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The Three Types of Glandulars

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The Three Types of Glandulars - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Three Types of Glandulars. SP Westcoast Inc. . Introduction to Glandulars. Whole Glands (concentrates or desiccates) Protomorphogens™ Cystosol Extracts™.

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introduction to glandulars
Introduction to Glandulars
  • Whole Glands (concentrates or desiccates)
  • Protomorphogens™
  • Cystosol Extracts™

Nucleus: “Contains chromosomal DNA packaged in chromatin fibers. Plays central role in heredity. Controls cellular activity.”

Cytosol:“Gel-like intracellular liquid where many of the cell’s chemical reactions occur.”

desiccated products
Desiccated Products
  • Easiest to manufacture
  • Contain all components of the gland
    • functional tissue
    • connective tissue
  • What most companies use and regard as glandular extracts
desiccated glandular functional definition
Desiccated Glandular Functional Definition
  • Entire gland is dried to remove all moisture
    • Contains all substance intrinsic to that gland present at the time of drying. Includes vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, etc.
    • Two important vitamins were first discovered by feeding desiccated liver to patients:
      • Vitamin B12 – antipernicious anemia vitamin and is the erythrocytic maturing factor.
      • Folic Acid – Partner of vitamin B12 in red blood cell creation.
    • Excellent source of iron, B complex vitamins, protein.
desiccated products cont
Desiccated Products (cont.)
  • Spleen, Desiccated ® Cal-Ma Plus ®
  • Adrenal, Desiccated ® E- Manganese ®
  • Whole desiccates on there own are typically used for short term use.
  • Used in formulations (small amounts only)
    • Liver
    • Kidney
    • Brain
    • Pituitary
    • Duodenal lining (duodenum)
    • Gastric lining (porcine stomach)
    • Prostate
cytosol extracts
Cytosol™ Extracts

Cytosol extracts are extracted from the Cytoplasm of a cell.

Dictionary definition:

  • Cytoplasm is the homogeneous, generally clear jelly-like material that fills cells. The cytoplasm consists of cytosol and the cellular organelles, except the nucleus. The cytosol is made up of water, salts and organic molecules and many enzymes that catalyze reactions.
cytosol extracts1
Cytosol™ Extracts
  • Aqueous extracts contain the components of the cell cytosol, including metabolic enzymes, hormone precursors, and synergistic factors produced by the cell.
  • Cytosol extracts are not designed to promote rebuilding of tissue, but rather to assist the day to day function of a gland or system that is operating at a suboptimal level by supplying specific nutritional factors which the body can immediately utilize to its benefit.
cytosol extracts2
Cytosol™ Extracts
  • The advantage of using Cytosol extracts, is that no biochemical reaction is forced, as opposed to the pharmaceutical (drug) approach. The Cytosol extracts facilitate by providing raw materials and enzymes that are present in sufficient quantities in the cell.
  • In many cases you would also supply the specific protomorphogen at the same time to improve the healing and rebuilding of the involved tissue.
cytosol extracts3
Cytosol™ Extracts
  • There are small amounts of Cytosol extracts contained in many of the SP products.
  • Diaplex has pancreas Cytosol, spleen Cytosol and adrenal Cytosol extracts.
  • Ligaplex I & II have adrenal Cytosol extract.
  • Cyruta Plus has adrenal Cytosol extract
  • Zypan has pancreas Cytosol Extract.
cytosol extracts thymex
Cytosol™ Extracts - Thymex
  • Promote phagocytic and lymphatic activity. Stimulates healing for acute phase of bacterial and viral infections.
  • Primary indications may include ear infections, skin conditions, colds and flu.
  • Should be used in high dose for acute phase, up to 2 tablets per hour for first 12 hours.
  • Thymex makes up about 25% of Congaplex
thymus extracts research
Thymus Extracts - Research

Thymus Extract normalize Helper T-Cells levels (it increases Helper T-Cells levels in Immunosuppressive Ailments and may lower Helper T-Cells levels in persons afflicted with Autoimmune Diseases).

Cazzola, P., et al. In vivo modulating effect of a calf thymus acid lysate on human T lymphocyte subsets and CD4+/CD8+ ratio in the course of different diseases. CurrTher Res. 42:1011-1017, 1987.

Thymus Extract enhance the ability of Neutrophils to function as Phagocytes.

Lantero, S., et al. Thymomodulin enhances phagocytic and intracellular killing activities of polymorphonuclear leucocytes without increasing release of chemotactic factors. Monaldi Arch Chest Dis. 48(1):29-33, 1993.

cytosol extracts4
Cytosol™ Extracts
  • Orchex®
  • Ovex®
  • Prost-X™
  • Thymex®
  • Hypothalmex®

Figure 2.


cytosol extract

PMG extract

  • Protomorphogens are extracted from the nucleic acids within the nucleus of the cell. Every cell of the body has Protomorphogens specific to that that cell.
  • Protomorphogens help to maintain balance between Natural Tissue Antibodies (NTA) in the glands that are specific to that protomorphogen, i.e. Cardiotrophin for heart etc.
  • Protomorphogens are not whole glandular extracts and act different in their clinical effect.
natural tissue antibody
Natural Tissue Antibody
  • There is a specific natural tissue antibody for every different kind of organ in the human body.
  • Patients with a history of chronic disease, showing low vitality, refusing to heal after conditions such as bronchitis, tuberculosis, muscular dystrophies etc. will typically show excessive amounts of NTA’s in the blood stream. This build up of NTA’s acts to inhibit the vital repair process of the organ or tissue damaged.

A Protomorhagen creates a window of “relief time” for the effected gland. This allows the opportunity to support the organ or gland needed to help restore it to normal function. In other words, now is the time to feed and nourish, detoxify, and balance the organ, all of which will promote the body’s own healing ability. That is why the proper combination of PMG support with whole food concentrates makes such a dramatic difference in the healing response.

supply specific nutrients to the target organ while supplementing with pmg
Supply specific nutrients to the target organ while supplementing with PMG



amino acids


Unknown factors


protomorphogen extracts
Protomorphogen™ Extracts
  • Biost™
  • Cardiotrophin PMG®
  • Dermatrophin PMG®
  • Drenatrophin PMG®
  • Hepatrophin PMG®
  • Hypothalamus PMG®
  • Mammary PMG®
  • Myotrophin PMG®
  • Neurotrophin PMG®
  • Oculotrophin PMG®
  • Orchic PMG®
  • Ostrophin PMG®
  • Ovatrophin PMG®
  • Pancreatrophin PMG®
  • Paraplex®
  • Parotid PMG®
  • Pituitrophin PMG®
  • Pneumotrophin PMG®
  • Prostate PMG®
  • Renatrophin PMG®
  • Spleen PMG®
  • Symplex® F
  • Symplex® M
  • Thymus PMG®
  • Thyrotrophin PMG®
  • Utrophin PMG®

Individual Protomorphogen™ extracts are also

part of many of the Standard Process formulas

  • Desiccated gland:Nutrient-rich substance. Short term use.
  • Cytosol Extract:Gland/organ stimulation.
  • PMG Extract:Oral antigen to counter autoantibodies resulting from autoimmune reactions to organs. Maybe used long-term.

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