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Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus

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Aberdeen Angus

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  1. Aberdeen Angus

  2. Introduction • Angus cattleor Aberdeen Angus are a breed commonly used in beef production. They are originally from Aberdeenshire and Angus in Scotland,and are known as Aberdeen Angus in most parts of the world. • They are a solid black or red in colour and do not have horns • In the USA red angus and black angus are regarded as two separate breeds. They are resistant to harsh weather, adaptable, mature early and have a high carcass yield with nicely marbled meat. • They are used widely in crossbreeding to improve carcass quality and milking ability. Angus females calve easily and have good calf rearing ability. They are also used as a genetic dehorner as the polled gene is passed on as a dominant characteristic.

  3. History of the breed • developed in the early part of the 19th Century from the polled and predominantly black cattle of North east Scotland known locally as "doddies" and "hummlies". Hugh Watson could be considered the founder of the breed, and was instrumental in selecting the best black, polled animals for his herd. He had two favourite cows Old Granny and old Jock and most of this breed today can be traced back to these two. • William Mckombie founded a heard of kellior blood in Aberdeenshire. • Sir George Macpherson-Grant refined the breed.

  4. Uses of the Breed • Angus cattle are widely used for crossbreeding to pass on easy calving and to reproduce animals with no horns. • It is most commonly used for the production of beef and is regarded by many to be the best quality beef. • The American fast food industry assisted in a public relations campaign to promote the supposedly superior quality of beef produced from Angus cattle. Brands such as McDonalds and Hardee’s now use this meat. McDonald’s in Australia then started selling the angus burger.

  5. Advantages of the Breed • Easy calving • Good mothering ability • Easy care (not expensive to take care of) • Suitability for a grass fed system and good foraging ability • The beef breed the public knows best • Excellent beef • Premium prices • Naturally polled(no horns) • Ability to thrive in harsh environments

  6. Disadvantages of Breed • Increased popularity means ,more animals being raised you have high chance of them being lower quality • They can get pinkeye, cancer-eye and other disorders that other breeds have been known for. • Angus breed is not 100% pure, They do not adapt well to tropical climates

  7. Facts • Typical adult angus cows weigh between 1000 and 1300 pounds. • The American Angus Association, representing Black Angus, was the first beef breed to differentiate its product with consumers through its Certified Angus Beef program in the whole world. • They mature at two years old.