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Public lesson 公开课 PowerPoint Presentation
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Public lesson 公开课

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Public lesson 公开课 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public lesson 公开课

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  1. Public lesson公开课 By Zou xiaohua with Dongfeng Vocational School 东凤理工学校 邹小华执教 2007

  2. Warming-up trainer scientist ape warn Pointout watchoutfor Lookdifferentfrom circus

  3. Training animals to workAnticipating: What can they do ? dog ape geese pigeon goose

  4. Reading and filling in the chart canbeusedto guard a house givewarning havebeenusedto watchoutforfaults insmallsteelballs arebeingtrainedto helpmakecars havebeenusedto gathercropsand drivetrains can

  5. Reading, Listening and JudgingT or F Statements . ( ) 1. Teachers think animals can be made to work for us. ( ) 2. We may see some animals doing skillful things at zoo. ( ) 3. The trainer usually gives the animal nothing when it does a good job. ( ) 4. Geese have been used to give warning by singing when enemy comes near. ( ) 5. Pigeons are being used to watch out for faults in small steel balls because they have beaks ( ) 6. One day apes can help gather crops. F F F F F T

  6. VocabularyExercises and Retelling human beings point out gather as a reward guardclosely a number of give warning watch out for skillful Scientists think animals may be trained to do ___________simple jobs for ______________ because they __________ that elephants, monkey and other animals can do ________ things at circus If you watch ________ on the TV , you may notice the trainer always give the animals something to eat ____________. As we know ,dogs can be used to ___________ a house and geese have been used to _______________. In Russian factory ,pigeons are being trained to ____________ faults in small steels. In America, apes have been used to help make cars . In future apes can __________ crops and drive trains. a number of point out human beings skillful closely as a reward guard give warning watch out for gather

  7. Reading and Discussing Do you think animals are willing to work for human beings ? Both animals and humans are part of the nature.

  8. ReadingandDiscovering to guard a house is used towatchoutforfaults insteelballs arebeingtrained to give warning havebeenused tohelpmakecars hasbeenused

  9. Reading andDiscovering Passive voice be (am/is /are )done 一般现在时 现在进行时 be (am/is /are )being done 现在完成时 has / have been done

  10. Monkeys are regarded as clever animals. 猴子被认为很有聪明。 一般现在时: am / is / are done The sick panda is being saved now. 那头生病的熊猫正在被抢救。 现在进行时: am / is / are beingdone The dog has been kept for several years. 这条狗已经养了几年。 现在完成时: have / has been done be (am/is /are )done 一般现在时 be (am/is /are )being done 现在进行时 has / have been done 现在完成时

  11. Reading and Practicing Situation (情景): One day a horse ,a hen and monkey met and talked to each other at the market . Themonkeysaid : “ My boss uses me to make money every day.”Thehorsesaid :“ My owner has made me work for him for sixteen years .”Thehensaid : “ It is nothing . My boss has used me to lay eggs before . And now he is training me to sing pop songs .” Task(任务) : Put the underlined sentences from active voice into passive voice.

  12. One day a horse , a hen and a monkey met and talked to each other at the market . The monkey said :“ My boss uses me to make money every day .” The horse said :“ My owner has made me work for him for sixteen years .” The hensaid : “ It is nothing . My boss has used me to lay eggs before . And now he is training me to sing pop songs .” isusedto The monkey __________________ make money every day hasbeenmadeto The horse ____________________________ work for his owner for sixteen years. The hen _________________ lay eggs before Now it __________________ sing pop songs. hasbeenusedto is being trained to

  13. Reading and Practicing Guessing game: What is it ? 1. It has been used to carry people and things since early times,but now it is being used to run for gambling(赌博). --- horse 2. It is usually used to catch mice ,but now it is being made to be a pet . --- cat Can you let your partner have a try?

  14. Further understanding and practicing Homework 1.Speaking: Read the text and retell it in English to your partner. 2.Writing: Give more than three examples where animals are/are being /have been trained to work for us.

  15. Reading and Further Understanding Dogismen’sbestfriend — a Western saying A dog in pet bed In Car Ah , it smells good ! — a common sense in China Dog as street food, Nanning

  16. Thank you !