telehealth and t elecare n.
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Telehealth and T elecare PowerPoint Presentation
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Telehealth and T elecare

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Telehealth and T elecare - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Telehealth and T elecare
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  1. Telehealth and Telecare Introducing the work of the Yorkshire and Humber Health Innovation and Education Cluster (HIEC)

  2. HIEC Telehealth for long term conditionsProject Objectives • To develop an introductory Telehealth and Telecaremodule for staff, service users and carers • To produce practical information for managers who want to develop telehealthservices • To provide expertise to support the rapid implementation of telehealth services

  3. Definitions Telehealth is the removal of time and distance barriers for the delivery of health care services or related health care activities. (American Nurses Association, 1997) Telecare uses a combination of alarms, sensors and other equipment, usually in the home environment, to help people live more independently (Royal College of Nursing, 2009)

  4. Nothing is ever new……

  5. Sharing expertise Clinician Patient Diagnosis of condition Cause of disease Prognosis Treatment options Outcome probabilities Experience of illness Social circumstances Attitude to risk Values Preferences

  6. Why do we need to change the way we deliver services? • To ensure that the most vulnerable are identified and supported • Build better partnerships with users and carers • Provide more integrated care • Provide more consistent and appropriate expertise • Provide support to avoid crises • Reduce visits to hospital & GPs • Match increasing need and limited resource

  7. Drivers for Telecare and Telehealth Source: Office for National Statistics;

  8. A mixed economy of managed service offers, system suppliers and change management resource The “Living Lab” 2000 units 50 units 50/500 units 250 units 2500 units 100 units

  9. Telehealth works best with - Long Term Conditions - relatively stable, trends predict deterioration Patients report feeling supported - “someone keeping an eye on me” Essentially single system conditions and primary care focus Integrated into district’s health care systems Clear pathways of care and governance;Inputs and outputs must both change

  10. An Introduction to Telecare and Telehealth: E Learning Course • To access the module, produced for the HIEC by Virtual College, please go to; or visit the HIEC website for details of this and other resources;