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Boeuf Salad. INGREDIENTS - 1 kg potatoes - 1 chicken breast - 300 g carrots - 200 g celery - 400 g pickled cucumbers - 100 g cooked peas (optional) - 1 tablespoon mustard - salt - pepper. Preparation.

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  • INGREDIENTS- 1 kg potatoes- 1 chicken breast- 300 g carrots- 200 g celery- 400 g pickled cucumbers- 100 g cooked peas (optional)- 1 tablespoon mustard- salt- pepper


  • Wash the potatoes (with kitchen sponge will be easier) and cook in the shell.Clean almost hot, then let it cool.Cut small squares, approx. 5 mm.The final look will depend on your patience.

  • Boil the vegetables together with some salt.If you boil them less than in brothjust so, AlDente as saying italianu 'carrots will be no horse or donkey, half-crispy, tasty million.Carrots, and cucumbers that are "patratzesc" as small.

  • Boil the chicken separately, then all the rules,salt that is in semi-covered dish.Cold Cut.Do not exaggerate, chicken, even if you managed to cut patratzele,as shown, the mixing will take to "atze"so I will not struggle too much.I did it for artistic impression.It's looking good? I'm good to my shoes!Yes' and salad ... mmmm

  • Throw in peas, as fineand everything looks like the pictures of all Neamu seeds. "Chicken salt, not many vegetables that are already about a pinch,rasnesti niscai pepper designslam a classic mustard spoonand after you proud with your ciopartzeala at all Neamu 'comes mayonnaise.

  • Here's another story

  • And leaving me sir.Always.She has plaster on it and taste it's snapped.It will be a mayonnaise 3 eggsso multiply by 3 all you saw.The picture shows us mixed vegetablesbut do not do what the priest, do what the priest said.Again, mix the vegetables with salt, pepper and mustard,before adding mayonnaise.

  • If you have tasted enough and you have to put on plateauI use the wooden spatula payment,not like the holes in the picture and leveled as nemtzeste and on the sides and top.If you listen, you'll get what you praise.Then place the rest of mayonnaise in the center, which gletuiesti "cake" salad.After all this work, that is, no contest, if you cut artistic inspiration,to give you the failed oval drawing board.

Enjoy your meal

Enjoy your meal!

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