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Things to Consider When Exploring Options in Picture Framing PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to Consider When Exploring Options in Picture Framing

Things to Consider When Exploring Options in Picture Framing

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Things to Consider When Exploring Options in Picture Framing

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  1. Introduction ● If you want to make your home filled with photos of your loved ones as well as unique art pieces, you’ve probably thought about investing in several beautiful personalized picture frames. ● Before you consider this project, take a look at the surroundings and the way your room is decorated. ● Although you like your new element to stand out, it must be selected carefully to match your home décor and improve the room’s beauty.

  2. Keep Your Art Pieces Safe ● Once you take your artwork for picture framing, see to it that it is well protected when transported. Whether it is a poster or a picture, ensure that it will not suffer any damage.

  3. Choose The Right Matting ● Once you have a clue of what you like, now it is the time to select the right matting. ● It refers to the material that’s placed around the image inside your frame. ● There are different materials you can pick from such as cotton, fabric, and paper.

  4. Choose the Right Frame ● Once you consider custom picture frames, you will find tons of options for materials, colors, sizes, and styles. ● Try to choose wisely and it should be in accordance to the decoration of where you like to place your new artwork.

  5. Choose the Right Protection ● It is often known as glazing, which is an acrylic material or glass that covers your artwork. You may pick among a lot variations depending on the frame’s size and protection level you need.

  6. Add Minute Details ● In some cases, it is the details that make an object special. Picture framing isn’t an exception. You may consider adding flair with fillets, mats, beveled, fabric or paper materials. ● Small elements in picture framing can actually make your artwork incomparable.

  7. Add Minute Details ● Whether you like a museum quality framing or custom art framing, expect that you can always have that particular option that will meet all your needs. ● When not sure about your choice, don’t hesitate to consult a picture framing expert regarding the details and specifications you require and let him or her guide you throughout the process.

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