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2014 Outdoor Designs PowerPoint Presentation
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2014 Outdoor Designs

2014 Outdoor Designs

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2014 Outdoor Designs

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  1. Outdoor Design Making Your Outdoor Living Space Reflect the Newest Style Trends 2014

  2. High Style This year it is truly about versatility and self expression. 2014 is ready to mix it up with beautiful colors and bold prints and patterns. On the next few pages we’ll take a look at all the different design trends that you can use to upgrade your patio or backyard.

  3. People are getting more dramatic in their choices this year. Let the main fabric stand out. Try stripes, floral, or a global-inspired pattern. Be Bold Think rich color and eye-catching patterns.

  4. Be Colorful This year beige and most grays are taking a backseat to pastels. Not the Easter kind of pastel, the brighter variety. Turquoise, yellow, and lavender are popping up everywhere in outdoor designs.

  5. Although bright colors are taking center stage in 2014, black and white are being used as striking pillows and throws. Like salt and pepper helps bring out flavors in food, the combination of black and white helps highlight your colorful décor. Black and White Splashes A winning combination.

  6. Assorted Accents This year patio pillows are going to be your friend. Mix and match different patterns and colors to add an eclectic look that will reflect your personality. Choose several pillows that you can rotate on occasion, it’ll add a sense of fun and intrigue to your design.

  7. Every space should have a few design pieces that have some history. Side tables, vases, serving dishes, and salt and pepper shakers (below) are all great options. Vintage items will look great paired with global and floral patterns to tie the look together. Try Vintage

  8. Floral Fun Don’t think floral patterns have to feel dated. Floral patterns in valiant colors bring more life to your outdoor furniture. Floral patterns also can help you settle on a color palette easily; find a pattern you like and decorate around it – pull your accessory colors from the pattern.

  9. More Metals 2014 saw the reemergence of metals in indoors design, and it is finding its way outside. Metal vases, bowls, and candle holders will add drama and elegance to your décor. This year gold and brass are bigger than silver, which is great since they complement your bright pastels very nicely.

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