technology elective at adele harrison middle n.
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Technology Elective at Adele Harrison Middle PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology Elective at Adele Harrison Middle

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Technology Elective at Adele Harrison Middle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology Elective at Adele Harrison Middle

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  1. Technology Elective at Adele Harrison Middle What are some of the things we will do this year?

  2. Word Projects Paragraphs to Format Stories Business style letters Holiday Projects: cards coupons Brochures Menus Calendars

  3. And… Invitations Personal Stationery Gift certificates Family Tree Word Graphics (Word Art, Shapes, Graphs, etc.) About Me Poster Booklets Movie Reviews Gift Certificates

  4. And… Gift Certificates "Rebus" Stories" (aka...Iconic Story Writing) Personal Food Pyramid Fantasy Class Flyer Poetry: Acrostics, Haiku, Limericks Create maps using lines and shapes Newsletter

  5. PowerPoint (Presentation Software) You will all learn how to use  PowerPoint, creating projects that are fun and entertaining.

  6. Even More Possibilities… Create an Imaginary Country Explore All Things Google Create virtual trips using Google Maps and Google Earth. Kerpoof: Learn Basic Programming Create your own clip art Fantasy or Real Travel Stories

  7. Technology Education Brainpop Quia How to Search Effectively! Digital Citizenship How to Do Research on the Web

  8. iLife Suite ofApplications iPhoto iMovie Garageband…including podcasting.

  9. Google Apps for Education • email • docs • presentations • forms • sites

  10. Digital Animation Animoto

  11. Photoshop Elements Photo editing will be taught using Adobe’s amazing application. Many innovative and creative projects will be assigned.

  12. Other Applications to Explore Comic Life Art Rage Excel

  13. Many Cool Cloud Applications:  • Dipity Timelines • Kidblog •  Mixbook

  14. Last, but definitely not least… Keyboarding will be a regular part of nearly every class. In order to be an effective user of the Web and Tech World, you need to be able to navigate quickly and efficiently.

  15. What’s the Point of Learning All of this Technology? You are students of the 21st century; you will be expected to know how to effectively use technology in the world in which you live. One of your goals this year should be transferring the knowledge you gain here to your other classes. Be creative in your approach to projects - put what you learn to use.

  16. That’s All For Now!!!