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Happy Halloween 万圣节快乐 PowerPoint Presentation
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Happy Halloween 万圣节快乐

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Happy Halloween 万圣节快乐 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Happy Halloween 万圣节快乐. The Ghost Festival. There is no “ Halloween” in China. However, there is a similar holiday known as 中元节 , or the “Ghost Festival” 鬼节 Celebrated on July 14 th of the Lunar Calendar. The Chinese believe that the dead become ghosts between heaven and earth.

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the ghost festival
The Ghost Festival
  • There is no “Halloween” in China.
  • However, there is a similar holiday known as 中元节,or the “Ghost Festival” 鬼节
  • Celebrated on July 14th of the Lunar Calendar.
  • The Chinese believe that the dead become ghosts between heaven and earth.
  • Spirits without descendants to care for them are summoned during the Ghost Festival so that they may also enjoy the warmth of life among the living.
chinese ghost culture
Chinese Ghost Culture
  • Ghosts have been worshipped by the Chinese for a few thousand years. Even Confucius said, "Respect ghosts and gods, but keep away from them."
  • While many people believe in ghosts, there are others who don't. The Chinese people often say, "If you believe it, there will be, but if you don't, there will not."

The ghost “Xiao Qian”

in A Chinese Ghost Story

A typical Chinese ghost, i.e., the young woman whose face is covered by long black hair, who dies due to misfortune, then comes back for revenge.

chinese vampire
Chinese Vampire

The Chinese "vampire" which literally means "stiff corpse". In fact, it behaves more like a zombie rather than a vampire. They are reanimated corpses which hop around and kill living beings to absorb their "life essence". They arise when the soul of the dead fails to leave the corpse due to improper death or simply out of mischief.



different types of chinese ghosts
Different types of Chinese ghosts





h i b i w ch ng

“The Grim Rippers”

Black and White Guard of Impermanence: the guards of Hell who are tasked to lead the spirits of the dead to the Underworld after death. The White Guard and the Black Guard are in charge of evil and good spirits respectively.

halloween celebration in china adults only
Halloweencelebration inChina Adults only.
  • Halloween is a great gimmick and lots of bars, pubs and restaurants will use Halloween as a theme night.
  • If you're visiting China during Halloween, you'll probably only find these parties in larger cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
  • You can check local magazines for parties and hit the bar scene for a spooky night out if you're in the mood.

Gǔi: Ghost

trick or treat
“Trick or Treat”


  • This万圣节, I’d like you all to say “Trick or Treat” in Chinese when you meet people dress up in costumes!
  • Report back next class about people’s reaction when you said it.


Bùgěitáng, jìudǎodàn.