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Les Bandes Dessinées PowerPoint Presentation
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Les Bandes Dessinées

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Les Bandes Dessinées - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Les Bandes Dessinées

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  1. Les Bandes Dessinées

  2. Tin Tin et Spirou

  3. Tin Tin et Spirou This is about an average Joe and his dog, Spirou. Tin Tin is a bland and normal person who doesn’t always know what’s going on around him. The pair usually meets new people who bring them into sticky situations. This comic debuted January 10, 1929. Georges Remi wrote this comic. This reminds me of the American comic, Marmaduke. Marmaduke is like Tin Tin et Spirou because he often gets into awkward situations, but finds a quirky way out.

  4. Rodolphe Topffer

  5. Rodophe Topffer He lived in Geneva, Swtizerland. Rodolphe wrote short text stories such as “My Uncle’s Library.” Studied in Paris and became a teacher.

  6. Topffer Rodolphe became popular for his historical images. These were the first pictures in the comic genera. These pictures influence the early comic artist. He created Histoire de M. Jabot' (1833), 'Monsieur Crépin' (1837), 'Les Amours de M. Vieuxbois' (1839), 'Monsieur Pencil' (1840), 'Le Docteur Festus' (1840), 'Histoire d'Albert' (1845) and 'Histoire de M. Cryptogame'

  7. Asterix et Obelix

  8. Asterix Asterix took place in 50 B.C. The village that he lived in was taken over by Romans. Asterix is the hero in these adventures. Gets his human strength from a magic potion.

  9. Main Characters Asterix: little warrior who loves to go on adventures. Obelix: Asterix friend who’s a delivery man. Loves food and adventure. Getafix: Old white bearded man. He brews the strength potion. Dogmatix: Obelix’s pet dog. He’s tiny & can eat big amounts of food. Loves nature. Cacofonix: He likes singing & playing his musical intruments Fulliautomatix: village blacksmith, violent personality. Hates Cacofonix’s singing.

  10. Lucky Luke et Gaston Lagaffe

  11. Lucky Luke The comic Lucky Luke takes place in the 19th century. It’s based on a cowboy named Luke. He fights crime and injustice. Most often running into the Dalton Brothers. He meets factual figures such as Billy the kid and Judge Roy Bean.

  12. Main Characters Luke: wandering cowboy who fights crime. Dalton Brothers: 4 bad brothers Jolly Jumper: the smartest horse in the world Rantanplan: the stupidest dog in the universe Rin Tin Tin: guards the Dalton Brothers at their jail

  13. Yoko Tsuno Yoko Tsuno

  14. Yoko Tsuno This comic is about a beautiful and intelligent girl; Yoko Tsuno. Yoko travels around the world with her friends Vic and Pol, in which they find vigorous adventures. They travel to Hong Kong, Germany, and even Space! There are 24 volumes in the series. It debuted on September 24, 1970 in Spirou Comic magazine.

  15. Hows Yoko Tsuno Compared to Other Comics? I would compare Yoko Tsuno to Wonder Woman. I think that because they are both beautiful and intelligent and travel around the world on adventures. Another reason they are similar, is that they aren’t held back because they are woman.

  16. Blake et Mortimer

  17. Blake et Mortimer This comic is has a lot of action in it. It is about Professor Philip Angus and Captain Francis Percy Blake. They are usually fighting their arch nemesis Colonial Orlik. This comic debuted Time magazine on September 26, 1946. There is a rumor that a film adaptation will be made with Keifer Sutherland.

  18. How would You Compare Blake et Mortimer to Other Comics? I would compare this to Batman. I think that because Batman doesn’t really have any super power except a bunch of cool gadgets and knowledge. Blake and Mortimer are just like that.

  19. Bibliography