Overview of US Nuclear Energy Initiatives
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Overview of US Nuclear Energy Initiatives. Harold McFarlane President. American Nuclear Society. 7671-9/06- 1. unauthorized informal informative. Energy Policy Act of 2005. Nuclear. New Plant Construction. R&D. Loan guarantees Risk assurance Production tax credit Price-Anderson

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Overview of us nuclear energy initiatives

Overview of US Nuclear Energy Initiatives

Harold McFarlane


American Nuclear Society


Unauthorized informal informative

Overview of us nuclear energy initiatives

Energy Policy Act of 2005


New Plant



  • Loan guarantees

  • Risk assurance

  • Production tax credit

  • Price-Anderson

  • Decommissioning funds

  • Next generation nuclear plant

  • Nuclear hydrogen production

  • Advanced fuel cycle initiative

  • Nuclear engineering program

  • Medical isotopes


Us major nuclear initiatives
US Major Nuclear Initiatives

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    • New licensing process

  • Department of Energy

    • Nuclear Power 2010

    • Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP)

    • Nuclear Hydrogen

    • Generation-IV

    • Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI)

    • Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP)

    • Yucca Mountain Project

Nuclear power 2010
Nuclear Power 2010

Current US Nuclear Electric Generation: 104 Reactors; 100 GWe; 20% of total

Nuclear power 2010 initiative
Nuclear Power 2010 Initiative

  • Federal/private cost sharing

  • Early site permitting

  • Combined construction/operating license (COL)

  • COL application expected 2007-2008

  • Construction expected to begin in 2010 following NRC issuance of COL

2006 budget appropriation: $65.3 million

2007 budget request: $54.0 million

Next generation nuclear plant ngnp
Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP)

  • Very high temperature reactor

  • Electricity and/or industrial heat applications

  • New $8 million contract with industry

  • National laboratories working on technology gaps

Nuclear hydrogen initiative
Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative

  • Part of a larger hydrogen program

  • Investigating 2 high temperature approaches

    • Thermo-chemical water cracking

    • Steam electrolysis

  • Budget

    • 2006 appropriation: $24.8M

    • 2007 request: $18.7M

Generation iv

  • Generation-IV International Forum (GIF) coordinates international research cooperation on advanced nuclear reactors

    • Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Euratom, France, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

    • China and Russia to join this year

  • US emphasis has been on the Very High Temperature Reactor (VHTR) and fast reactors

Advanced fuel cycle initiative
Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative

  • Advanced aqueous separations

  • Advanced pyroprocess methods

  • Advanced fuels for transmutation

  • Focus on improving repository performance

  • Implement advanced safeguards in process and facility design

  • Budget:

    • 2006 Appropriation: $79.2 million

    • 2007 Request: $243.0 million

Yucca mountain repository
Yucca Mountain Repository

  • License submittal 2008

  • Opening ~ 2017

  • DOE paying some utilities for fuel storage

  • “Adaptive Staging” recommended by National Research Council in 2003

  • Pending legislation

Senator domenici s yucca mountain bill
Senator Domenici’s Yucca Mountain Bill

  • Authorizes DOE to withdraw 147,000 acres of federally owned property

  • Replaces arbitrary 70,000 ton capacity with scientifically based capacity

  • Authorizes infrastructure construction after EIS

  • Gives DOE authority to accept and store SNF

    • Starts with defense waste and fuel

    • After construction permit, legacy civilian fuel

  • Withdraws land for rail line

  • Changes “standard contract” to 25 years after start of operation of new nuclear plants

Domenici s bill continued
Domenici’s bill, continued

  • Takes Waste Fund off budget

  • Requires NRC to accept legislation as satisfying waste confidence for new plant construction

  • Basically the bill would integrate DOE’s programs

    • High level waste program

    • Advanced nuclear energy program

    • Incorporate some recommendations from the National Research Council’s staging report

Global nuclear energy partnership gnep
Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP)

The US blueprint for nuclear sustainability

Source: www.gnep.energy.gov



  • Incorporate into design of new facilities

  • Remote, automated intelligent systems

  • Materials tracking and process control

  • Remote sensing, environmental sampling and forensic verification

  • International tests and demonstrations

  • Continued support for global best practices in security and materials accounting

Reliable fuel services
Reliable fuel services

  • Limit sensitive technologies

    • Enrichment

    • Reprocessing

  • Must integrate into existing commercial uranium market

  • 17.4 tons HEU pledged by US

  • $50 million pledged by NTI/Warren Buffet

  • Excellent forum during IAEA General Conference

    • http://www.iaea.org/About/Policy/GC/GC50/SideEvent/report220906.pdf

Appropriately sized reactors
Appropriately sized reactors

  • 50-350 MWe sized for grid

  • Long fuel life; infrequent reloading

  • Passive safety systems

  • Electricity, district heating, potable water

  • IAEA safeguards

  • Physical protection from terrorism

  • R&D needed

Proliferation resistant recycle
Proliferation resistant recycle

  • UREX+ and Pyroprocessing

  • Remote fuel fabrication

  • Integrated safeguards

Minimized nuclear waste
Minimized nuclear waste

  • Employ advanced recycle

  • Custom waste forms

  • Manage heat load

  • Manage radiotoxicity

Advanced burner reactor
Advanced Burner Reactor

  • Sodium cooled

  • Fast neutron spectrum

  • Transmutation

  • Naturally safe

Gnep technology demonstrations
GNEP Technology Demonstrations

  • Advanced Burner Reactor

  • Advanced Fuel Cycle Facility

  • Advanced modeling and simulation

    and industrial application

  • Consolidated fuel treatment center

Trends in nuclear engineering enrollment




Trends in nuclear engineering enrollment


DOE Investment

($ in Millions)

Number of Students







US DOE August 2006

Overview of us nuclear energy initiatives

US Nuclear Initiatives

Aimed at nuclear expansion

American Nuclear Society

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