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Accidental Damage

Accidental Damage

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Accidental Damage

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  1. Accidental Damage Channel Partner & Sales overview

  2. Are your partners interested in… • Incremental revenue and margin • Growth from additional hardware and solution sales • Enhancing their portfolio • Higher customer satisfaction

  3. What is in it for you: Dell Support Services Incremental revenue and margin with improved customer satisfaction 95% ProSupport client customer satisfaction ProSupport enterprise customer satisfaction 91% ProSupport: Improved customer experience with premium support from our ProSupport engineers Accidental Damage: Provide enhanced coverage for your customers for accidental damages caused by liquid spills, electrical surges, drops or falls. • Restore productivity quickly when accidents occur • Dell replaces parts and does the repairs • Replacement when accidentally damaged beyond repair • Fast access to in-region technical assistance 24x7x365 • Same Day and Next Business Day parts and labor options • Remote monitoring for enterprise systems to resolve issues End-user benefits

  4. Accidental DamageAccidents happen • Each year, 9.5% of notebooks used in U.S. business are damaged due to an accident • The most commonly damaged components of a laptop are the keyboard and display screens • 66% of those surveyed who have damaged a notebook spilled some sort of liquid on it • 72% of those surveyed who have damaged a notebook said the notebook was dropped while being carried. • Source: IDC • Source: IDC • Source: IDC • Source: IDC An increasing percentage of organizations are tasked with supporting mobile and or high risk workforces • Retail, healthcare, etc. leveraging shared kiosks • Schools issuing laptops to students & teachers • Public safety, fire, police, military, etc. • Outside sales and services for most organizations • Telecommute and/or remote employees Confidential

  5. Accidental Damage: Customers need to reduce risk and get back up and running fast Support a mobile work force • Enhanced coverage for accidental damages caused by liquid spills, electrical surges, drops, or falls Back up and running fast • Shipment of customer-replaceable parts • Shipment of damaged product to a Dell repair facility Reduced risk • Replacement of product if it is accidentally damaged beyond repair

  6. Accidental Damage: Value to our partner’s business Incremental revenue • An additional upsell offer, that reduces risk for end users Better customer experience • End users are covered in the case of accidental damage Easier to manage process for accidental damages • When a machine is accidentally damaged, Dell takes care of it quickly

  7. Accidental Damage What’s new for our Channel partner? Enhanced service offering portfolio Opportunity to upsell a service demanded by customers in all segments • Coverage for accidental damages caused by liquid spills, electrical surges, drops, or falls. • International support for end-users traveling outside of their country of origin* • Service agreement aligned with your end customer’s hardware limited warranty Sales Increased commission opportunity (up to 5%) Increase the sales opportunity Minimize unplanned expenses Reduce end-customer downtime Claims outside of the country in which you purchased the Cover is limited to a reasonable efforts basis and may not be available to all customers. International support for Australia, is limited to the following countries in Asia Pacific:, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Hong Kong, and China. In addition, out of country support will not include any whole unit replacements.

  8. Accidental DamageWhat is covered, what is not? Examples of damage where the hardware unit would be repaired or replaced are: • Liquid spilled on or in unit • Drops, falls, and other collisions • Electrical surge • Damaged or broken LCD due to a drop or fall • Theft ( covered under Accidental Damage with Theft Protection) Examples of damage where the hardware unit would not be repaired or replaced are: • Damage due to fire • Intentional damage (such as hammer marks) • Normal wear • Cosmetic damage • Consumable parts (ex. bulbs, toner) Confidential

  9. Accidental DamageSales process Find a sales opportunity Share Accidental Damage Terms & Conditions with Channel Partner Sale process for accidental damage follows current process for other Dell products and services offered Channel Partner to share Accidental Damage Terms & Conditions with End User Confidential

  10. Accidental DamageHow to sell it to partners Communicate the insurance nature of the service • Accidental Damage is considered an insurance product in EMEA • Invoicing presented by Partner to End User should show the VAT exempt nature of Insurance Offer only available for Direct Reseller Partners • Due to insurance nature of Accidental Damage in EMEA, only direct reseller partners will have access to the offer at this time. Reminder that partner is subject to a maximum of 5% markup over and above the price showing on Dell’s invoice to Partner • The communication is advised by the core team to mitigate risk, although there are measures in place in the backend to take care of it • Partner is free to sell at a lower charge or at no additional charge to a customer/end user premium if he so wishes Confidential

  11. How do I find the AD price in the invoice? • Look for the VAT exempt line itemon the invoice. • In this example, the AD line item sold for 152 PLN. • The communication to Partners would be to tell them they can only upsell AD up to 159.6 PLN (5% max markup). Confidential

  12. Accidental DamageClaims process • Accidental Damage: • End user customer contacts Dell Tech Support with Service Tag • Describe accident and resulting damage to system • Parts and/or technician dispatched according to the end users service level • Theft: • Notify police authorities within 72 hours • Notify LGI Theft Protection Claims Department within 10 working days of the theft • Customer may provide notification by filing a claim at or by calling the LGI Theft Claims Department • Once LGI replacement approval has been received, the customer will call to Dell Tech Support to issue a new replacement systems Confidential

  13. Accidental Damage - ChannelFrequently Asked Questions Confidential

  14. Back-up Confidential

  15. Coverage explanation Confidential

  16. Understanding coverage for Accidental Damage • The following set of pictures are aimed at providing more clarity on the most common questions received by Technical Support • Please review these examples so customer expectations can be properly set before they decide to invest in Accidental Damage. This will help toward a more satisfactory Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction Confidential

  17. COVERED Broken bezel NOT COVERED Scuffed plastic bottom Confidential

  18. COVERED Chipped corner NOT COVERED Scratched cover lid Confidential

  19. COVERED Scratch Impairs visibility of screen NOT COVERED Dent Confidential

  20. COVERED Scratches Impairs visibility of screen COVERED Broken/cracked plastic component Confidential

  21. COVERED Misaligned cover COVERED Broken heat sink cover Confidential

  22. COVERED Broken palm rest NOT COVERED Scratches on cover Confidential

  23. COVERED Broken screen COVERED Missing key Confidential

  24. NOT COVERED Scratch, discoloration Confidential

  25. Backup

  26. Accidental DamageAdditional information & contacts • Due to regional variations, the sales training presentation, sales card, and regional specific datasheets are available on the Support Services Portal, along with translations - • Regional CoC contacts • Steven Holmes – EMEA Channel • Ursula Turner– ABU • Brian Glyer - ABU • Scott Waidelich - ABU • Sharon Oh - APJ • Mikio Furuyama - APJ • Jerry Zhao - APJ • Kim Verhaert - EMEA • Gary Shewan - EMEA • Barrie House - EMEA Confidential

  27. Accidental DamageCompetitive comparison Confidential

  28. Sales process • Point of Sale • Use of POS SKU (different Cover terms): Position upsell Accidental Damage to customer (default) ** Sweden only allows 1 yr contracts for Dell Direct Countries. Use APOS SKUs for extensions • After Point of Sale – One set of SKUs for both Near Point of Sale and Renewals • Near Point of Sale: Position upsell to Accidental Damage customer • Commercial ( Recommended cycle to avoid Fraud = Within 30days of Hardware POS) • Consumer (Recommended cycle to avoid Fraud = Within90days of Hardware POS) • Renewals • Contracts that currently have Accidental Damage policy coverage – No restrictions. Use same APOS SKU (same as NPOS sales) ** Avoid any APOS sales outside recommended NPOS cycle & systems that have expired Accidental Damage contracts. Confidential

  29. EMEA Channel E2E Process (Sales) System + AD bundle price agreed Partner Partner identifies opportunity and position with E.U. Partner covers AD opportunity with customer Partner upsells AD & Places HDW/AD order with PAD + commision Invoice to the Partner for order with AD SKU Price w/ AD as EX of VAT Partner send the End User the itemized invoice Receive AD certificate (email/Post) & sent to End User Gii/Omar Invoice (*link) Dell Dell order (Sales/Cancel) from partner is received Order enter with Pchannel+Entitlement Channel Policy creation & details gathered by AD tool AD Tool LGI IT Inovis B2B T&C LGI Sales received and creation of AD policies Identify Channel Order & send T&Cs to Partner Req,: LGI needs to report and pay IPT on the end customer selling price of the insurance End User Change Name entitlement can contact Dell Customer Care Customer received T&C’s & completes web Registration (start/end dates) Customer’s that want policy amendment change or did not get T&Cs Dell/Partner other activities: ** Service Delivery process would follow existing AD process

  30. How to file a claim for Theft • Customer must notify police authorities within 72 hours of theft • Provide details of product: model, make, Service Tag number • Provide detailed circumstances of theft • Notify Theft Protection Claims Department • Provide a completed theft form (call LGI / online claims portal) • Provide copy of police report • Provide proof of break-in, force entry or assault • LGI evaluates claim, if approved Dell is notified • Customer needs to call Dell to initiate replacement process • Time to get new system will vary – depends on factory lead times • Accidental Damage coverage continues for the length of the initial contract • Theft coverage ends when the unit is replaced. Confidential

  31. Accidental Damage process Customer Contacts Dell Tech Support. Describes accident and resulting damage to system. Follows troubleshooting process to diagnose problem. Customer experiences Accidental Damage Replacement System delivered to Customer Tech Support Dispatches parts needed to repair system according to customers service level. Replacement System delivered to Customer If approved: LGI notifies customer & Dell. Customer must call Dell to initiate replacement process. Customer contacts LGI. Provides details of theft; including copy of police report System Stolen Confidential

  32. How to transfer Accidental Damage entitlement (EMEA/Australia only) • Customer must contact Dell Reps or LGI to request an Accidental Damage entitlement transfer (Contacts are on the Service Description or T&Cs) • Nevertheless, the Service tag will still be covered even if there has not been a proper transfer to the end user customer • Dell Reps or LGI will send a query with the details of the entitlement transfer to EMEA Customer care team ( • Customer Care team processes the entitlement through the EMEA and ANZ Accidental Damage tool • LGI will be notified via xml of the entitlement change and will send the updated entitlement to the end user customer Confidential

  33. Service Descriptions Service Descriptions • LGI will send documentation directly to customer • Service Descriptions will also be available on and through: • • • SMB/LE & PUB: • Consumer: * On the pages select links to get to country level • Partner Portal link (UK): Partner Portal (UK) Confidential