8 ways your kid can be thankful this thanksgiving n.
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8 ways your kid can be thankful this Thanksgiving

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8 ways your kid can be thankful this Thanksgiving - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thanksgiving is all about expressing and receiving thanks for good fortune, nice works and donating to the less fortunate. We can teach our kids to have a thankful heart! Know how? Check this out.

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Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for the good fortune and donating to the needy.

On this occasion you can involve yourself with your family in donating time, food or money in the community.


It’s a great opportunity to teach your kids about spreading kindness and be thankful during the holiday season.

Follow these simple steps to teach your kids to have a thankful heart:

name thanks during the meal
Name Thanks During the Meal

At the meal, each and every person has to name one or more things that they have been thankful for in the past year.

make a blessing jar
Make a Blessing Jar

You can create a blessing jar where every family member can drop their blessings throughout November.

create festive decoration
Create Festive Decoration

You can make Thanksgiving centerpieces, napkin rings, door decorations and any other creative festive pieces of your choice with your family and kids.

donate to a favorite charity
Donate To a Favorite Charity

You can donate your time, money or any needed items to a favorite charity from Goodwill to a non-profit tutoring program.

teach manners
Teach Manners

“Thank You”, these two words can make any one happy.

So always teach your kids to say “Thank You” for small things during the day, like - if someone holds a door for them.

visit a local hospital
Visit a Local Hospital

Visit a local hospital with your family during the Thanksgiving week.

Your family can enjoy reading books together or playing board games with them, and they’ll also feel better.

send a care package to soldiers stationed overseas
Send a Care Package to Soldiers Stationed Overseas

Holidays can be lonely for soldiers who are far away from home. You can send them necessities as well as some fun items like non-perishable sweets and small games.

donate time to a local shelter
Donate Time to a Local Shelter

You can volunteer at a local homeless shelter, women’s shelter and even animal shelter.


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