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Maps Without Boundaries Howard Klayman PowerPoint Presentation
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Maps Without Boundaries Howard Klayman

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Maps Without Boundaries Howard Klayman - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maps Without Boundaries Howard Klayman
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  1. Maps Without BoundariesHoward Klayman

  2. Key Takeaways - GeoPDF Technology Provide access to geospatial data for anyone, anywhere GeoPDF Mapbooks provide timely access to interactive map sets Disconnected or Connected User Collaboration with field deployed responders dramatically improves the common operating picture for improved situation assessment

  3. Customer Focus • Emergency response – first responders • Public works – field workers • Utilities – field workers • Military – troops in theater

  4. Customer Needs Distribute geospatial data in a standard format Provide access to disconnected users Ease of use and cost effective implementation Collaboration among all constituents Integration with existing infrastructure Avoid replication of data

  5. TerraGo Technology at Work GeoPDF extends standard Adobe PDF Format Supports: Georegistration Standard coordinate reference systems & projections Layers Intelligent object data Measurement of distances & area Collaboration using comments & markup tools Import/Export of GIS industry standard formats (.shp, KML) Connection to GPS/import GPX Free GeoPDF Toolbar adds geospatial tools

  6. GeoPDF Value Proposition Web Services GeoPDF Mapbooks PDF Geospatial Tools Attribute/ Feature Data Georegistered PDF Layered PDF Flat PDF Paper Map

  7. Products GeoPDF Toolbar Small footprint plug-in to Reader Map2PDF software for GeoPDF creation Adobe Acrobat ArcGIS GeoMedia Professional Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat Map2PDF for Raster

  8. GeoPDF Toolbar • Simple access to complex data • Display/modify display coordinates • Zoom to coordinates • Display map attributes with object data • Query Object data • Track GPS location • Measure distance and area • Markup maps and collaborate • Import and export shp and KML • Import GPX files • Custom GeoJavaScript applications • All within Adobe Reader!

  9. GeoPDF Toolbar • Enables novice map users access to intelligent maps • Easy to deploy – 700 million copies of Reader already installed • Free toolbar puts data into the hands that need it • Mark-up, import and export allow flexible collaboration • No live Internet connection required

  10. Object Data Tool Select Object Display Attributes as Object Data

  11. Geocollaboration Tools

  12. Map2PDF for ArcGIS • Create GeoPDF files from within ArcGIS • Automatically embeds coordinate systems • Maintains layers within maps • Maintains attribute data as object data • Maintains layer styles, symbology and fonts • Compression tools for minimizing file sizes • Supports multiple map frames and coordinate systems • Batch produce GeoPDF files with VB

  13. Map2PDF for ArcGIS • Easily create GeoPDF for distribution from an environment you already have and know • Create GeoPDF files for use in mapbook creation • Control map display and data inclusions • Collect and incorporate field updates to maps

  14. Map2PDF for ArcGIS • Screenshot here

  15. Map2PDF for Raster • Convert georeferenced raster imagery to GeoPDF files • Convert GIS and military formats: • ADRG • CADRG • GeoTIFF • MrSID • NITF • CIB • IMG

  16. Overall Benefits Leverage geospatial data to large groups of users Easy access to complex data Distribute in a standard format throughout the enterprise Enable collaboration across organization Easy to use Adobe Reader based interface Tools that are already understood No connection required Easily implemented Integrates with existing infrastructure Cost effective

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