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For producer use only. Not for use with the general public. 11-2247 18284 223141 PowerPoint Presentation
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For producer use only. Not for use with the general public. 11-2247 18284 223141

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For producer use only. Not for use with the general public. 11-2247 18284 223141 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Training Module One: Overview. For producer use only. Not for use with the general public. 11-2247 18284 223141. The facts:. Source: LIMRA 2010 Life Insurance Ownership Study. U.S. Life Insurance Ownership at Record Lows:

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Training Module One: Overview

For producer use only. Not for use with the general public. 11-2247 18284 223141

the facts
The facts:

Source: LIMRA 2010 Life Insurance Ownership Study

U.S. Life Insurance Ownership at Record Lows:

  • Almost one-third of U.S. households (35 million) don’t have any life insurance at all.
  • Half of U.S. households (58 million) say they need more life insurance –the highest level ever.
  • Even affluent households ($100,000+ income) lack sufficient life insurance. One-third say they do not have enough coverage.
the opportunity
The opportunity:

Source: LIMRA 2010 Life Insurance Ownership Study

Recent studies show there’s a $11 Trillion dollar coverage gap, which represents $20 Billion annual premium opportunity. In addition most consumers recognize that they do not have enough life insurance, with half of all consumers saying they intend to purchase life insurance in the next 12 months.

why life made easier sm
Why Life Made EasierSM?

Life Made EasierSM was created to help simplify the life insurance process and help your clients have the coverage they need or desire.

what is life made easier sm
What is Life Made EasierSM?

Quite simply, it’s a complete life insurance marketing system created so you can present valuable life insurance concepts without the concern of a lengthy underwriting process.

how does life made easier sm work
How does Life Made EasierSM work?

By obtaining an interested client’s name, address and phone number, a medical exam can be ordered and results submitted to underwriting on an informal basis.

This allows a more accurate proposal to be prepared, for the type of insurance, premium, and amount of coverage you may want to propose to your clients.

why should my client do the medical exam first
Why should my client do the medical exam first?

Having medical exams first allows for a more accurate proposal and also encourages your clients to follow through with their plans.


There are several components of LME that you can participate in:

Email Campaign

Website banners



The Email Campaign

  • The email campaign informs your clients that you now offer life insurance for income replacement or wealth transfer strategies. This component of LME provides:
  • An interactive landing page with customized response form
  • Several email messages for a range of client demographics
  • Branding awareness and marketing opportunities

The Email Campaign

  • Below is one of the sample email messages that are available.
  • Dear %%first_name%%,
  • As a financial services professional, it's always been my goal to make sure I'm providing my clients with the protection, security, and services to help meet their financial objectives.
  • Recently, it was brought to my attention that almost one-third of households don't have any life insurance at all, nearly six in ten have no individual life insurance, and half of U.S. households readily admit they currently don't have adequate life insurance coverage.1 Even more startling, one in four households admit they don't know how to reach their financial goals.2In light of these staggering statistics, I am recommending to my clients that they review their current life insurance status, and if needed, start the process of obtaining enough life insurance coverage to ensure that loved ones are protected against the unexpected.
  • Click hereto view a real life story that can show you how life insurance can protect your family against the unexpected.
  • To help you get started quickly, I am now offering the Life Made EasierSM program, which is designed to simplify the life insurance process and ensure that you have the coverage your need or desire based on your financial situation.
  • To see if you qualify and to find out more about what policy might be right for you, please click here to start the process.
  • Thank you for your continued business and for considering your total financial picture. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  • Thank you,
  • Joe/Jane AgentLicensed Insurance Producer
  • 1, 2 LIMRA 2010 U.S. Life Ownership Study

Website Banner

  • A website banner is available to be added to your website. The banner can:
  • Allow your clients to immediately initiate the prequalification process
  • Tie your email campaign back to your practice’s brand and identity
  • NOTE: This will need to be added
  • by your web designer.

Desktop Icon (Easiest and most used component)

You will be provided with a desktop icon. When clicked, the desktop icon will take you to your personal response form, where you can enter in your client’s information to immediately initiate the prequalification process.


Desktop Icon (Continued)

Here is a view of the landing page that will appear when you click your desktop icon. There is also a paper version of the form for those who would like to fax in their prequalification requests. (See LME Training Module II: Prospecting for more info.)


Mobile App

  • Coming Soon!

Agent/Client fills out the inquiry form.

(Via email, icon, or web)

Agent/Client is notified that an exam will take place via form auto response.


Client lead comes into BLMG lead queue and is copied to agent.

BLMG then orders paramed exam.

BLMG submits exam, lab slip, and special cover sheet for underwriting approval subject to XYZ.

Underwriting notifies BLMG of offer.

BLMG sends agent, formal application and proposal options for formal offer submission.

Agent meets with client and submits formal application for policy issue.


Sign Up

  • Agent must sign up to be a participating agent in Life Made EasierSM. When signing up, you’ll choose the components you’ll participate in:
  • #1 Desktop Package: Landing Page & Desktop Icon
  • #2 Website Package: Landing Page, Desktop Icon, Website Code, & Banners.
  • #3 Email Package: Landing Page, Desktop Icon, Website Code, Banners, and Email Blast.
  • Please choose one option only.

Agent Starter Kit

  • Welcome Letter
  • Next Steps
  • Client Trifold Brochures and Brochure Holder
  • LME Puzzle Cube
  • Talking points if agent initiates or client initiates conversation about LME
  • FAQ Sheet
  • Note pad inquiry forms
  • Buttons/pens/highlighter
  • Supply Order Form
  • LME Contact Sheet
  • PowerPoint add on
  • LIMRA Fact Sheet
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Sample preliminary proposal sheet and sample script

Life Made EasierSM implementation

  • BLMG will provide desktop icon and a line of code for landing page (if adding to your personal site)
  • Agent will provide link once landing page has been added by web page
  • Agent will provide a list of clients email, broken down by age demographic if possible
  • Agent will approve email blast and be forwarded on any client response
  • Agent can begin using webpage or desktop version to submit informal inquiry
  • Monthly LME update webinars | First Tuesday of each month