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  1. DallasFilm.org Traffic Analysis Project Jon-Eric Waddell Analysis Exchange Student Lauren Hock Analysis Exchange Mentor Marc Lee DallasFilm.org Sponsor

  2. Agenda • Overview • Traffic Source Breakdown • Referral Traffic Analysis • Social Media Analysis • SEO Analysis • Content Engagement • Mobile Analysis • Key Findings • Recommendations

  3. Overview Questions to Answer • Where is the traffic coming from? • Who is visiting the site? • How engaged are the visitors with the content? • What content was most engaging? • How much of an impact is mobile making on site traffic?

  4. Methodology • Time Frame Measured • Last 4 months: Dec 1, 2011 – Mar 1, 2012 • Measurement Tools Used • Google Analytics • www.marketinggrader.com • Metrics Measured • Avg. Time on Site • Pages per visit • Bounce Rate • Top Landing Pages

  5. Traffic Source Analysis

  6. Traffic Source At a Glance Top Traffic Sources

  7. Referral Traffic Segments Referral Traffic was segmented into 4 groups: • Social Media • Segment includes any source containing “Facebook” (mobile & non-mobile), “twitter”, “linkedin” and equaling “t.co” • Film Enthusiasts • Segment includes any source containing “film”, “producer”, “movie”, “festival” • Email Campaign • Segment includes any source containing “mail” • Dallas Tourism • Segment includes any source containing “dallas”, “governor.state.tx.us” and excluding “film”

  8. Referral Traffic Segments Only the Dallas Tourism segment had above average engagement…

  9. Referral Traffic Segments ….but only accounts for just above 2% of total site traffic.

  10. Visitor Flow – Dallas Tourism 75% of all Dallas Tourism traffic went through either the home page or to the screening room page.

  11. Visitor Flow – Email Campaign 65% of all email campaign traffic went thru a screening room page.

  12. Visitor Flow – Film Enthusiast Segment 73% of Film Enthusiast traffic went through either the Membership page or “DIFF Passes on sale” page.

  13. Social Media Analysis

  14. Social Media Analysis Facebook & Twitter pages are key for building brand recognition and interacting with fans/followers.

  15. Social Media Analysis Social Media traffic, although nearly 11% of total traffic, has low engagement compared to site average.

  16. Social Media Segment– Visitor Flow Nearly half of all Social Media traffic went through either the home page or to a “first-15-titles-announced” page. Between 2/15-2/16 traffic tripled normal levels. In that time Social Media accounted for 71% of total traffic! Very High Drop off rates after interaction with landing page.

  17. Social Media Analysis Less than .4% of total traffic had a social interaction with the site content. Although small, users that shared content had very high engagement.

  18. SEO Analysis

  19. Search Engine Optimization Analysis Search is a huge part of the overall traffic……..

  20. Search Engine Optimization Analysis …and highly engaged compared to site averages.

  21. SEO Analysis Here are the Top 20 Keywords used to reach the site. Out of the Top 10 keywords, 4 were different variations of DFS, 5 were related to DIFF.

  22. Keyword Analysis Grouping the keywords into common themes gives a clearer picture of the search traffic. Searches related to “fest/festival”, “dallas film”, and “screen/screening” had high engagement compared to site average.

  23. Content Analysis

  24. Content Engagement The Top 25 most viewed pages make up over 75% of total pageviews.

  25. Top 25 Landing Pages

  26. Top 25 Landing Pages Of the top 25 landing pages, these pages had the highest engagement. The homepage is the major portal thru the site as nearly half of all the traffic starts here.

  27. Top 25 Landing Pages Conversely, of the top 25 landing pages, these pages had the lowest engagement.

  28. Mobile Analysis

  29. Mobile Analysis Mobile users currently make up 15% of total traffic to the site, but on average are slightly less engaged compared to site averages. While similar to the overall traffic trend, 8% more Mobile users prefer direct connection to the site than using search.

  30. Mobile Analysis Over 40% of total traffic landed on the homepage

  31. Mobile Analysis Mobile users showed slightly more dispersion in landing pages DIFF & Press release pages much lower priority than total site

  32. Mobile Analysis – Visitor Flow Mobile visitor flow very similar to overall flow except mobile users were interested in internships more than DIFF.

  33. Mobile Analysis Operating System Breakdown Apple accounts for over 75% of total mobile traffic

  34. Mobile Analysis DallasFilm.org is ahead of the global mobile curve…. Over the last 3 months, percent of mobile internet usage grew 13.2% globally , while mobile usage of Dallasfilm.org grew 50.7%. * Source: http://gs.statcounter.com/#mobile_vs_desktop-ww-weekly-201149-201209

  35. Key Takeaways

  36. Key Takeaways • Homepage is centerpiece of website; users that land on the homepage are more likely to have higher engagement. • There is a lot of opportunity to drive traffic with Social Media. • Some minor tracking tweaks will tremendously enhance data usefulness.

  37. Recommendations

  38. Tracking Recommendations • Setup tracking for sub-domains to avoid overstating referral traffic. • Block internal traffic and social monitoring tools. • Set up Site Search Tracking • Set up Goals/Conversion • Social Shares – Tweets, Likes, Follows, etc. • Membership • Purchase DIFF passes • Submitting/Voting for films • Downloading Donation/Sponsorship forms

  39. SEO Recommendations • Homepage extremely important; drive as much traffic as possible thru home page for higher engagement. • Constantly refresh content. • Make sure all images have updated alt tags for optimum search engine visibility. • Links from other reputable sites positively affect search rankings.

  40. Social Media Recommendations • Continue to use Social Media to build brand awareness and drive traffic. • Use blog to drive/engage more traffic. • Blog more frequently • Add engaging related content • Create synergy between Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and homepage • Add link to homepage on Youtube.com channel • Embed Dallas Film Society video in Dallasfilm.org site.

  41. Appendix

  42. Top 10 Sites w/ Social Actions

  43. Social Media Grader http://marketing.grader.com/site/dallasfilm.org

  44. Mobile Analysis Top Mobile Keywords • Dallas Film Festival • Dallas Film Society • Dallas International Film Festival • Dallas Film Festival 2012 • Dallas International Film Festival 2012 Top Total Traffic Keywords • Dallas Film Society • Dallas Film Festival • Dallas International Film Festival • Dallas Film Festival 2012 • Dallas International Film Festival 2012