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Nishikant Dubey


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Nishikant Dubey

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  1. NishikantDubey

  2. NishikantDubey • NishikantDubey is a well known politician and a member of the BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) as well as a member of India?s 15th LokSabha. He was also the representative of the Jharkhand Godda constituency. • Nishikantgraduated from the University of Delhi with an MBA degree from the faculty of management studies. After his education, he delved into the business world, attaining a good degree of success before becoming a politician. He oversees a company known as the Online Entertainment Company with the assistance of his wife, AnamikaGauttam.

  3. NishikantDubey • Transformation of Jharkhand into an Industrial Hub In his campaign, NishikantDubey has reiterated his desire to transform Jharkhand into a strong industrial hub in the country. Many may want to believe him judging from his enormous knowledge and wealth of experience from establishing and running a successful business. • But managing a small business organization is quite different from managing a community or a state, as observed by his predecessors. • In Dubey?s speech, he stressed that Jharkhand will become completely transformed to the new industrial hub even bigger than Gujarat as plans are currently underway to completely overhaul its infrastructure in the short run.

  4. NishikantDubey • While attending the meeting with members of Jharkhand?s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nishikant gave them a strong reassurance by explaining the blueprints of the developmental process that will help him actualize his goals for the community. • He explained how he intends to develop and commission an inland port in Sahebganj. This will definitely aid the transportation of goods locally produced by companies and industries within Jharkhand. Again, he went ahead to explain the federal government plans to transform the currently developing Deoghar airport into a sole cargo airport. • This will to a great extent, revive the ailing industries in Jharkhand and spur them to start manufacturing for export.

  5. NishikantDubey • Indeed, these are great plans for a visionary who understands the needs and plights of his people. • In his address, Nishikant told the Commerce and Industries members that Jharkhand has the biggest reserves of mine but due to the absence of a port, the mines have remained largely unexplored. • It has prevented the proper flow of trade and commerce. To solve this problem, there is a need to commission an inland port in line with the Waterways Authority to create an avenue for more export opportunities for the industries in the region.

  6. NishikantDubey • Additionally, Nishikant promised that the government is trying to put a proper system in place that will tackle the law and order issues that has prevented investors from investing in the state. No serious investor would want to spend their money in an area or region where the growth of business is uncertain because of unfavorable investment climate. • This and other things are what NishikantDubey is trying to address.

  7. NishikantDubey • Although his ideas are well spoken and properly addressed, this vision will definitely be a huge task to accomplish. • We just hope that his assurances and reiteration will not go the way of other politicians before him who also made the same promises. • He is a pragmatic leader who wants the welfare of his people. But the question is; are the people he is working with to achieve this dream sharing the same goals with him? The answer to this question will be clearer after few months of his service to the community.

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