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Social Awareness Campaigns:

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Social Awareness Campaigns: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Awareness Campaigns:. AN AUTHENTIC PLATFORM TO DEVELOP ALTRUISTIC STUDENT LEADERS. Presented by: Tanjong Katong Secondary School ( TKSS ). 1. LEARNING OBJECTIVES. By the end of this session, participants will understand: w hat is the approach? why? h ow? the insights gained. 2.

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Social Awareness Campaigns:

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    1. Social Awareness Campaigns: AN AUTHENTIC PLATFORM TO DEVELOP ALTRUISTIC STUDENT LEADERS Presented by: TanjongKatong Secondary School (TKSS) 1

    2. LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end of this session, participants will understand: • what is the approach? • why? • how? • the insights gained. 2

    3. WHAT? CAMPAIGNS • Authentic platform to advocate good character • Implemented since 2008 • One week: Term 2 Week 1 • Student-initiated and student-led • Student-centric: To enhance social awareness based on needs surfaced from surveys 3

    4. WHAT? 2008 – 2010 Anti-Bullying Campaign 2011 F.A.M.I.L.Y: Finding A Meaning In Loving You 2012 CoRe: Collective Responsibility 2013 COMPASS: Compassionate 2014 LIFE: Leadership Is For Everyone 4

    5. STUDENT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT • An experiential approach to character development, • Sec 3 Student Councillors are Project ICs, • Sec 4 Student Councillors are mentors, • An avenue for TanjongKatong (TK) to select the new Student Council Executive Committee, and • In line with TK Altruistic Leadership Framework. 5

    6. RATIONALE FOR CAMPAIGN • Is a good student-initiated platform, • Allows student leaders to serve and positively impact others without expecting any return, and • Provides experiential structure for leadership growth.

    7. WHY? 7

    8. TK ALTRUISTIC LEADERSHIP DEFINITION • Being proactive in placing the needs and interests of others before self without expecting anything in return PHILOSOPHY • In TK’s context, believing that every TK student can and will rise to the occasion to take the lead for altruistic reasons



    11. HOW? 11

    12. DAVID KOLB’S EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING THEORY Abstract Conceptualisation Councillors do internal and external scans based on current issues. Active Experimentation Councillors will apply their knowledge of research, planning, presentation and leadership skills. Concrete Experience Councillors will experience the challenges to plan a school-wide programme. Reflective Observation Councillors will reflect and learn from both their individual’s and team’s strengths and weaknesses as they advance in their leadership journey. 12

    13. SURVEY







    20. (2) CONTENTS - Sec 2 CCE LESSONS 20

    21. CONTENTS - Sec 3 CCE LESSONS 21

    22. (3) COMMITMENT - PLEDGES CoRe – Calendar with pledge on the other side F.A.M.I.L.Y - Thank You Note 22

    23. COMMITMENT F.A.M.I.L.Y Campaign CoRe Campaign 23

    24. CAMPAIGN’S PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS • Social issue chosen • Objectives • Rationale • Project overview • Activities to be conducted • Publicity • Collateral item and Pledge • Budget 24



    27. SAMPLE OF PROPOSAL 27 27

    28. FUNDING School Funding $2000 External Fundings 2010–2012 NYC Young ChangeMakers Grant of $3000 2013–2014 Campus ChangeMakers Grant of $1500 28 Photos by National Youth Council

    29. OUTREACH • Collaborated with Touch Young Arrows (TYA) during their annual Parenting Seminar, • Engaged the children in TYA, and • Used same resources but pitched the content for the younger audience (3 to 12 years old). 29

    30. OUTREACH Engaging and suitable activities that drive the core of the project concurrently 30

    31. Teachers’ ROLES(A) Planning(B) mentoring 31

    32. (A) TEACHER’S ROLE: PLANNING With School Meet school leaders and Head of Department of Pupil Development to check for area of focus for the coming year, i.e., Collective Responsibility Confirm stakeholders (funding and external collaboration) Budget for the campaign Book calendar of events (Form Teacher Admin Period, CCE Periods and Assembly Period) With Student Councillors Meet selected group of 10 to 15 student councillors to share the broad direction for their campaigns and their proposed budget Proposed project timeline Confirm hierarchy and roles of student councillors 32

    33. B) TEACHER’S ROLE: MENTORING Establish Structure Approve the proposal sent by the student councillors Arrange for mentoring by Sec 4 student councillors and alumni Arrange for meeting between student councillors and school leaders Ensure Quality of Campaign Approve and validate the materials prepared by the student councillors Ensure reliability of vendors View and critique students’ rehearsals: CCELessons and Assembly Period. 33

    34. Oct of previous year: Needs Analysis Surveys with Sec 3 students TIMELINE Feb of actual year: Settled the administrative matters and rehearsals Nov of previous year: Met school leaders and Head of Department of Pupil Development Jan of actual year: Group meeting with the school leaders Dec of previous year: Met selected group of 10 to 15 student councillors 34


    36. (A) REVIEW: SCHOOL • Gather feedback from students and teachers after CCE lessons, and • Conduct differentiated surveys for different cohorts of students and teachers. 36

    37. (B) REVIEW: STUDENT LEADERS • Mentoring provided by Sec 4 student councillors and alumni prior to the campaign, • Conduct debrief by • student council teachers to all student councillors, and • organising committee to all student councillors. 37

    38. FEEDBACK • Above 90% of the student body and teachers agree with the statements in the feedback forms. • Examples of statements (COMPASS): • This presentation has made me aware of the importance of empathising with my juniors and peers. • The councillors communicated the objectives of the campaign clearly to the students. • I am impressed by the ideas and efforts of the student councillors. • I think this campaign is relevant to the students. 38

    39. WRITTEN FEEDBACK FROM STUDENTS The campaign helped me to be more aware about being gracious to my peers and it can make a great difference. I enjoyed the videos and the facilitation sessions conducted by the student councillors. Sec 3 student I like the group discussions as they helped me to reflect, and I also learnt how to appreciate caregivers more. Sec 2 student I learnt that our actions will have reactions, and it will affect others; also, a leader must be able to deal with problems that may arise. Sec 4 student 39

    40. WRITTEN FEEDBACK FROM CCE TEACHERS • Peers reaching to peers! Good approach for the campaign! • Campaign allows students to reflect on everyday things they normally do not give a second thought to. • A good variety of modes of learning were used (e.g., presentation, videos, group work). • Empowerment of students to lead in Character Education Lesson—this breaks the monotony of having teachers to teach CE as peers are instilling the values. 40

    41. INSIGHTS GAINED • School Support: Platform for CCE Lessons and Assembly • Group Dynamics of Organising Committee • Checkpoints- Proposal (Mid-January) - Project Overview (Early February) - Lesson Content (End-February) - Publicity Materials (End-February) - Approval by schools for above items - Ordering of Items (Banner, Posters, Pledges, Collateral Items) - Rehearsal schedule - Technical and logistics support 41

    42. LEARNING POINTS FROM STUDENT LEADERSHIP TEACHERS • Skills for facilitation and mentoring the student leaders, • Skills for planning and organising school-wide programme, and • Human resource and logistic management. 42

    43. CONCLUSION We hope that you have • come to understand the rationale to implement a student-initiated social awareness campaign to nurture altruistic student leaders, • learnt how TKSSplans, and the processes involved, to ensure the successful implementation of a school-wide programme, and • a greater awareness of the insights gained from delivering an effective school-wide programme. How could you implement or adapt the ideas in your school context? Thank you for your attention! 43