buddhism in tibet zen buddhism n.
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Buddhism in Tibet &Zen Buddhism PowerPoint Presentation
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Buddhism in Tibet &Zen Buddhism

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Buddhism in Tibet &Zen Buddhism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Buddhism in Tibet &Zen Buddhism. By: Elise Bryant. In Zen Buddhism the founder is Bodhidharma , who in Japan is known as Daruma . Legend says that he stayed in a cave for 7 years meditating, and attained enlightenment. A path:. There are five parts of the koan . 1.Body of truth

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In Zen Buddhism the founder is Bodhidharma, who in Japan is known as Daruma.

Legend says that he stayed in a cave for 7 years meditating, and attained enlightenment

a path
A path:

There are five parts of the koan.

1.Body of truth

2.Linguistic articulation of med exp

3.A nanto, very difficult to pass

4.This they make insight

5.5th group is going and erasing any traces of enlightenment

*A Koan is like a puzzle, its one of two methods, the other is “sitting”


Za-Zen is the sitting meditation, it’s the foundational method of working on the Buddha methods, its in the education of all Buddhist schools.

Zen is the aim towards perfecting man hood.

In Zen when they try to gain knowledge and or wisdom, they practice a meditational experience referred to as a “Satori”

similarities between zen and tibetan buddhism

Similarities Between Zen and Tibetan Buddhism

In both places they sit down and meditate to gain knowledge or wisdom.

They will go for hours and days doing this

Like Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism has a path that they follow.

They also both have religious leaders.


It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come. Dalai Lama

tibetan buddhism
Tibetan Buddhism

The Dalai Lama teaches that the world

needs harmony.

He says some Christians say he’s a good

Christian just with a different


His name is TenzinGyatso and he’s the 14th Dalai Lama

  • The beliefs of the Dalai Lamas that violent activities and or ways of thinking is very very bad, and that the basic human nature is gentleness, but along with that, the negative thinking, aggressiveness is also part of human nature. But the over all and dominant nature of human is the nature of appreciation of the human affection.
  • In the world of Buddhism, its constructed of five elements.
  • Supported by the element of space, there are four others
  • The element of :
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Water
  • And Fire
a main idea
A Main Idea
  • “Every human being has a right to a happy family and happy life, but everyone’s so into material stuff now a day”-Dalai Lama
  • “ The European Union spirit now must extend”
  • -Dalai Lama
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