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Music Magazine Evaluation

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Music Magazine Evaluation. Brief Introduction.

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brief introduction
Brief Introduction
  • This section of the course we were required to make a music magazine that had appealed to a genre specific target audience. Before actually producing my magazine I had to consider certain factors that may impact of the production of my magazine for example: the genre of the magazine, my target audience, what I will be producing and if I would fully conform to the conventions of ma genre specific magazine.
  • My magazine covered Hip-Hop and R’n’B artists and so it was very creative and exciting due to the calibre of the artists. The masterhead name “MYCOMEUP” represents the idea of music artists in the industry making their way up the industry through hardwork and persistence. I used this because the connotation of this relates to a wide range of people not only music industry.
brief introduction1
Brief Introduction

We were required to make a music magazine that had appealed to a genre specific target audience.

Before actually producing my magazine I had to consider certain factors that may impact of the production of my magazine such as: the genre of the magazine, my target audience, what I will be producing and if I would fully conform to the conventions of ma genre specific magazine.

The two main genres of my magazine were Hip Hop and R’n’B, which related to my target audience. My target audience consisted of people between the ages of 16-24 years of age, this age bracket was more likely to be interested in these areas of music.

The title of my magazine ‘MYCOMEUP’ was initially an idea I had thought of because it also relates to not only the urban and rap music world but also the business world.


forms and conventions
Forms and Conventions
  • Initially the aim of my magazine was to challenge the forms and conventions of magazines. Most of my ideas were centered around Hip Hop and R’n’B.
  • I researched the top music magazines that had a conforming pattern such as: ‘XXL’ and ‘VIBE’. The connotations of my magazine name ‘MYCOMEUP’; represents the ideas of artists who move up and progress through the music industry through hardwork and persistence. This is seen vividly by the reader due to them being able to notice the upward arrow.
  • This is my final music magazine front cover; which conforms well to the stereotypical views of these types of magazines due to the big and bold masterhead and the feature articles amongst the page. My picture of my artist also conforms to the general image of an R&B magazine. The mise-en-scene used suggests he is fully in touch with his ethical background due to him wearing a du-rag and also with his personality. The image is placed in the centre which conforms to the typical stereotypical views and ideas.
forms and conventions cont
Forms and Conventions-Cont
  • My Contents page generally conforms to the common contents page as it has elements of professionalism, he is wearing a black suit which represents this.
  • I tried to able the reader to identity and access the contents easily through the use of the downward arrow facing downwards.
  • The background is a simple background which compliments the logos well, due to black and white complimenting each other well.
  • The image was taken in a corridor located next to a stairway, I purposely decided to do this as I didn’t want as much lighting to affect the connations I attempted to portray and represent.
forms and conventions cont1
Forms and Conventions-Cont
  • My double-page spread of my magazine involved a combination of writing and images. I did this initially as I wanted the reader to gain an insight on the different sides to this artist. Professionalism and their natural look.
  • I took out a key section of speech from the interview conducted; ‘The effort that I’ve put in, is the result of where I am today’. I feel this was a very effective technique in which I used as it is a key information extracted from the video put as bold. Also because it is above the photo the reader could almost visually and verbally picture this taking place.
  • Again in terms of mise-en-scene he is portraying a typical music artist; he is going back to his ‘roots through wearing a du-rag was is quite helpful to the reader.
  • Use of rhetorical questions to allow the reader to evaluate and come up with a subjective conclusion with what they have just read.
representational issues
Representational Issues
  • Due to my magazine is essentially an instrument used to portray the culture of hip-hop and R’n’B, my magazine represents the listeners of these genre’s. Stereotypically, these listeners are people from destitute environments and are more often than not of an Afro-Caribbean race. Sex, drugs, dance, food, clothing, violence and racial affairs are all factors that make hip hop what it is today.
  • The use of profanity and colloquial slang depicts the audience of my magazine it connotes people that have a limited language bank and the only way in which they can emotionally express as themselves is through swearing.
  • Also the use of the colloquial language describes the audience through a dire image, that intimates their social status.
target audience
Target Audience
  • My target audience is between the age bracket of 16-24 years of age, combining the element of experience with the music industry and youth.
  • However my magazine is not gender specific but is presented to both the male and female viewers. I want to reinforce the encouragement of key female artists prime in ma genre such as Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown. Also ironically my magazine consists of features and elements that could estrange a large portion of my targeted population.
  • I feel that the mature yet very street tone of the magazine appeals to the youth not for the way it is read and equally to the younger bracket of adults which is very interesting,but rather all the factors that have gone in to creating this overall conflicting ambience. The mature and formal writing in addition to the ambient yet gritty, urban images used really represents the culture of hip-hop and R’n’B.

With my magazine, I decided that my magazine will be sold in well thought retailers. This is to emphasise and magnify that my magazine is not only for a single demographic but to all hip-hop and R’n’B and Hip Hop enthusiasts.

My magazine will be promoted through websites and blogs to appeal easily to my target audience to enable them to access it easily.

technical construction issues
Technical & Construction Issues
  • Through the use of many of technological software's through the creation of my magazine, I had to experiment on and constantly redraft that I achieved the best results I can.

Also when stumbling upon the creation of my magazine I found that conforming to the traditional styles of the general magazines is to not deviate away from being creative and conceptive, even though the most original magazines are the most ingenious it is also that you should be careful when deviating away form these conventions.

I found that using publisher enabled me to be more professional in terms of my general approach to design my layouts and so fourth.

comparison with preliminary task
Comparison with preliminary task

Looking back at the preliminary task and the main task, I can say that the use of the preliminary task helped my enhancing skills making the main task more appealing and attractive.

I feel that initially my skills with programs such as publisher were limited when I carried out my preliminary task, however since then there has been a vast improvement in terms of my general presentation and organisation.

I also noticed that my magazine in the preliminary task, was much harder and a practice for the production of my main task, the skills I gained from producing it made it much easier for me to use Publisher and make my pictures more professional.