
  • Ships were made:
    • Faster
    • Stronger
    • Larger (able to carry more)
ships and trade during renaissance
Ships and Trade(During Renaissance)
  • Advancements furthered trade significantly, allowed for trading with farther away places
    • Wool trade started
  • Due to large amounts of profit, Italian states allowed to grow and change even more
  • Cities began to be run by aristocratic merchants, growing trade industry further
  • Trade industry, because of ship building, funded the Renaissance
clocks and time keeping pre renaissance
Clocks and Time Keeping (pre-Renaissance)
  • Tools were crude and unreliable
  • Hour glasses
  • Sundials
  • Basic day breaks
  • Most accurate “water clocks”
    • measured in flow and out flow of water
    • Still inaccurate
  • Refined to be more accurate
  • At first just series of bells to tell the hours
  • Alert the towns people of hours
    • Work
    • Prayer
  • Used a system of weights
  • Clock towers wide spread in 15th century
    • Now used dial and face method
  • Galileo created pendulum 15th century (cut down on inaccuracy by 15 min)
  • Peter Henlein spring-driven clocks immerged 15th century(smaller lighter)
  • ChristiaanHygens created pendulum clock
    • Based ideas of Galileo’s ideas
printed word
Printed Word
  • Used the Chinese method of wooden block printing until 1451
  • Several causes for the creation of the press:
    • Rag paper
    • Block printing
    • Oil-based inks
    • The Black Plague
printed word1
Printed Word
  • Around middle of 1500s, Europe switched to more durable paper
  • Made paper much cheaper and easier to acquire
  • Changed life during Renaissance
  • Governments switched to print
printed word2
Printed Word
  • Wider literate reading public
  • More books of secular nature
  • Scientists shared results with each other
  • Church could no longer censor what was written
scientific advancements
Scientific Advancements
  • Many innovations happened during the such as astronomical
  • Galileo observed a supernova of 1604
  • Galileo built his own telescope when the lens was invented in 1609
  • Nicolaus Copernicus was the first to discover the earth revolved around the sun
scientific advancements1
Scientific Advancements

2. Chemistry & Medical

  • Some believed in alchemy, being able to transmute items and others into gold
  • Paracelsus a well known for his attempts at alchemy but also known as the father of toxicology , also made great advancements in the field of technology
  • Antonio Benivieni, known for his work in autopsy and pathology
scientific advancements2
Scientific Advancements

3. Mechanical

  • Leonardo Da Vinci made great strands in mechanical engineering
  • Known for the making and conceptualism of hydraulics, canal system, locks, bridges, weaponry
how did technology impact renaissance society
How did Technology Impact Renaissance society?
  • Created more jobs
  • More skilled labour
  • Booming economy
  • Let people control their lives
  • Life become more scheduled
  • More people became educated
  • New ways of spreading ideas
  • Critical for urbanization
  • Medical advancments
a break from the past
A Break from the Past
  • Unlike medieval times
    • Placed value on Greek texts
  • New age in economic developments
  • Urbanization to a larger scale
  • Led to Scientific Revolution