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Shift Happens!!!!!!!

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Shift Happens!!!!!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Primary Years Program (PYP) and Inquiry Learning at Bradbury School A presentation for Year 1 Bradbury Parents September 2011 Chris Duncan and Lisa Harris. Shift Happens!!!!!!!. Why Make the Change? Our curriculum has become over-crowded.

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The Primary Years Program (PYP)and Inquiry Learning at Bradbury School A presentation for Year 1 Bradbury ParentsSeptember 2011Chris Duncan and Lisa Harris

Why Make the Change?

Our curriculum has become over-crowded.

Curriculum has become very content driven.

Time is not available for subjects to be studied in depth

Current curriculum model is not equipping our students with the skills they need to live and work in an International setting in the 21st Century.

Why make the Change?.....(cont’)

Timetables at the moment can be fragmented and finding blocks of quality time for the in depth teaching can be difficult.

Hong Kong is changing and as a result aligning ourselves with just the British curriculum is not appropriate.

The ESF Development plan has made a commitment to inquiry-based learning and Internationalism

What have been the benefits of implementing an Inquiry based curriculum and becoming a Primary Years Program (PYP) School?
  • It is a whole-school philosophy not a replacement curriculum.
  • Much of our content includes components found in the National Curriculum of England and Wales.
  • It is truly International and supports our commitment to developing global citizens through a relevant curriculum based on first-hand experiences.
It is a concept driven curriculum that focuses on skills that can be transferred across subjects (transdiciplinary).
  • It has a knowledge component but it will help us move away from a content driven curriculum and develop our pupils to develop life-long leaning skills.
  • It stresses the importance of the Mother Tongue and second language teaching.
  • The majority of our children transfer to ESF secondary schools and they have now introduced the IB Diploma Program so teaching the PYP would provide continuity of teaching experience.
We will have greater access to high quality training for all staff.
  • The IBO is a world-wide organisation and this enables our school to develop learning networks for both staff and students, throughout the world.
  • WEBSITE (full of information for teachers and parents)
Models of teaching - please have a look at the hand-out provided (orange sheet). This will provide you with a snap shot of what is Teaching through Inquiry.