andiamo in italia minoo fotouhi baptistery of duomo n.
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Andiamo In Italia Minoo Fotouhi Baptistery of duomo PowerPoint Presentation
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Andiamo In Italia Minoo Fotouhi Baptistery of duomo

Andiamo In Italia Minoo Fotouhi Baptistery of duomo

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Andiamo In Italia Minoo Fotouhi Baptistery of duomo

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  1. Andiamo In ItaliaMinoo FotouhiBaptistery of duomo

  2. The Duomo, Baptistery & Campanile are all located generally in or close to Piazza del Duomo and all can be visited at the same time.In the 13th century, Florence was quickly becoming the dominant city-state in Tuscany, and so the Florentine's wanted to show off their wealth and power by building the greatest cathedral.

  3. Vasari began the work in 1572 and worked on the project until his death in 1574, Frederico Zuccari was then commissioned to continue the piece, which he completed in 1579. • The door of baptistery is decorated with the great fresco of the Last Judgment which took seven years to paint

  4. The 10 Panels of the Door of Paradise

  5. The Baptistery is one of Florence’s most important religious buildings, dedicated to her patron saint, John the Baptist (whose feast is celebrated on 24 June). Intended for the liturgical function of baptism, in the 11th century it also acted as the city’s Cathedral. Such a large building was required because vast crowds attended the administration of baptism, which in those days took place only twice a year. The earliest of the three doors is the one on the south side, modeled in 1330 and then cast by Andrea Pisano. It was set up in 1336 on the east side, and moved in 1452 to make way for Lorenzo Ghiberti’s ‘gates of Paradise’. The decoration of Andrea’s door consists of quatrefoil panels of Scenes from the life of St John the Baptist, with the Theological and Cardinal Virtues beneath.

  6. The Baptistery, built between 1059 and 1128, remodeled on an earlier Baptistery built in the 5th or 6th century, is one of the oldest buildings in Florence, and was for a long time believed to have been an original roman temple dedicated to the god Mars.

  7. “Opening Hours”Dumo: Mon - Wed, Fri 10am to 5pm; Thu 10am - 3.30pm; Sat 10am – 4.45 pm; Sun 1.30pm - 4.45pmCampanile: Daily 8.30pm - 7.30pm (stays open later in summer months, early closing in winter) Baptistery: Mon - Sat noon - 7pm, Sunday 8.30am - 2pm. (stays open later in summer monthsPriceDumo: FREE Campanile: 6 Euro Baptistery: 3 Euro

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