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  2. DRAFT 2008-09 School Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) Submission Timeline 2

  3. The CEP for 2008-2009 • More Streamlined, targeted and Data Driven (Comprised of 6 Sections and 8 Appendices). • Incorporates internal and external accountability systems (Progress Report, Quality Review, Interim Assessments, Surveys, Inquiry Team findings, NYS Assessments, Alternative Assessments). • Brief narrative description instead of Executive Summary. • School data is provided by Central and is included on a pre-populated School Demographics and Accountability Snapshot (SDAS). • School develops needs assessment based on multiple accountability sources i.e. • SMART goals and Action Plans • Appendices also include Contract for Excellence plan, School Improvement Plan (CEP Addendum), and response to Curriculum Audit.

  4. The School Information Page indicates the school’s identification/network affiliation. Position/Title – List names only. Signatures are not required on this page. School Information Page

  5. There are required members of the School Leadership Team (SLT) that will sign the CEP. (Principal, UFT Chapter Leader, PA/PTA President) All other SLT members sign the page as well. There is a balance of Staff members and Parents. Note: The suggested minimum is 10 with a maximum of 17. Membership can go as high as 17 in the case were there is a student or CBO representatives. However these constituency groups are not counted during a vote. School Leadership Team Signature Page

  6. Section III Part A – Narrative Description • A 500 Word snapshot of contextual information about your school community • Unique/important characteristics • Could include vision/mission (optional) • Admissions directory or an introductory letter to new parents • Strategic collaborations/partnerships and special initiatives that makes your school unique

  7. Go to your school’s home page on the DOE website In the left column, click on "Statistics". Section III Part B – School Demographics and Accountability Snapshot (SDAS)

  8. Section III Part B – School Demographics and Accountability Snapshot (SDAS) • Scroll three quarters of the way down the “Statistics” page towards the bottom. Note: Its located right after the Special Education Service Delivery Report • Put the cursor on CEP School Demographic and Accountability Snapshot 2007-08 and right click and save.

  9. Section IV: Needs Assessment Refreshed School Demographics and Accountability Snapshot (SDAS) 2007-2008 Progress Report 2007-2008 Quality Review 2007-2008 SURR reports (SURR schools only) 2007-2008 Chapter 57 School Quality Review Report (SINI 1 and 2 schools that had an Advanced Review only) 2007-2008 Accountability and Overview Report City and State Assessment Results NYSESLAT Periodic Assessments ECLAS/E-PAL Unit/Teacher-Made/Grade Level Tests Item Skills Analysis Learning Environment Survey Inquiry Team Target group Inquiry Target Tool in ARIS ATS reports DAA school Profile Reports Suspension and Incident Rates as indicated in the OORS reporting system Multiple data sources, both quantitative and qualitative, should be utilized.Available Data includes the following:

  10. Section IV: Needs Assessment • SUMMARIZE major findings regarding performance trends. • Highlight strengths, accomplishments and challenges. • Consider the following questions: - What student performance trends can you identify? - What have been the greatest accomplishments over the last couple of years? - What are the most significant aids or barriers to the school’s continuous improvement?

  11. Section V: Annual School Goals Specific:Who? What? Where?Measurable:How will the goal be measured?Achievable:Is the goal realistic, yet challenging?Results-oriented: Is the goal consistent with other goals established and fits with your immediate and long-range plans?Time-bound:Is it trackable and allows for monitoring of progress? Along with the smart goal include a few phrase of description. SINI, SRAP, SURR,D, and F schools must identify a goal and complete an action plan related to improving student outcomes in the area(s) of improvement identification. • Findings lead to the development of SMART Goals (5 is a good guideline): 11

  12. Section VI: Action Plan One action plan for each SMART Goal Key strategies and activities the school will take to meet annual goals including responsible staff and timeline. SINI, SRAP, SURR, D and F schools must complete an action plan related to improving student outcomes in the area(s) of improvement identification. Fiscal and Human Resources Evidence of Interim Progress (include data) 12

  13. FOR MORE INFORMATION Name: Sarah Kleinhandler, SDIL Work:212.356.3809 Cell: 917.513.5648 Email: 13 13