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Mathematics and the Calendar

Mathematics and the Calendar. Maya Enumeration 0-19. Maya Numbers and Head Variants. Parsing Maya Numbers. Maya Arithmetic. Maya Day Names & Approximate Meanings. Imix. Waterlily. Chuwen. Frog. Ik'. Wind. Eb. Skull. Ak'bal. Night. Ben. Corn stalk. K'an. Corn. Ix. Jaguar.

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Mathematics and the Calendar

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  1. Mathematics and the Calendar

  2. Maya Enumeration 0-19

  3. Maya Numbers and Head Variants

  4. Parsing Maya Numbers

  5. Maya Arithmetic

  6. Maya Day Names & Approximate Meanings Imix Waterlily Chuwen Frog Ik' Wind Eb Skull Ak'bal Night Ben Corn stalk K'an Corn Ix Jaguar Chikchan Snake Men Eagle Kimi Death head Kib Shell Manik' Hand Kaban Earth Lamat Venus Etz'nab Flint Muluk Water Kawak Storm cloud Ok Dog Ahaw Lord

  7. Month Names and Approximate Meanings Pohp Mat Yax Green ?? Wo ?? Zak White ?? Sip ?? Keh Red ?? Sotz' Bat Mak ?? Sek ?? K'ank'in ?? Xul Dog Muwan Owl Yaxk'in New Sun Pax ?? Mol Water K'ayab Turtle Ch'en Black ?? Kumk'u ??

  8. Reading Maya Long Count dates

  9. http://users.hartwick.edu/hartleyc/mayacalendar/mayacalendar.htmlhttp://users.hartwick.edu/hartleyc/mayacalendar/mayacalendar.html

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