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Spring 2012 Convocation PowerPoint Presentation
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Spring 2012 Convocation

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Spring 2012 Convocation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spring 2012 Convocation
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  1. Spring 2012 Convocation Celebrating 90 Years 1921 - 2011

  2. Delgado Community College provides a learning centered environment in which to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to attain their educational, career, and personal goals, to think critically, to demonstrate leadership and to be productive and responsible citizens. MISSION SPRING 2012 CONVOCATION

  3. CHANCELLOR SEARCH Stakeholder meetings to be held by the end of January with administrators, faculty, business leaders, and legislative officials Advertisements have been posted in several major educational publications, interested applicants should submit their application packets by February 15, 2012 Projected finalization of process June 30, 2012 SPRING 2012 CONVOCATION

  4. MID-YEAR BUDGET ADJUSTMENTS An executive order issued by the governor requested all public institutions of higher learning to reduce their current year’s budgets As a result the college has elected to freeze all operating budget expenditures with the exception of essential instructional supplies, grant funding, student association and club accounts Major requests for use of operating funds will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis SPRING 2012 CONVOCATION


  6. Extensive behind the scenes work has taken place over the past three to four months in the College’s efforts to transition to the Banner system • Training will be forthcoming for deans, faculty and staff members as it relates to timekeeping and payroll during this semester • Training will also be forthcoming for deans and faculty as it relates to student information and other areas required for instructional purposes • The “GO LIVE” date for registration via Banner is scheduled for March 19, 2012 , students will begin pre-registration for the Fall 2012 semester • Summer 2012 registration will continue on the old SIS Plus system BANNER UPDATE

  7. SAFETY PROGRAM Participation in the College’s safety program is mandatory Completion of requested online safety training should be completed immediately Routine requests will be forwarded on a quarterly basis in addition to department safety meetings Contact information – Risk and Safety Manager Stephen Andrus – sandru@dcc.edu


  9. UNO/SUNO COLLABORATION Currently preparing response to the 2011 Senate Bill No. 266, Act 419 Our intent is to explore the possibility of teaching at UNO beginning in the Fall 2012 Conversations have taken place between UNO’s interim President as well as the incoming President regarding all collaborative efforts

  10. FACILITIES UPDATE City Park Campus Learning Resource Center Maintenance Facility Auditorium Faculty Wing – Bldg 1 Workforce Training Bldg Workforce Administrative Bldg

  11. FACILITIES UPDATE Westbank Campus Chapel –Student Activity Center Northshore Facilities Sidney Collier Campus Act 391 Funds Maritime Center of Excellence Learning Resource Center Annex Sidney Collier Annex Renovations to Bldg 1 and 2

  12. WORKFORCE INITIATIVES Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses designed to fuel the economic engine by providing entrepreneurs across the country with access to business education, financial capital and business support services to increase small business growth and job creation June, 2011 Delgado graduated its first class of scholars and was the first to graduate a class of 30. The second cohort began in November, 2011 with the largest cohort in program history with 36 scholars Self reported data indicates 42 new jobs were created by Cohort 1 in the New Orleans region. Applicants for Cohort 3 are due January 23, 2012

  13. WORKFORCE INITIATIVES Digital Media Education Delgado’s Workforce Development and Education unit collaborated with Louisiana FastStart and GNO, Inc. in the creation of a high-tech Digital Media Education Center. Non-credit courses will be offered to the public with additional courses offered through customized training for incumbent workers. Additionally an interdisciplinary credit program is also planned to complement the non-credit programming A state of the art computer lab, provides the experience of working in an industry standard environment including customized Mac Pro student workstations Projected non-credit course offerings March, 2012

  14. SINGLE STOP USA • A national not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping • financially vulnerable families and students gain economic • mobility by connecting them to existing benefits and services • intended for them • Provides free financial counseling, free legal advice (eviction • and immigration) and free tax return preparation • In 2010, Single Stop assisted over 120,000 households connect • to over $412 million • 5 states, 11 community colleges, 3 of the largest systems • (CUNY, City College of San Francisco and Miami Dade)

  15. SINGLE STOP USA • Delgado’s Single Stop Office: • Building 2, Room 309 – Main Office • Building 2, Dolphin Station (1st Floor) beginning January 24 for • FREE tax preparation only • Email singlestop@dcc.edu or call 671.6563 • Faculty/staff should use the RISCC form on the intranet site • Anyone interested in serving as a volunteer tax preparer (needs • some experience) should email ArnelCosey at acosey@dcc.edu

  16. Click on the stop sign to see the video! ComingSoon!!!

  17. Thank you for being a part of the Delgado family. Delgado Community College provides a learning centered environment in which to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to attain their educational, career, and personal goals, to think critically, to demonstrate leadership and to be productive and responsible citizens.