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Video Sharing Sites PowerPoint Presentation
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Video Sharing Sites

Video Sharing Sites

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Video Sharing Sites

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  1. By: Cesar and Nozomo Video Sharing Sites

  2. What are Video Sharing Sites? • Sites that allow users to upload video clips and share them with everyone on the web

  3. How video sharing can help businesses • Video engages audience better than text and pictures • Video clips provide a clear and concise message • Low cost and can be used for a variety of purposes (B2B training, B2C advertising, reviews etc.) • Videos are easily shareable

  4. Benefits of Video Sharing for B2B • Could be used for training purposes, as a sales aid, or as prospecting equivalent. • Clear and concise message • 100 views a day = more than two sales rep. prospecting on the phone non-stop • Gives perceived expert status

  5. Benefits of Video Sharing for B2C • Video content is accessible at any time • Attracts a larger audience of viewers • Can be optimized for increased views • Engages target audience

  6. Video Sharing for Profit vs. Non Profit • Equally beneficial, difference lies in content and in the message.

  7. Example of different video types

  8. For-Profit Video • Any video whose purpose is to generate revenue/profit or to increase product awareness • Video Example:

  9. Non-Profit Video • A video whose purpose is to promote awareness of certain current issues • Video Example:

  10. Entertainment Video • A video whose purpose is to amuse its viewers • Most of the time it’s user generated content or a business made promotional video • Video example: • User generated  • Business made 

  11. Informative Video • A video whose purpose is to expand existing information of something someone already knows. • Video Example:

  12. Educational Video • A video whose purpose is to teach someone something they don’t know (i.e. How to videos). • Video Example:

  13. Video Sharing Sites Review

  14. YouTube 5/5 Pros Cons • Free • Comes with analytics and video editor • Ability to share links to social media sites • Customizable user homepage • Different quality sizes (240p-1080p) • Smartphone support • Less than 15 min video time • Annoying advertisements

  15. Brightcove 4/5 Pros Cons • Ability to add video playing capabilities to client website • Customizable video player • Cloud storage • Integrated Analytics • Smartphone support • Monthly fee starting from $99-$499

  16. Bing Videos 2/5 Pros Cons • free • Ability to preview videos by hovering mouse over the thumbnail • Multi-platform search results • Account does not provide any benefits • Not customization • Unable to upload videos

  17. Blip.TV 3/5 Pros Cons • Customizable user homepage • Smartphone support • Users can only upload videos that fall under the web series criteria

  18. Viddler 3/5 Pros Cons • Customizable video player • Unlimited video length • Monthly fee starting from $50-$100 • $50 dollar package doesn’t come with private sharing or allow users to post comments • Bandwidth limit of 100gb per viewer

  19. Vimeo 3.5/5 Pros Cons • Clutter free and organized layout • Smartphone support • Ability to share links to social media sites • Limited to 500mb upload for free account, $10 month for 5gb upload space

  20. Dailymotion 4/5 Pros Cons • Free • Ability to share links to social media sites • HD support • Smartphone support • Uses Facebook for account creation • Video selection is less than YouTube

  21. Metacafe 3/5 Pros Cons • Good mix of user generated and regular content • 10 minute video limit, less than 2gb upload limit • I.O.S. support only • Almost non-existent replies on the comment section

  22. MySpace 3/5 Pros Cons • Login with facebook • Customizable webpage • Users can form friends and play games, similar to facebook. • Limited video content and views

  23. Yahoo Screen 3.5/5 Pros Cons • Features its own exclusive web series • Multi-platform search results • Cluttered screen • Videos on shareable through linked in • Sign in provides no benefits

  24. Break 3.5/5 Pros Cons • Own unique user generated content • Has a picture gallery and video game section • Cluttered content • Video starts automatically at the end of each video

  25. What are white label providers • Software companies that sell video sharing technology to third party websites who wish to have their own video streaming capabilities.

  26. Benefits of white label providers • No need to implement the necessary infrastructure to host video content. • Host video content on own website • The ability to customize the video player • Comes with analytics

  27. How videos go Viral • Video content has to be original to stand out from the rest of the videos. • Viral videos usually involve babies, cute animals, singing or something unexpected as part of its content. • Once the video is produced, share the video with the audience via any medium possible. • Optimize the video to maximize views • Finally engage target audience ( i.e. replying to users) • Examples:,

  28. Benefits of Video Tagging • Increases the chances for a video to be found via search engine results.

  29. Video Format and Sizes • Video format and sizes limits varies from site to site • Most common video formats are .mp4, .avi, and .flv • Video size should be kept as low as possible, while still retaining quality and resolution

  30. Explanation of the 2 most used video formats • MP4 • Format is employed by most cam recorders and camera • small size, high quality up to 1080p • Perfect for viewing on laptops and monitors • .FlV (flash) • 99% of video sharing sites supports it • Perfect for low quality viewing on smart phones (high quality videos eat data fast)

  31. Cost of Video Sharing • Cost to make video • Most video sharing sites are free • Video content hosted the company’s home page, requires use of White Labels. • Most White Labels have monthly fees

  32. Getting started with video sharing sites • Make a video • Edit video (file size, video format, extra visual effects) • Optimize video (tags, overlays) • Upload video to a video sharing site • Measure video performance

  33. Ten Resources

  34. Getting started with video marketing • A general guide on how to make a video, starting from choosing the right equipment to publishing it. •

  35. Getting started with Video Marketing #2 • Tom Breeze founder of shares his insights on getting started with B2B video sharing, and his different strategies towards generating traffic •

  36. Customizing the YouTube user channel • A video tutorial for creating a costumed design background for one’s own channel. •

  37. Using YouTube editor • A step to step guide on how to edit videos using YouTube’s video editor. •

  38. Twitc • An all in one sharing tool with the ability to upload videos, pictures, and documents from one place to multiple video sharing/ social network sites.

  39. Google Analytics Measures the amount of incoming traffic to a website on daily to weekly basis. Google Analytics: le migliori statistiche per un sito Web. 2007. Photograph. nerthaseWeb. March 27 2012.

  40. Pixability Video Grader Grades a company’s website by measuring how well the company’s video can be found on search engines how well its YouTube channel performs Gives ideas on where to improve Pixability’s Online Video Grader Tool. 2011. Photograph. ReelSeo.Web. March 28 2012.

  41. Can be used for making B2B product demos, as well as making how to training videos. Camtasia Studio

  42. ReelSeo • The website provides information on everything related to video advertising

  43. Tech News World • Tech News World provides video sharing related news, as well as having news related to technology and IT management .

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