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Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alexander Graham Bell
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  1. Alexander Graham Bell By :Lily, Makena ,and Malik

  2. Alexander Graham Bell Was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on march 3rd, 1847.

  3. An Inventor is born… When he was 11 he invented a machine that would clean wheat. He also invented the telephone, the telegragh and the harmonic telegraph later in his life.

  4. Alexander’s inspiration Alexander’s mother was deaf, but loved music and to paint. Alexander’s father who taught deaf people how to speak, invented visible speech. This was the study of how the tongue, lips, and throat were positioned to make speech sounds.

  5. The telephone and the harmonic telegragh In 1876 at the age of 29 he invented the telephone a device that could transmit human voices over a wire. On Feb. 14,1876 he said the famous words, ”Mr. Watson, come here. I want you!” The harmonic telegragh was made so that you could send more than one thing over a single wire.

  6. Other inventions He continued to invent after the telephone, he invented a device that recorded on a wax disc. The phonogragh. He also invented an iron breathing lung, and a device that helped locate icebergs out at sea. He was also interested in kites that could lift men.

  7. Death Alexander Graham Bell died August 2nd 1922 he died because of diabetes complications. He died in Beddack, Nova Scotia, Canada.