informe rendimiento prueba nacional de ingl s de bachillerato 2007
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Informe rendimiento Prueba Nacional de Inglés de Bachillerato 2007

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Informe rendimiento Prueba Nacional de Inglés de Bachillerato 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Informe rendimiento Prueba Nacional de Inglés de Bachillerato 2007. Asesoría Regional de Inglés de Alajuela Responsable: Ronald Vargas Chavarría Agosto del 2008. Percentage of students with exam grades higher or equal to 70 (2000–2007). PERCENTAGE. YEARS.

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informe rendimiento prueba nacional de ingl s de bachillerato 2007

Informe rendimientoPrueba Nacional de Inglés de Bachillerato 2007

Asesoría Regional de Inglés de Alajuela

Responsable: Ronald Vargas Chavarría

Agosto del 2008

content of higher and lower difficulty

Content of higher and lower difficulty


National Test 2007



Tourist Attractions

Science and technology


Holidays and Celebrations

Natural Resources



  • More cases of dengue fever have been reported in different coasts areas in the last years.
  • Where have Aedes aegypti mosquitoes been attacking the most during the last years?
  • At any place (15%)
  • Around the main cities (7%)
  • In the east and west places of the country (22%)
  • In the north and south coasts of Costa Rica (56%)
graduations broadcast online
  • When 17-year-old Reyniza Sherrell was handed her high school diploma, two of her family members watched with admiration, from thousands of miles away. Sherrell´s father is a soldier in Iraq and her older sister is in Germany, but both of them were watching live video online of her graduation on a Friday night in Clarksville.
  • Seven high schools near Fort Campbell, the home of the Airborne Division, broadcast their graduation ceremonies live over the internet for the first time for their family members stationed overseas. The ceremonies were broadcast on a web site that
soldiers´ relatives accessed wherever they were stationed. Reyniza´s mother, vander, said: “Seeing the graduation was important to my husband, Trodell, whose 10-year career in the military meant missing a lot of birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. I think he was so proud, popping his collar, patting himself on the back.” More than 250 graduating seniors from the seven schools have parents who are on duty abroad, spokeswoman Kelly Ann Tyler said. XOS Technologies, which provides audio and video software and internet products to professionals and college sports teams, set up the video service free for the base. Wykoff said: “I think it means a lot, when you´re so far away, to see your kids graduate when you can´t be there.”
69) Besides the soldiers, who else used this service during the graduation?
  • Students (5%)
  • XOS Technologies (36%)
  • Other family members (49%)
  • The Airborne Division (10%)
the national theater
  • The worl-renowned prima dona, Adelina Patti, appeared with a traveling opera company in Guatemala, but could not perform in Costa Rica because there was no appropriate theater. In response, newly rich coffee merchants financed the construction of a theater with a tax on every bag of coffee exported from the country. Belgian architects were called in to design and supervise the building, and the metal structure was ordered from Belgian mills. Painters and decorators were brought from Italy, along with that country´s famous marble. The National Theater was inaugurated in 1894 with Gounod´s Faust and an opening-night cast that included singers from the Paris Opera. A source of cultural pride, the theater was made into a national monument in 1965. Extensive restoration work has recently renewed its beautiful ceiling paintings and sumptuous décor.
Costa Rica´s National Youth Symphony Orchestra was inaugurated in 1972 by ex-President Figueres´s famous quote: “We need to concern ourselves not only with the standard of living but the quality of life as well. Why have tractors without violins?” Many of the young musicians trained in the Youth Symphony have graduated to participate in the National Symphony, which performed in the National Theater. Internationally famous guest, directors, and soloists were often featured.
8) According to the writer ___________ could perform at the National Theater.
  • Everyone (31%)
  • Only well known artists (34%)
  • Newly rich coffee growers(22%)
  • Just painters and decorators (13%)
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Dirección Regional de Educación de Alajuela

Departamento de Desarrollo Educativo

Asesoría Regional de Inglés