basic questions about oil paintings answered l.
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basic questions about oil paintings

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basic questions about oil paintings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Should I Know About Brushes?There are so much variety of brushes – different shapes, brands and sizes. And this just means there is no right and wrong in using brushes.


What About the Kind of Oil Paint That I Have to Use?Basically, there are 3 kinds of oil paints – Artist Quality, Student Quality and Economical.


Do I Have To Varnish My Oil Painting?Varnish will protect your artwork from smoke, dust and other pollutants. Varnish will create a layer that will protect the painting.


How Can I Save the Oil Paints?Oil Paints are somewhat expensive so we really have to preserve those for later use. There are some ways to do this: put in a plastic warp and freeze or keep it submerged in water.


Where Can I Get Inspiration For My Artwork?Again, this depends on the artist – his style of painting. But generally, if you reach a roadblock for ideas, just take a break. Take a walk or long drive and clear your mind.

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