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Commercialization Strategy

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Commercialization Strategy. Forward Looking Statements.

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forward looking statements
Forward Looking Statements

This presentation contains forward-looking statements regarding Global Resource Corp.'s business strategies and future plans of operations. Forward- looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. The forward-looking statements contained in this presentation speak only as of the date hereof and Global Resource disclaims any obligation to provide public updates, revisions or amendments to any forward-looking statements made herein to reflect changes in Global Resource's expectations or future events.


Commercialization Strategy

Marketing Approach

Marketing Relationships

C6 Energy Services – RCR



C6 Energy

Key Business Factors

Top Priorities

Tire Production Numbers

Manufacturing Operations

Global Scientific Corp


Manufacturing Partners

Microwave Engineering Team

Alloy Welding Inc (AWI)

Ingersoll Production Systems (IPS)

Electromatic, Inc (ETM)


Service, Installation & Warranty

Commercial Prototype

Prototype Machine

Prototype Status

Prototype Next Steps

Scale-Up Design

commercialization strategy5
Commercialization Strategy

Our commercialization strategy includes the development of key strategic partnerships with large companies associated with each product line as well as reputable and qualified marketing partners from each country world-wide.

Our strategy also includes joint ventures with synergistic companies that provide supplementary processes such as scrubbing of the gases and oils, and creating additional Syn Gases from the char products that are discharged at the end of our process.

marketing approach
Marketing Approach
  • Manufacturer
    • Sell equipment to end-users
    • Make profit from sales
  • Owner/Operator
    • Install and operate systems with partners
  • Joint Venture Partnerships
    • Share in revenue stream with pre-existing operating companies
marketing approach7
Marketing Approach

Strategy TypeProduct Types

Manufacturer Waste to Energy Systems

(Tires, MSW, ASR, Drill Waste, Oil Sludge, Plastics)

Owner/Operator MSW, Coal, Oil Shale

Joint Venture Partnerships Oil Patch

(Heavy Oil, Tar Sands, Oil sands)

marketing relationships
Marketing Relationships
  • C6 Energy Services
    • (Biofuels/ECO and Recycled Refuse International (RCR)
  • ENGlobal
    • (Signed marketing agreement with them)
  • C6 Energy
    • Marketing agreement in Middle East/Africa/India/China
Marketing Relationships

ENGlobal is an international energy engineering and professional services firm.

ENGlobal has expanded into several market sectors with projects ranging from single in-plant assignments to large EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) projects.

Marketing Relationships
  • Headquarters:
    • 654 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. East, Ste. 400Houston, TX 77060-5914United States  
  • Key ENGlobal Financials
    • Company Type Public - AMEX: ENG
    • Fiscal Year-End December 2007 Sales (mil.)$363.2
  • 2007 Employees 2,443
Marketing Relationships

C6 Energy is an international energy company specializing in the development of systems which process low and negative value feedstocks, and energy crops to create energy products.

top priorities
Top Priorities

Tires (Manufacturer)

Tanker (Oil) Sludge (Manufacturer)

MSW (Manufacturer and Owner/Operator)

Heavy Oil (JV Partnership)

Annual Tires Produced Worldwide
  • USA – 3,000,000 tons = (450) 3 ton machines
  • Austria – 60,000 tons = (9) 3 ton machines
  • Belgium – 70,000 tons = (12) 3 ton machines
  • Denmark – 50,000 tons = (9) 3 ton machines
  • Finland – 48,000 tons = (9) 3 ton machines
  • France – 410,000 tons = (63) 3 ton machines
  • Germany – 645,000 tons = (99) 3 ton machines
  • Greece – 56,000 tons = (9) 3 ton machines
  • Ireland – 56,000 tons = (9) 3 ton machines
  • Italy – 430,000 tons = (66) 3 ton machines
  • Netherlands – 52,000 tons = (9) 3 ton machines
  • Portugal – 98,000 tons = (15) 3 ton machines
  • Spain – 350,000 tons = (54) 3 ton machines
  • Sweden – 97,000 tons = (15) 3 ton machines
  • UK – 535,000 tons = (81) 3 ton machines
  • Bulgaria – 23,000 tons = (6) 3 ton machines
  • Cyprus – 8,000 tons = (3) 3 ton machines
  • Czech Rep – 67,000 tons = (12) 3 ton machines
  • Estonia – 14,000 tons = (3) 3 ton machines
  • Hungary – 46,000 tons = (9) 3 ton machines
  • Latvia – 14,000 tons = (3) 3 ton machines
  • Lithuania – 14,000 tons = (3) 3 ton machines
  • Poland – 175,000 tons = (27) 3 ton machines
  • Romania – 53,000 tons = (9) 3 ton machines
  • Slovak Rep – 38,000 tons = (6) 3 ton machines
  • Slovenia – 20,000 tons = (3) 3 ton machines
  • Croatia – 20,000 tons = (3) 3 ton machines
  • Norway – 47,000 tons = (9) 3 ton machines
  • Switzerland – 60,000 tons = (9) 3 ton machines
  • Canada – 300,000 tons = (45) 3 ton machines
  • Japan – 1,000,000 tons = (150) 3 ton machines

Based on worldwide tire production GBRC would need to manufacture more than 1,200 Three ton machines

manufacturing operations


global scientific corp rockford illinois office
Global Scientific Corp. Rockford, Illinois Office

Len Hedman – VP Engineering

Scott Dunbar – VP Operations

Terry Peterson – Electrical Project Engineer

Bud Hayes – Chief Engineer/Project Manager

Paul Passmore – Assembly Manager

global scientific corp microwave engineering n c office
Global Scientific Corp.Microwave Engineering – N.C. Office

Carl Everleigh – GRC Employee

Dr. Ram B. Roy – Chemistry Consultant

Jae Seung Lee – Independent Contractor

about carl everleigh
About Carl Everleigh

Former President of Pendulum Electromagnetics, Inc. which he founded in 1993.

Former President and Chairman of the Board of Microwave Laboratories, Inc which he founded in 1981.

Formerly held senior management and engineering positions at Litton Industries, Microwave Associates, Raytheon and ITT.

About Carl Everleigh

Co-developer of the magnetron used in the Radar Altimeter to fire the retrorocket for the first soft landing on the moon.

Development of the Microwave Amplifiers used in the world’s most powerful electronic countermeasure Radar Jamming System presently used by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force. Co

Inventor of the Variable Frequency Microwave Heating Oven.

dr ram b roy
Dr. Ram B. Roy
  • Dr. Roy has had a very successful career in research academics with positions in the faculties of:
    • MIT
    • Princeton University
    • University of Washington
    • University of Michigan
  • His professional career outside academia includes work with companies such as:
    • Alfa-Laval, Inc. as Senior Staff Scientist
    • Ciba-Corning Diagnostics as Project Lead
    • Methods Support Laboratory as Technical Director
    • Alchem Nutritional Inc. as GM Technical Division
    • Delta Food Group as Principal Food Scientist
  • Dr. Roy has over 100 published papers in the fields of organic chemistry, analytical physical chemistry, environmental chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Many of the analytical methods developed by Dr. Roy are now included the AOAC, USP, and EPA Official Handbooks. Dr. Roy earned his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of

Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, United Kingdom in 1967.

AWI has proudly produced the finest in metal fabrications for over 30 years.

AWI integrates state of the art machinery with a highly trained workforce to provide our local, national and international customers with products manufactured to their exact specifications.

IPS has been a world leader for over 100 years in developing new technologies for the production of parts in high volumes.

IPS has introduced many new technologies and industry standards that have advanced manufacturing capabilities in all parts of the world .

IPS Facilities

in Rockford, Illinois

  • Climate Controlled
  • ISO 9001-2000

90,000 Sq. Ft. Assembly/Manufacturing Space here


80,000 Space Leased for IPS Projects


ETM designs, manufactures and supports tailored power microwave subsystems for System Integrators in the Communications, Aerospace, Defense and Medical markets.

From first article through large-scale production, ETM has the capabilities to meet our subsystem requirements



  • 56,000 sq-ft HQ in Newark, CA (ETM-Owned)
    • 12,000 sq-ft engineering and administrative
    • 30,000 sq-ft manufacturing and inventory
    • 14,000 sq-ft currently sublet, will be vacated for ETM’s use by March 2009
  • 12,000 sq-ft Salt Lake City, UT Facility
ENGlobal is a multi-faceted organization, with the ability of offering an extensive array of services to several industries with a full staff of specialized individuals, trained in our four areas of expertise:
  • Engineering
  • Automation
  • Construction
  • Land & Regulatory
service installation and warranty
Service, Installation and Warranty
  • Jeavons Enterprises, Incorporated
    • Contract labor firm owned and operated by George Jeavons.
    • Located in Rockford, IL
  • International Installations, Limited
    • Contract labor firm owned and operated by and International Installations.
    • Located in Woverhampton, England
jeavons enterprises and international installations
Jeavons Enterprises andInternational Installations
  • Both cooperate in providing contract skilled labor such as:

Mechanics Electricians Pipefitters

Welders Millwrights Sheet Metal Fabricators

  • They perform:
    • Machinery Construction
    • Facility Infrastructure Construction
    • Systems Installation
    • Field Service
Jeavons Enterprises andInternational Installations

The principals of these firms and the contract workers associated

with the firms have provided these services worldwide for over

25 years in the following locations:

United States Mexico Canada

South America Europe Middle East Asia

Including countries such as:

India China South Korea Egypt

Saudi Arabia Dubai Brazil Russia

Poland France Spain Portugal

Greece Holland Ireland

additional installation start up and service support resources
Additional Installation, Start-Upand Service Support Resources
  • ENGlobal
  • G4
  • Ingersoll Production Systems, LLC
  • Applied Technologies, Incorporated
  • Alloy Welding, Incorporated
  • Base Point Engineering Services
spare parts package
Spare Parts Package
  • GRC will stock 1 complete power supply/RF transmitter set and (5) microwave tubes for immediate availability
  • GRC will stock 2 sets of long lead common parts (Pumps, Motors, Etc.) in our warehouse thru the warranty cycle.
  • At the end of the engineering phase, GRC will submit a price list for recommended spare parts that include:
    • Normal wear parts
    • Unique parts for each customers machines (belt conveyor, etc)
maintenance package
Maintenance Package
  • Warranty is covered for 1st year
  • GRC will quote an optional maintenance package that includes:
    • Quarterly visits to customers sites to perform diagnostic tests and preventive maintenance work
      • 1 shift on site
    • Annual visits to customers sites for complete clean-out and system check-out
      • 2 days on site
prototype status
Prototype Status
  • Completed first demonstration of Patriot-1 week of May 4th
    • USA/Ireland/Germany/France/Greece/Poland/Turkey
  • Second demonstration schedules for week of June 8th
    • China/UAE/India/Australia
  • Make enhancements based on simulation results and begin testing
    • Increase capacity for tire process
  • Change machine over for alternate feedstock
    • Tanker sludge (next direction driven by market demand)
reactor scalability
Reactor Scalability
  • The reactor housing can be scaled up to accommodate the required volume of material to be processed
  • The external processes including vacuum, condensing, etc. will be sized according to the mass balance simulations
  • The scale up will not be directly proportional to tonnage increase as we will add more power at each microwave unit entry point to minimize reactor diameter and length
scale up design quotes from carl everleigh
Scale-Up DesignQuotes from Carl Everleigh
  • “Microwave Energy is the most efficient means of transferring energy to any material that is susceptible to absorbing MW energy”
  • “MW Energy is more efficient than convection heating because in the GRC process all of the power is directed to the load.”
  • “When power density is defined (power required Vs. volume of material), then direct scale up is most efficient in a MW process”